Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

This article presents to you a list of the top 12 Highest Paying jobs in Nepal, however, there are a lot more opportunities that would pay a qualified person much more. Quality, experience, and talents, however, can aid in obtaining more than this. There are several other positions in numerous industries that provide excellent income.

In front of the globe, Nepal is gradually becoming an economy with rapid growth. It goes without saying that during the previous several years, there have been more jobs created. The need for inexpensive, trained labour from international organizations is driving up wages in Nepal, which is seeing daily increases. While there appears to be a high need right now for qualified individuals with excellent jobs in a variety of areas that pay well.

However, if you have a large degree and are considering applying for your ideal career, the income may be lower than you initially anticipated. However, as time goes on, the expertise you gather enables you to obtain the maximum degree of salary in that particular industry.

Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

The list below manifests the jobs that have the most value in Nepal. These are the most-paid jobs in a country like ours up to the year 2022.

1. Chief Executive Officer CEO

In any organization, the CEO is the highest-ranking official. One of the highest-paying careers in Nepal is this one. Being a CEO requires more than 10 years of professional experience, thus it is not something that comes naturally. A lot of people aspire to be CEOs, yet hardly anyone discusses the difficulties they face on the job every day. In a firm, the CEO is responsible for a wide range of duties. They develop plans to keep the business operating efficiently.

It is fair to assume that the CEO holds the company’s future in their hands because they choose the company’s course. They are under pressure to lead managers and other executive bodies while carrying out their duties effectively

CEOs must use sound judgment and guarantee that their company is effectively allocating resources. They serve as a sort of link between general businesses and the board of directors.

Similar to this, CEOs oversee a company’s whole operation. They assumed the position of board director to participate in important decision-making. As they develop business plans, it is their responsibility to ensure that the company’s culture is likewise validated. To be more specific, the length of time it takes to become a CEO varies depending on the size of the company. It should be between nine and twenty years or more. The CEO position is at the top of the professional ladder and is still among the most sought-after jobs in the corporate world.

2. Aviation Specialist

The aviation sector in Nepal also has one of the highest-paid employment. To work in aviation, one requires a bachelor’s degree, a course in piloting or air control, and a year of work experience. As the number of private airlines in Nepal rises, so do the opportunities. If you want to work in aviation, you must first study science before enrolling in an aviation or engineering program. Pilots must complete rigorous training programs and have more than a thousand hours of flying time. Additionally, once qualified for the position, pilots are entrusted with the daily safety of tens of thousands of passengers.

Aviation Field is therefore undoubtedly adventurous and thrilling at the same time. Additionally, the pay is excellent. The average monthly salary of pilots is around 2 to 3 lakhs in Nepal, however, the cost of getting aviation license is very high.

3. Medical Specialist

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare workers all fall under the category of medical professionals. In Nepali society, doctors in particular are treated with respect and decency. It also has to do with the fact that they hold one of Nepal’s highest-paying occupations. Studying for the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree needs a lot of perseverance, hard work, a strong educational foundation, and a lot of money in the event that you are not chosen for the scholarship program. In Nepal, employment as a doctor requires a bachelor’s degree. Surgeons are supposed to earn the most among all medical specialists.

4. Surgeon

It takes a lot of training and experience to become a surgeon, a doctor who performs surgery. Different surgical specialities affect how much money surgeons make. Being a surgeon is a highly difficult job since the lives of other people depend on your skills. To become a surgeon, you need an MD and at least eight years of experience. As a result, they also hold one of the highest-paying positions in Nepal.

Cardiac surgeons, dentists, neurosurgeons, colon and rectal surgeons, etc. are some of the specialities in Nepal. As a result, surgeons are the highest-paid medical professionals due to their extensive knowledge requirements and the significant risk associated with their important work.

Similar to specialists, general practitioners also earn well. They provide patients a variety of non-surgical medical services, including illness diagnosis and treatment as well as care for other common disorders. Their pay may range from $30,000 to $80,000. If you work at larger, more reputable hospitals, your income increases.

Likewise, the starting compensation for experts ranges from 80k to 250k Nepali Rupees. Nurses’ beginning pay is 8k, and depending on their experience, it can only go to 20k. Including but not limited to mental health care, birthing aid, surgery, prescription, dentist, and pharmacy stores, medical specialists are employed in many different facets of healthcare. Although it might be challenging to get into the medical industry in Nepal, if you do, you can expect to make a large salary. The nature of the job does affect the average monthly wage.

5. Legal Professionals

One of the highest-paying occupations in Nepal is that of a legal services provider. Lawyers possess such high values in the view of their clients. You may save a lot of problems and costs by hiring a competent attorney. That is why they are generously compensated. The destiny of individuals is frequently left in the hands of judges, who bear a great deal of responsibility. Therefore, their large income also seems very logical. Additionally, lawyers require a lot of guidance, patience, and transparency. They disagree and arbitrate conflicts on their own as well. This explains why those working in the legal profession in Nepal earn significant wages.

For attorney review, lawyers compile, arrange, and examine legal materials. For the purpose of creating case files, they also investigate regulations and legislation. Importantly, they coordinate meetings and interviews with clients and witnesses as needed.

A bachelor’s degree in law (B.L.) program or the three-year PCL Diploma in Law program are also options for becoming a lawyer. After that, you can continue your study by getting a master’s degree. Earnings for lawyers in Nepal range from 20,000 to 20,000,000. They undoubtedly hold one of Nepal’s highest-paying positions.

6. University Professors

By gaining comprehensive knowledge in a certain profession and amassing an endless amount of experience, college professors instruct the most advanced pupils. Up to 4,5 classes can be taught by an average college professor per day. This is capable of making him or her a good sum of money in a single day. College teachers in Nepal have an average income of NPR 75,000 to 2.5 lakhs. There is no question that the person who instructs pupils at a higher level earns a high income.

7. Bank Executives

A bank manager is in charge of overseeing every aspect of running a certain bank. A bank manager typically makes between NPR 1 and 3.2 lakhs a year. The fact that a bank manager oversees the whole banking system results in a hefty remuneration for them. Systems including operations, marketing, administration, leadership, training, security, etc. are managed by managers. Bank managers should be paid the most because they are in charge of all risk management responsibilities that come with various duties like managing funds and other things.

8. Engineers

Engineering is another profession on the list of highest-paid careers in Nepal. It is a well-known job choice anywhere in the world. Engineering is becoming increasingly popular, even in Nepal. There are several engineering specialities, and in Nepal, civil engineering is seen to be the best option. In institutions where engineering courses are taught, there are scholarship opportunities, although the requirements are challenging as usual.

You have two options after earning your Bachelor of Engineering degree: create your own consulting business or work for an existing company. Since Nepal is still growing, it still needs more engineers than the estimated 25,000 that the country now has. Additionally, the pay scale for engineers in Nepal is 35k to 500k per month.

9. Chartered Accountant (CA)

Another well-paying position that is highly regarded in Nepal is a chartered accountant (CA). They oversee and manage accounting and business. To become a CA, you must put in a lot of time learning and prepare. In general, CAs make about 70k NPR every month in a country like ours. In addition to housing, transportation, and other amenities, this monthly income. The pay scale for CAs varies depending on a number of factors, including the city and sector of employment, level of prior experience, etc.

There are three main career paths you might choose after earning your CA license. You can enter the traditional CA field of auditing and assurance services. Alternatively, you may try to get a job in the field. Alternatively, you may launch your own business endeavour, which is quite common among today’s youth. At a respectable company, a fresher may expect to make about 30k NPR with a 10k raise the following year. A CA in Nepal typically makes 70k NPR per month on average regardless of the bonuses.

10. Marketing Managers

There is a marketing team and a marketing director directing the team behind each firm whose demand and reputation are growing. It is not unexpected that a position essential to the expansion of any firm must be properly compensated. In Nepal, a marketing manager typically earns between NPR 450,000 and NPR 80,000 Lakhs per month. This career is among the highest-paying in Nepal because of the expertise and innovative thinking that are necessary for it.

11. IT specialists

In Nepal, working in IT (Information and Technology) is fairly common. Within the scope of IT, there are several work opportunities, and it’s also one of the highest-paid professions in Nepal. You can pursue a BSC in CSIT or computer engineering at colleges and institutes in Nepal that are affiliated with various universities. This degree is presently offered by more than five universities. From technical officer to web designer, the role might vary. As a web designer, you would create websites and web apps. Additionally, software developers produce computer and mobile applications.

You must be an expert in computers and code. You must be knowledgeable in the creation of software, including web applications, Android apps, and other types. There are several businesses trying to hire software engineers. A software engineer could get an annual salary of about one lakh Nepali rupees. Of course, the compensation will increase with time as well. Depending on their job and the organization they work for, IT experts earn different salaries. It often falls between thousands and lakhs.

The beginning wage for an IT graduate is just 10k NPR, however as you acquire experience and develop a more specialized set of abilities, this will alter. In Nepal, salaries for IT professionals typically vary from 16,679 NPR to 76,002 NPR (the actual maximum salary is higher). Included in this figure are any incentives or perks.

12. Managers

Since they are the foundation of any business, managers receive significant salaries. Their work comprises a lot of meticulous effort at various levels that are primarily focused on management in general. Their primary responsibility would be to oversee and plan various organizational operations. Some of the top-level professionals receive appropriate compensation. Normal ordinary managers in Nepal can earn up to eight lakhs per month, while experienced ones can earn as much as five lakhs. Managers are in charge of overseeing a variety of organizational initiatives’ supporting procedures.

To work in management, you must study commerce and management. Along with schooling, professional experience in a related subject would be a very strong advantage. As a manager, you’ll interact with a variety of people, handle a variety of tasks, and occasionally face obstacles like managing conflicts, risk analysis, and other things along the way.

The highest-paying positions in the nation are those of financial managers, human resource managers, and marketing managers. The pay scale varies depending on the kind of company you work for. A manager will receive very substantial income in a large, well-known corporation. You will need years of expertise backed by respectable credentials to become a manager. You must have at least 10 years of management-related experience and graduation or postgraduate degree.


These are some of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal, but there are a lot more that would pay a qualified person much more. These numbers pertain to the highest-paid jobs in Nepal as of 2022. Quality, experience, and talents, however, can aid in obtaining more than this. There are several other positions in numerous industries that provide excellent income.

Anyone may succeed at the top of any connected industry with hard work, clever work, and good passion. While some occupations may pay well and others may not, it shouldn’t matter as long as you get to work a job you enjoy. Additionally, knowing where to start in your professional life can be hard, especially for new graduates.

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