Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Nepal

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Nepal

This article is written to enlighten you about the Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Nepal. Both Nepali and Globally popular websites are listed here.

The popularity of a website may be estimated by looking at its Alexa rating in various nations. As a result, we are investigating the top websites in Nepal according to Alexa rankings in 2022. The popularity of a website is gauged by its Alexa rank. With an Alexa Rank of 1, which is the most popular website, it ranks the popularity of millions of websites.

Alexa Rank is an excellent KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis since it shows how a website is performing in relation to all other websites. While comparing a website’s performance to that of others using Alexa rankings is a useful tool, Alexa’s data is not always reliable in absolute terms. Over the years, a number of specialists have attempted to compare the data from Alexa with Google Analytics and discovered that the data from Alexa was drastically inaccurate.

In light of these details, let’s investigate the top Nepali websites according to Alexa rankings.

Top 10 most visited Websites in Nepal

1. Google

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Nepal

The most used search engine worldwide is Google. Google is without a doubt the most popular website in practically every nation, including Nepal.

2. Facebook

The most widely used social media in Nepal is Facebook. As the most popular social media network in Nepal, Facebook is ranked Second on the country’s top websites.

3. YouTube

 The biggest video streaming site in the world is YouTube, a product of Google. Since Internet connections are now more widely available, YouTube’s popularity in Nepal has grown over time. YouTube is therefore ranked third among the top websites in Nepal.

4. OnlineKhabar

Surprisingly, Onlinekhabar has surpassed Facebook, the most popular social networking site, to take third place. The first online news publication in Nepal is called OnlineKhabar. It is also Nepal’s most visited website.

5. Ratopati

A website for internet news media is Ratopati. It began in 2014 through an internet news publication. According to the Alexa ranking, it is ranked fifth among the top websites in Nepal.

6. KhabarHub

Another website for online news media is A digital media division of the private media company Pavilion Media Group is called Khabarhub Media News Center. constructed in 2017. On the list of the top websites in Nepal, it comes in at number six.

7. Setopati

Another well-known national-level news website from Nepal is called According to Alexa rankings, it comes in at number 7 on the list of top websites in Nepal.

8. News24Nepal

Popular TV station News24Nepal also has a news and media website. For a show named Sidha Kura Janata Sanga, News24Nepal is also well-known on YouTube. The Top Nepali YouTube Channels list based on subscriber count also includes News24Nepal.

9. Hamropatro

One of the most widely used smartphone apps in Nepal for the Hindu/Nepali calendar is called Hamropatro. The website for the same application is

A gateway for Calendars, Date converters, Panchanga, Nepali news, forex, share market prices, vegetable prices, gold/silver prices, and other services can be thought of as Hamropatro.

10. eKantipur

The biggest and most well-known national daily newspaper has an online version called eKantipur. It is owned by Kantipur Media Group. online media outlets operated by Kantipur Media Group. One of the top Nepali Facebook pages is eKantipur. It also has a YouTube channel, which is among the most popular in Nepal and has a large subscriber base.

Other Popular Websites in Nepal

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