Most Expensive Schools in Kathmandu

Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Kathmandu

This article presents to you the list of the most Expensive Schools in Kathmandu, Nepal. You can get a basic idea of the cost of studying in these schools. Feel free to contact these schools if you want to learn more about them.

Since the beginning of time, Nepalese education has trailed behind in terms of extracurricular activities and overall child development. The majority of schools in Nepal just encourage memorization and do not place any emphasis on the development of character or skills. However, that has altered recently with the opening of a number of international quality schools that support children’s all-around learning.

Generally speaking, every parent wants to enrol their kids in one of the finest schools so they can make sure they get the greatest education possible for the money they spent. There are several top schools in Nepal that provide their pupils with a top-notch education.

However, due to their exorbitant price, a typical Nepali household cannot afford such a school. Have you ever considered the year or monthly cost of attending the most costly university? It is unimaginable to you. For the pupils in school, a brand-new academic year starts each year. Students are seeking a decent school to start a new class during the second quarter of the academic year.

Schools & Quality Education in Nepal

Nepali schools provide the finest opportunity to study abroad. Although some are better than others, these schools may be found all around Nepal. All students residing in Nepal may readily visit international schools in the north, and foreign students are welcome to enrol there as long as they have a current Nepal visa.

Additionally, the institutions provide online courses so that students may learn at home. These institutions offer a top-notch education, and the level of instruction in the classroom has been likened to that of the majority of prestigious universities worldwide. Due to its distinctive cultural heritage and geographical location, Nepal presents the finest chance for students to pursue an international education.

Best Schools in Nepal

Continue reading to learn more about renowned schools in Nepal. You may learn more about Nepal’s many types of schools and their purposes by reading this article. It could be challenging for some individuals to distinguish between renowned schools in Nepal. Asking school representatives and subject-matter experts is the best method to learn more about this.

However, it would be ideal if you did not completely rely on what these individuals have to say. It would be preferable if you also sought out the opinions of others who have attended these institutions and had positive experiences. A well-known school visit will teach you a lot about the institution. You’ll be able to comprehend the school’s approach to instruction. Additionally, you’ll be able to observe how the professors communicate with the kids. Even the renowned schools in Nepal have a wealth of knowledge to impart.

In Nepal, the majority of renowned schools are situated close to urban areas. It’s also vital to remember that the majority of prestigious universities are situated in mountainous regions. It is significant to highlight that Nepal has a large number of renowned schools. These are the factors that draw tourists to Nepal from all around the world. The world’s top education has always been offered at schools in Nepal. They also provide people with a place to socialize and study, which makes them incredibly well-liked anywhere in the globe.

However, the teachers are often knowledgeable about the numerous approaches that are employed by the majority of institutions and have expertise in the sector. Students that apply to the institutions learn a lot about the history of the region. and the culture of the location of their studies. The professors are also aware of the history of the location and their future plans for development.

Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Rato Bangla School

One of the most costly and prestigious schools in Nepal is Rato Bangla School, which is located in Patandhoka, Lalitpur. 1992 saw the establishment of it. The institution is nicely furnished with modern amenities including furniture, labs, and libraries. Each year, Rato Bangala School welcomes a new class of students in grades I and A.

The school will allow pupils whose names are on the waiting list entrance if there are sometimes places available in other grades. Keep your kid’s name on the evaluation waiting list by contacting the school office if you are interested in admitting your child to other grades. You will be required to fill out the paperwork and bring your child for an assessment if there is a spot available.

The entry cost was around $60,000, and the monthly price was $18,000 in 2014. One of the priciest schools in Nepal is Rato Bangala; the current cost is unknown, but you may speculate on how much it may have raised its tuition. Expenses at the school level range from $20–$30,000, with the lowest level in the class having the highest fees. The cost of ninth grade is around $26,000 to $27,000.

Need-based scholarships are available, but few students have access to live-in housing. The A-level course’s monthly expenses, which cover transportation, meals, and lab costs, come to around 40,000. Even with that, the cost of entrance to the AS level is around 125,000; however, once paid, there is no further cost for admission to the second year.

2. The Lincoln School

The Lincoln School is regarded as the priciest school in Nepal. It is located in Kathmandu’s Rabi Bhawan district. It began to exist in 1954. Since receiving accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the school has been offering the American educational system in Nepal. Lincoln School aggressively promotes a forward-thinking educational philosophy, continually looking to incorporate top techniques into its curriculum and instructional design based on cutting-edge pedagogical research.

The housing and facilities they offer the students are of a very high calibre. Therefore, in comparison to others, their prices are likewise relatively high. For students in grades PK–12, Lincoln School provides a thorough academic curriculum in encouraging and stimulating learning settings. For the 2019–2020 school year, there are 37 faculty members that are completely certified. 250 people are enrolled for the 2019–2020 school year (PS: 13; K grade 5: 92; grades 6-8: 62; and grades 9-12: 83).

The school contains 33 classrooms spread over 3 buildings, a theatre, a gymnasium, and a library/media centre, all of which have wireless Internet access, as well as a rooftop playground, courts, and sporting fields. A 25x15m heated pool and a new 3-story library/media centre were finished in August 2015. 28 radio/GPS vans are kept in good working order by Lincoln School and are used to ferry students and faculty members to and from school. They calculate their price in terms of dollars.

For new students entering grades K–12, Lincoln School charges a one-time capital cost of $7,500 and one-time application fees of $100 for PS and 450 for classes K–12. For grades PS–12, there is also a transportation cost of $1,100. US money is used to pay these costs.

3. The British School

Another international-based school in Nepal is the British School. TBS is a really international school that offers instruction to more than 40 different nationalities while using a curriculum from the United Kingdom. IGCSE and A levels from the CIE and Edexcel boards are both offered by TBS. With extracurricular activities ranging from fashion design to photography, the school offers excellent resources.

It is renowned for its diversity of cohort, inclusion, and the care it offers to young people. Students in this school include foreigners and members of a very high society whose parents have worked in Nepal. A family with an average income cannot enrol their children in this school. The school has excellent resources and 500 kids are now registered. The personnel of the school is very dedicated to its multicultural components.

4. Kathmandu International School

It’s a secondary institution (IX-X). Classes, I through X are offered at this mixed-day institution. It is an English-medium institution. International School of Kathmandu More than I to X children’s educational needs are met by the mixed-day Gaurighat school. Each academic year, classes at the Kathmandu International School start in April. Located in Dhobhighat, Kathmandu, the Kathmandu International Study Center was founded in 1987 by a unified mission to Nepal. Kathmandu International School is one of the greatest schools in Kathmandu.

At this school in Kathmandu, committed and qualified instructors make sure that students get the most out of their education. The school has produced outstanding academic outcomes, and its pupils have achieved success in extracurricular pursuits. Middle State Association and Cambridge International Examination accreditation are only offered by schools that meet international standards. Currently, Human Development and Community Services are in charge of running it. For general information from the admissions coordinator, email

The cost of the online application is $100. (USD). You can apply online by clicking the link on the school website. For the application to be accepted, make sure to include the necessary supporting paperwork. Please keep in mind that a request does not imply approval. Within two weeks of KISC receiving your child’s application, their Admissions Coordinator will send you an email outlining the next stages.

5. Ullens School

The sole IB Diploma school in Nepal is Ullens School, which was formed recently in 2006. In contrast to the Premier, the Nepalese government has also recognized the IB degree. The strong academic curriculum at Ullens has produced excellent college placement and child development. Child development is at the core of Ullens education from kindergarten through graduation degree.

Additionally, it has all the amenities necessary for comparison to international schools on its campus. The school also mandates community service, and students participate in a wide variety of ECAs. From the topics mentioned above, candidates must choose 6 subjects—3 at a higher level and 3 at a regular level. Students must choose at least five topics from Groups 1–5, and they may choose one from Groups 3, 4, or 6 as their sixth option. Students may qualify for partial scholarships based on merit and need.

Financial assistance and award choices are made by the school’s scholarship committee. Given that it is one of Nepal’s most costly institutions, pupils are chosen based on their academic records and their parents’ sources of wealth.

6. Malpi International School

Malpi International School is the first residential school in Nepal when it opened its doors in 1999. A residential school for mixed-race students, Malpi International School is unique. The school keeps the number of kids in a class to a minimum to enable child-centred learning. Malpi International School provides a wide range of skill-based activities, including music, painting, horseback riding, swimming, and PE classes. Both the environment and the professors at the school are excellent. Approximately Rs 20,000 per month (plus housing costs).

7. Rajarshri Gurukul School

RajarshriGurukul was founded with the intention of giving students a comprehensive education. It is situated on 20 Ropanis grounds at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, and has a playground, a swimming pool, and other amenities built right in. It is also listed as one of Nepal’s priciest universities. Rajarshi Gurukul strives to be a top institution that offers a superior education in a setting that is always evolving.

As they work to maintain the institution at the cutting edge of academics, curriculum, faculty, technology, administration, and infrastructure, the progressive school will continue to be modern. The goal of Rajarshi Gurukul is to provide a supportive atmosphere where kids may see and realize their full potential. The Bhaktapur-based Rajarshi Gurukul charges the highest yearly enrollment fees of Rs 117,000, while its monthly tuition is around Rs 17,500.

8. Rupy’s International School

With the goal of giving preschoolers a high-quality education, Mrs Rupinder Singh started Rupy’s International School. It is located in Kathmandu’s Tahachal district. The school’s fees are quite costly because of the well-run amenities for the pupils. As a result, it is one of Nepal’s most costly schools. The Rupy’s International School, an upper secondary school, is located in Tahachal, Kathmandu (XI-XII).

The institution is associated with both Cambridge International Exams and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) (CIE). The school has playgroup programs, nursery/preschool/kindergarten to grades XII, and it is a mixed-age day school. Middle school students study in English. The grades and levels Rupy’s International School, Tahachal provides are as follows: Grade; KG, I-XII Level, Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and Playgroup; Curriculum for playgroups, preschools, primary schools (grades I–v), middle schools (grades VI–vIII), secondary schools (grades IX–x), and senior secondary schools (grades XI–XII); Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE); and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

The topic classroom was originally used at Rupy International School in Nepal. This is a cutting-edge method of teaching and learning where professors are stationed in the subject-specific courses and students switch between them every session. The instructor can then set up the classroom in accordance with the demands of the study plan and the interests of the pupils. The monthly price was 18,000, while the entry fee was NPR 60,000.

9. Premier School

The newest school on this list, Premier, was founded just 12 years ago, in 2008. It is the only institution that offers the Primary and Middle Years of the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Nepal. Unlike the more academically oriented CIE, the IB offers a comprehensive curriculum that is recognized across the world. Therefore, Premier’s curriculum can compete with those offered by foreign schools all across the world, not just in terms of academics but also in terms of extracurricular options.

The child’s profile is tracked by the school, along with their engagement in extracurricular activities, social and behavioural development, and academic success. Every month, parents are updated on their child’s development. If there are any concerns, they may get further help from the teachers by scheduling PTC meetings with the parents. Price range: Rs. 50,000 per month

10. Shuvatara School

A secondary school called Shuvatara School was founded in Lamatar in 1989. It has been offering its students a top-notch education at the worldwide grade level for 31 years. Early participation in the arts and athletics by Shuvatara students aids in both their physical and intellectual development. Students from Shuvatara continue their education in prestigious high schools like Rato Bangala, Ullens, and St. Xavier’s Maitighar. They also have a good number of illustrious former students.

Where in Nepal Can One Find the Most Expensive Schools?

You can locate any school in Nepal because the list of the priciest schools in Nepal is fairly long. However, it would be better if you took a few factors into account before enrolling in a certain college or school in Nepal. For this, you must conduct a thorough study before deciding on the educational path you wish to take.

The majority of schools in Nepal are reputable establishments. Since so many people in Nepal just have a rudimentary understanding of things, several schools there simply provide basic education. When making plans for getting the greatest education possible, it would be helpful if you keep track of the college or institution you want to attend. Prior to enrolling, you should think about the school’s quality.

It would be preferable if you also took into account the expense of attending one of Nepal’s most costly universities. Before settling on a course of action, you should consider the cost. You mustn’t allow money to stand in the way of getting the appropriate education you want. You shouldn’t enrol if you believe that the school’s cost is too expensive. You can be sure that you will receive the greatest education possible if you enrol in one of Nepal’s most costly institutions, though.

You should look at the school carefully before enrolling because all Nepalese schools that would provide you with the greatest education do so with a full curriculum. You should be able to receive sufficient study materials from the institution to advance your expertise, and it should be accredited. Because Nepal has a vast geographic dispersion, you must conduct an extensive study before enrolling in a school there. Before enrolling in the institution, you should have enough knowledge about it.

What to Expect From Nepal’s Highest-Priced Schools?

Since most schools in Nepal are where you may discover the smartest and brightest people, knowing this may help you choose what to anticipate from the school of your choosing. Additionally, there are a few top universities where you may study. There is a lot to offer students in Nepal in terms of education, educational institutions, and schools, all of which are of the highest calibre.

The greatest thing is that these universities are quite reasonably priced and conveniently situated in the city, which makes it even simpler for students to enrol. Since the distance is not a barrier, the students may simply continue their studies while remaining at home.

The majority of schools in Nepal offer the greatest teaching along with other amenities like housing for the students. This will assist them in achieving better academic levels. The amenities in these schools are the best, including areas for eating out and a library, as well as certain areas for students who want to work while they are in school. In the majority of schools in Nepal, students receive the best coaching. Reputable firms in the IT industry provide some of the greatest instructors.

These businesses make sure that the pupils receive excellent instruction in all aspects of their education. The tuition for coaching at these institutions is relatively affordable, and the pupils have no trouble covering it. The teaching team at the institutions is knowledgeable and skilled in all facets of the educational process for students, and they offer the finest possible direction. The greatest amenities are available to pupils at Nepal’s most costly schools.


The Schools in the above list make sure that the students have access to the best resources, including accommodations. The pupils learn more quickly as a result of feeling at ease. Students may easily enjoy their studies in Nepal because of the conveniences and services offered at these institutions. Refer to Top 10 Best Schools in Kathmandu for your Children to find out the best school for your children.

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