Top 10 Best Schools in Kathmandu for your Children

Top 10 Best Schools in Kathmandu for Your Children

Individuals appear to put their own viewpoint with respect to what compels a school best. In a city like Kathmandu, you’ll find at least one school(s) in each region. Yet, you’ll not concede your kids in that frame of mind of them since it’s closer to your home right?

Schools are labeled as the best ones in light of their offices, frameworks for the understudies, and expense structures (individuals, by and large, imagine that more is the expense, better is the school, and it someplace ends up being valid also, particularly tuition based schools that charge more against offices and the accomplished educators and employees proposed to the understudies.), result and so on.

A few schools in Kathmandu are so old and convey a generally excellent record of creating extraordinary outcomes and graduating classes that individuals don’t for a moment even really reconsider accepting their names as the best ones in the valley. One such school in Kathmandu is Budhanilkantha School, situated in Narayanthan, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. Here in this article, we’re not promoting any schools or institutions in Kathmandu, however, we will suggest you select the best schools in Kathmandu valley. This article has listed various schools in Kathmandu for your children by considering offices and frameworks, expense structures, area, graduated class, employees, and so forth.

Before we move any further, we should give you knowledge in regards to whatever is required prior to seeing the rundown.

Schooling Education System in Nepal

The school system in Nepal essentially contains two distinct levels: Essential level education and Optional level education.

Essential level

The fundamental degree of instruction alludes to tutoring from grade one through grade eight. Grade 8 is additionally well known as Basic Level Examination (BLE).

Optional level

The optional level alludes to 10th and tenth grade (Secondary Education Examination) as well as +2/higher auxiliary levels, for example, grades eleven and twelve.

Grades 11 and 12 are managed by the National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal. Before the fundamental degree of instruction begins, Nepalese kids go through the Montessori arrangement of training that is intended to set them up for tutoring. (Realize about the Montessori program by means of the connection).

There is a professional training option in contrast to the ordinary tutoring schooling in Nepal as well. The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) offers professional courses in various disciplines (craftsmanship, designing, clinical, schooling, and so on. What’s more, it offers these professional courses at various levels – optional to higher auxiliary levels.

What After Schooling?

Subsequent to tutoring, understudies can choose college-level schooling in Nepal or abroad. College Level instruction is more unambiguous with respect to what understudies need to study.

For instance: on the off chance that an understudy who’s concentrated on Science at a higher optional level needs to concentrate on Physics at the Bachelor’s level, he/she can join the Bachelor of Science in Physics presented by any perceived college, Tribhuvan University; Purbanchal University; Pokhara University, Mid-Western University and so on in Nepal and some other perceived college beyond Nepal too. Thus, tutoring gives a base to anything understudies desire to learn further.

Types of Schools in Kathmandu, Nepal

 There are various schools in various pieces of Nepal. Schools in Nepal are sorted as

  1. Government Schools
  2. Public Schools
  3. Private Schools

 According to the given classifications, particular elements control every one of the exercises of the schools.

How to Choose the Best Schools in Kathmandu for Your Children?

We’ve been witnessing the density of schools in the Kathmandu valley. The decision to choose a good school in Kathmandu can be difficult because there are so many options. Being Parents, you should consider factors such as location, cost, time spent on academics, and the number of students per class to select the best schools for your little ones. Regardless of which substances control various schools in Nepal, the accompanying variables decide a school is a superior decision for the understudies:

  1. Foundations
  2. Showing procedure
  3. Employees
  4. Offices
  5. Reasonableness
  6. Yield/graduated class records

In light of these equivalent elements, we’ve arranged this rundown here. Presently we should provide you with a fast outline of schools in Kathmandu valley then we’ll push ahead to the names of probably the best ones in the equivalent.

Best Schools in Kathmandu Valley

 You’ll track down all classifications of schools in Kathmandu valley – legislative, public, and private. Determining the best ones for the understudies was a drawn-out task for us. So we’ve considered the equivalent previously mentioned factors recorded in the title “How to Choose a Better School for Studies?” above to enroll the names of the best schools in Kathmandu.

1. Budhanilkantha School

Budhanilkantha School was laid out with the sole point of conferring quality training for “rich and poor the same” in a climate that encourages solidarity and balance and is considered perhaps of the best schools in Kathmandu as well as heard as best by a lot of people in different pieces of Nepal too. In the initial twenty years of its activity, the school was overseen by a progression of British deans who worked really hard of laying out and forming the school into a focal point of greatness.

It has magnificent actual offices of a 1st-grade private school. The commendable understudies come from all sides of Nepal, addressing various races, identities, societies, and financial levels. Aside from high scholarly principles, Budhanilkantha School additionally gives complex abilities and authority characteristics through a variety of sports and extracurricular exercises. Most alumni win grants to go to lofty schools and colleges from one side of the planet to the other.

 Best Schools in Kathmandu
Budhanilkantha School

Budhanilkantha School is overseen by the Public Educational Trust, the principal Trustee being the Ministry of training. The Board of Trustees and the School Management Committee (SMC) are led by the Education Secretary.

The Society of Ex Budhanilkantha Students (SEBS), the graduated class affiliation, and Friends of Budhanilkantha School (FOBS) are the two associations that distinctly look into the government assistance of the school.

The School Management Committee (SMC) is liable for making, controlling, and checking the approaches and projects. The Senior Management Team (SMT) is the fundamental body to exhort and upholds the Principal in the general organization of the school. Companions of Budhanilkantha School (FOBS) is the relationship of guardians and gatekeepers of the understudies of Budhanilkantha School.

Contact Details

  • Location: Narayanthan – Baaghdwar Rd, Budhanilkantha 44600
  • Contact number: 977-1-4371637, 4370248
  • Email Address:
  • Site:

Budhanilkantha School doesn’t require a presentation. Consistently many understudies apply for the placement test yet sadly just some make it up to the school. The school is situated in Kathmandu and is government-claimed. It was laid out in 1972 with joint cooperation of the Government of Nepal and the Government of the UK. Dissimilar to British schools, it is completely dealt with by Nepali experts. Budhanilkantha School is the Top school in Kathmandu, Nepal. For the initial twenty years, the school worked with British directors and a couple of British educators too.

However, later on, it was given over to Nepali Government and the Nepali staff has likewise kept up with the altruism of the school. The school is as yet positioned as quite possibly the best school in Nepal.

2. Rato Bangala School

Rato Bangala School is a co-instructive school that runs under the Rato Bangala Foundation and it has an instructor-preparing organization too. Another name comes in many personalities when examined with respect to probably the best schools in the valley. Rato Bangala School was laid out in the year 1992 AD and has been giving quality training since its foundation.

The College prepares expertly arranged information and relational abilities for the understudies which helps them in their development and advancement from physical as well as mental perspectives. It’s partnered with the Bank Street College of Education, situated in New York City, and offers superb help in the field of Education in Nepal, running and developing in line with the schooling system embraced in the Nepalese setting also.

The school is known for its scholastic greatness and offices beginning from the School levels to the higher optional degree of review. It offers school-level projects for kids and optional level as well as higher optional level projects under worldwide affiliation. The College likewise gives Cambridge GCE A-Level Science and Non-Science projects to the understudies.

3. V.S. Niketan Higher Secondary School, Minbhawan, Kathmandu

Twice granted the award of the best School in Nepal is situated in Kathmandu with more than 4000 understudies and astounding outcomes consistently. Laid out in 1981, by organizer Principal B.R. Pokharel.

This establishment runs from grade nursery to grade 12 which obliges lower-optional level SLC and Higher-Secondary level HSEB capabilities to the understudies and guides its graduated class to an advanced degree.

It has great engineering with astonishing offices like a cafeteria, transportation, inn, a decent size homeroom, both indoor and open-air games for understudies, and a fantastic review climate with first-rate educators to direct the understudies.

Contact Details

  • Location: Minbhawan (Near Bagmati Bridge), Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Telephone Number: 44622715, 4622073
  • Email:
  • Site:

4. Bhanu Bhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School

Laid out in 1966, a recognition of one of the best eminent figures of Nepali writing, Bhanubhakta Acharya. This is a co-instructive English medium school that runs from nursery to class 12. This school follows cutting-edge technique for instructing that incorporates brilliant class and CCTV cameras.

They likewise have magnificent offices like a kid’s inn, a science research facility for down-to-earth classes, three PC labs, a judo lobby, a multipurpose Astrid Hall, a Music corridor, and a Smart Class lobby. It is known as perhaps the greatest tuition-based school in Nepal with north of 2200 understudies and almost 150 educators who give both instructive and actual training and offices.

  • Location: Bhanubhakta commemoration Sadak, Kathmandu.
  • Telephone Number: 01-4435144
  • Site:

5. Ullens School

Ullens School which was laid out in the year 2006 offers a complex and adjusted educational program inside the structure of the Nepal Government’s National Curriculum for Grades 1-10 through the Ullens way to deal with education. Starting around 2009, the school has been offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). Ullens School is the sole IB World School in Nepal that has been approved by the Government of Nepal to run the IBDP. Ullens School began offering the HSEB program in the year 2012. The school likewise has its Kindergarten program.

The school keeps an organization with the Bank Street College of Education, New York, a trailblazer in creative and moderate training. At Ullens School they regard individual contrasts and interests. They offer a protected and blissful learning climate. Educators of Ullens school consolidate delicacy with equity and keep up with elevated expectations of a moral way of behaving as well as scholarly accomplishment.

Ullens School is a not-for-profit organization run by the Ullens Education Foundation under the support of Belgian giver Baron Guy Ullens and Myriam Ullens.

Contact Details

  • Location: Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Telephone Number: 015230944
  • Email:
  • Site:

6. Little Angels’ School, Hattiban, Lalitpur

LA is a confidential English medium school laid out in 1981 and situated in Hattiban, Lalitpur. It is one of the greatest and most lofty schools in the country. The school runs from grade one to +2, likewise, A-levels are likewise accessible.

This school is partitioned into wings that are situated in various areas. The essential wing is situated at Jhamsikhel, though, the principal grounds in Hattiban incorporate up to secondary school and post-optional levels. There are more than 4600 students, including A-level understudies, Little Angel’s College, and Little Angels College of Management, all understudies have assessed north of 6400 understudies or more than 700 educators.

best schools in kathmandu
The Little Angels School, Hattiban, Lalitpur

The school has truly astounding offices, for example, 120 transportation vehicles, ball courts, a food ground, two-yard tennis courts, two volleyball courts, and jungle gyms in each block. They guarantee a decent nature of instruction with a school proverb that states. One objective, one mission. Our youngsters, our country.

Contact Details

  • Location: Hattiban, Lalitpur
  • Telephone Number: +977-1-5251111
  • Email:
  • Site:

LA is another very notable school in Nepal. Many schools in Nepal run under the connection of Little Angels Education Group. Furthermore, the darlings school in itself is an exceptionally large name. Laid out by pioneer names in fields of training and different resources Little Angels is most certainly the vested school for your heavenly messenger. It was laid out in 1981 and has procured a decent standing from that point forward.

It is additionally perhaps the biggest tuition-based school in the country. Notable for its scholarly greatness and sustaining climate, and is just turning out to be much better.

7. Gyanodaya Bal Batika School, Khokana, Lalitpur

It was founded on February 24 as a memorial to the late Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah, but it is today celebrated throughout Nepal as Education Day. This school offers a first-rate education and outstanding facilities for students in grades 1 through 12 for which it became to get ranked in the list of top ten best schools in Kathmandu. There are three divisions in it.

For students inside or beyond the Kathmandu valley, Gyanodaya also offers a residential facility. This private school, which has over 350 students enrolled, is situated in Bungamati, Khokana, and offers incredible amenities to its patrons, including a playground, an auditorium, computer access, audio-visual aids, a science lab, and a library. It has a crew to take care of the hostel inmates’ medical requirements.

The higher secondary school in Sanepa offers three core courses in management, humanities, and science. Last but not least, there is Tribhuvan University-affiliated Gyanodaya College, which offers BBS (bachelor level) courses.

Contact Details

8. Lincoln School, Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu

A private, completely secular, coeducational school that has earned accreditation from the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. This institution offers Pre-K through grade 12. They guarantee a dynamic, interesting, inquiry-based academic program that is attentive to the requirements of the student.

It emphasizes cross-disciplinary education and assists students to become autonomous, self-aware learners who can process in-depth knowledge and strong learning techniques.

best schools in Kathmandu
The Lincoln School

There are cutting-edge, advanced teaching methods for school subjects as well as co-curricular pursuits including theatre, music, the visual arts, service learning, technology, physical education, and sports. It is one of the most prominent multicultural schools in Kathmandu, Nepal for which Lincoln school got a place in this list.

Contact Details

9. The British School, Sanepa, Lalitpur

A confidential International Multicultural School in Nepal that was laid out in 1966 and is situated in Sanepa has more than 40 unique identities that convey the English National Curriculum with the full-time UK enrolled staff. This school is all around very much worked with and runs from grade 1 to A-levels. The school accentuates creating solid and blissful, balanced people who are sure, insightful, versatile, and ready to embrace and impact a steadily influencing world.

schools in kathmandu
The British School

The British school was laid out by the joint coordinated effort of the United Kingdom and Nepal in 1966. It then, at that point, worked as a grade school yet presently it likewise runs A levels. The school runs with sixty full-time UK-enrolled educators. Most of the staff there including the chief are British so you might fear your kid will realize all the British culture. Be that as it may, you can continuously keep him established in Nepali culture, or more the entirety of your kid will get to encounter global showing approaches and practices.

Your youngster will concentrate on the worldwide educational plan alongside the public education program in Mathematics and English.

There are staff individuals from fifty nations, This is the ideal illustration of globalization. Your youngster will encounter variety and obviously, gain some useful knowledge. It will be intense for your child to adjust for quite a while in the event that he joins later yet assuming that he began his initial tutoring with the British School it will be simple for him. The British School isn’t certainly the typical school and it will make your youngster additionally exceptional.

Contact Details

10. St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

St. Xavier’s School

Another well-known name in education is Saint Xavier’s School. Plenty of pupils who want to attend the institution apply to it because of its reputation. In Kathmandu, there are a lot of tutoring facilities dedicated to helping kids pass the admission exam and enroll in school. Due to its teachers, administration, and students, Saint Xavier’s is unquestionably the greatest.

The school’s reputation is further enhanced by the students who benefit from the greatest instruction possible thanks to the teachers, setting, and atmosphere.

Contact Details

  • Location: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Telephone Number: 01-5421050, 01-5421150
  • Email:
  • Site:


We just presented the list of best schools in Kathmandu for your little ones. We hope you got all the information that you’re looking for to choose the best academic institute in Kathmandu Nepal. Thank you for your precious time.

You can check the Best colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal if you’re searching for the top 10 Best +2 colleges to pursue your career in Science, management, or Humanities streams. Also, if you’re struggling to find out the best nursing colleges or the Best BSc CSIT colleges, or top universities in Nepal, go through our previous blogs and grab all the information that we’ve shared.

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