Top 10 Best Note-taking Apps for Android and IOS in Nepal

Top 10 Best Note-taking Apps for Android and IOS in Nepal

If you’ve been searching for the top 10 best note-taking apps for android and ios for you, you are just at the right place. This article will help you get the best note-taking app for you.

Is it safe to say that you are as yet looking for the best note-taking applications in front of the new scholarly year? With a huge number of programming created for concentrating on throughout the long term, it’s difficult to stay aware of the niftiest devices that can enhance your growth opportunity in college.

Top 10 best Note-taking apps for android and ios

Note-taking has formed into an artistic expression with innovation, however, it doesn’t need to be excessively convoluted. Try not to let TikTok reels and Pinterest sheets fool you into the stylish snare.

Having an intricate Kanban load up on your application’s landing page can be outwardly motivating, yet investing a lot of energy in brightening your spread removes time from your objective of writing and sorting out your notes proficiently.

How to Pick the Best note-taking App for you?

Picking the best note-taking applications relies upon three significant variables:

  1. What gadget you’re utilizing them on: Some applications are viable just with specific working frameworks or devices.
  2. Your reasoning examples: How you think influences how you store and cycle data.
  3. Your note-taking style: Do you for the most part type or utilize a pointer on a tablet? Some applications are great for both, while others are better on consoles.

Top 10 Best Note-taking Apps for Android and IOS for Students

While you can utilize different applications to arrange your notes, guarantee they work best with what you’re involving them for. Here are the best note-taking applications for understudies, educators, and guardians that will help them in all parts of life, socially, working, and during their studies.

1. Evernote

Evernote is an amazing note-taking application for understudies. Evernote allows understudies to take notes, make daily agendas, and arrange their notes in a single spot. Evernote lets instructors make and arrange scratch pads for workforce and group gatherings, councils, and different expert turn of events. Its boundless purposes range from arranging a course to conveying an example intended to catch input after class.

It permits you to take notes, catch photographs, make plans for the day, and record voice updates and makes these notes totally accessible, whether you are at school, at home, or in a hurry. Text notes can incorporate implanted pictures, portrayals, or accounts.

Evernote is a cross-stage note-taking application that is perfect for handling written-by-hand notes and cutting articles from the web. This efficiency apparatus can move the manner in which understudies oversee data in school and the manner in which educators share it. Evernote can be utilized for making understudy portfolios, for example arranging, homeroom for the executives, requiring minutes of meetings and guidance. Accessible on the Web, Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Instructors can likewise involve Evernote in research. It permits them to gather an enormous number of assets without investing the energy to completely pursue everyone to choose if it merits printing or bookmarking. They can likewise add their own notes and remarks with the goal can recollect how they should apply the data. It is very easy to understand, as long as you introduce the web trimmer. Spot on snap and clasp! Evernote’s free arrangement has a 60MB transfer limit each month. Evernote is one of the note-taking applications accessible across numerous gadgets like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Cost: Free (premium elements are accessible)

Availability: Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows

2. OneNote

OneNote is a well-liked tool among its loyal users for a variety of reasons. It is a straightforward, no-frills app that is simple to use whether you’re on Windows or Mac. It requires less setup time and keeps you organized because of its crisp, paper-white appearance. OneNote works much like a color-coded paper folder without the clutter, whether you’re writing long-form or fast bullet points. Your “notebooks” may be divided into sections based on topics using hierarchies, and each part can have its own page.

You can access your OneNote notes almost anywhere since your account can sync with various devices. The software has built-in Sticky Notes on mobile so you can quickly find them later on your PC if you need to scribble down thoughts while you’re out and about.

3. Striking Quality

Striking quality is one of the most adaptable applications that anyone could hope to find for note-taking. This note-taking application can be utilized in schools, at home, or at work. You can type or compose notes on notepads and sort out them into envelopes inside the application.

Notwithstanding, it additionally allows you to clarify PDFs, which can be perfect for reviewing understudy papers. Prominence is a tomfoolery device for taking and coordinating notes. Utilizing this application, you can utilize diverse pens, brushes, and highlighters for a large portion of your school work. Striking quality is an extraordinary expansion to your munitions stockpile of iPad note-taking applications.

4. Notability

With Notability, you can type text, simplify pictures and document connections into notes, record sound, and take notes simultaneously. In this way, you could be having a perusing gathering with an understudy, or testing their perusing familiarity with the sound recorder, while taking notes simultaneously on your iPad. Striking quality is the best application for taking notes with Apple Pencil when utilized on either an iPad Pro or an iPad (sixth era and up).

This component can be helpful for composing notes in addresses or outlining objects when on a field trip. This application stands apart due to the work processes that educators and understudies can make to recover, clarify and submit work. Remarkableness takes into account mixes with Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. On the off chance that educators set up a common organizer with their group by means of Google Drive, understudies can get to their reports, clarify them and push them back to their instructor through a secretly shared envelope.

Likewise, understudies can open PDFs from any site in Notability and explain straightforwardly on the PDF.

Cost: $8.99

Availability: iPhone, iPad, macOS

5. Thought

Thought is extremely popular for a hint of extravagance in your efficient munitions stockpile. From Instagram reels to YouTube instructional exercises, this application acquired ubiquity among understudies for its dynamic layouts that you can customize to set up your advanced work area.

This product pairs as both a note-taking and ventures the executive’s device, so it’s most certainly one of the most amazing note-taking applications to attempt if you have any desire to overhaul past the essentials. It can require some investment before you can without hesitation expand the application without limit, however, the work is definitely justified. Each satisfaction you make is known as a “block”, which can be anything from texts to sound, media records, or web scraps. Embedding a block is just finished by squeezing the slice key, and a rundown of orders will show up.

You can welcome companions to team up and impart notes to, which guarantees everybody is in total agreement in the event that you’re in a review bunch.

6. NoteLedge

Among the top note-taking applications for iOS and Android for better research and study is NoteLedge. The program is fantastic, features advanced note-taking, and greatly increases users’ productivity. Use NoteLedge if you want to take notes, read documents, bullet journals, or alter pages from textbooks.

On the study notes, you may take screenshots and annotate with pen motions. By utilizing an Apple pencil to make movements on study notes, you may speed up the transcription of the summary.  On the main pages of a document, in text boxes, or assembled in separate notebook-style pages with components copied from the original, notes can be scribbled or typed. You may export your notes as multimedia-rich PDFs.

Cost: With in-app purchases, it costs nothing.

Availability: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web.

7. Obsidian

If you’re already an efficiency expert, Obsidian will accelerate your learning process. Imagine combining your stream of consciousness with mind maps, which link disparate pieces of knowledge to create more logical concepts. That is what you receive from the app: when you use it over time, it rewires your brain to think more clearly and improves how you recall knowledge. Obsidian is a highly customizable program that uses text files structured in Markdown, which has a more exact formatting syntax than Word.

For cross-referencing, you may make linkages between your notes and reading lists that are saved in the app, saving you the time it would take to manually prepare your citation list for an assignment. While it’s free for individual use, you’ll need to pay extra for matching up the application between gadgets or distribute your notes.

8. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a free note-taking application that gives you virtual notepads with planner covers to store card-style notes. The covers make it simple to isolate and recognize various scratch pads. You can likewise pick textual styles, text dimensions and varieties according to your inclination.

The application allows you to make notes in 6 classifications: text notes, agendas, sound notes, photograph notes, outlines and archive notes. On iOS, the application coordinates with Siri. You can request that Siri search through notes, for example. You additionally get labels for arranging and sorting out your notes, in addition to choices for sharing and teaming up with others. To have your notes matched up across your gadgets, you want to pursue a free record.

It’s not obligatory to join if you would rather not back up on the web and just need to keep notes on your ongoing gadget. Generally, the free review notes application gets our proposal to understudies on the off chance that you are searching for a basic yet highlight-rich notes application.

Cost: Free of Cost

Availability: Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows, Linux

9. Google Keep

The free note-taking software Google Keep is best suited for casual users. It’s simple to create a note; you may text, draw, or include a picture (on mobile, you can even use your voice). As you explore the web, you may store URLs, text, and photos by using the Google Keep Chrome extension. A simple cross-platform note-taking program is available through Google Keep, and it works nicely with other Google products.

You may access your previous notes or start a new one by opening a Google Keep sidebar in Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, or a document in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. All that you save in Google Keep stay matched up across various gadgets that you use. One of the best advantages of Keep is its consistent reconciliation with the whole Google biological system. The Google Keep interface very closely resembles digitized Post-it Notes.

Cost: Free of Cost

Availability: Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows


This article was meant to guide you through selecting the best note-taking app for android or IOS based on your devices. The references were taken from the reviews of people using these applications from the google play store.

Also if you want to study for long hours without forgetting, you can refer to our previous articles on Informalguru.

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