Top 10 Best Nepali Novels to Read at Your Leisure Time

Top 10 Best Nepali Novels to Read at Your Leisure Time

The reader of Nepali Novels has a lot to choose from. It has the most heartfelt and excellent stories. The majority of Nepali books are based on our society’s actual realities. Each word captures the realities of society and the people that inhabit it, making these novels masterworks. Numerous works written in Nepal have received honours.

Our generation has been so heavily impacted by western, Korean, and Japanese culture that they have now forgotten that Nepali literature even existed. They like reading literature from other countries but never pay attention to ours. Because we are of a younger generation and have been away from Nepali literature for a while, this post is for us.

Top 10 Best Nepali Novels To Read

If you’re interested in reading them or conducting research for school, here’s all you need to know about each one. They are all outstanding literary masterpieces that everybody who reads them should laud, hence they are included in no particular sequence.

1. Karnali Blues

This is one of the smashes hits, the most appraised books written by Buddhi Sagar. Karnali Blues is also a legendary Nepali novel about a young man who goes to various periods of his life; with his folks. Parvati Didi, Ekraj, Mamata Didi, Sharmila, Chandre, Bhagiram, Batu, Sadham, Mandire, Ramesh, Shiva Shankar, and so on.

Karnali Blues is a composition by Buddhi Sagar that recounts the story of a young man who goes to various periods of his existence with his folks. It is quite possibly the most perused book in Nepali writing. Karnali Blues is a Nepali book composed by Buddhisagar. The primary focus is on the person’s dad. The kid portrays his dad and his experiences growing up and all periods of life. The essayist, Buddhi Sagar, has worked really hard.

It ties us all through with various characters, such as Parvati didi, Mamata didi, Sharmila, Chandre, Bhagiram, Batu, etc. I read this book a year back, but I actually recollect every one of them. That is the excellence of this book. Fine Print distribution was the distributor of this book. The book is about a little fellow’s life and his dad, with whom he had the best recollections. While towards the end of the novel, his dad is truly sick and kicks the bucket later. We see the dad from various points all through the book.

Karnali Blues in English interpretation

The book has been converted into English by Michael Hutt, a noted Professor of Nepali and Himalayan Studies at the School of Oriental And African Studies. It can’t catch the genuine embodiment of the book yet at the same time, the interpreter has worked really hard. The book is currently being sold in South Asian nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and the Maldives.

This is an ideal book, and I recommend it to everybody. The book has the magnificence of experience growing up to snapshots of grievous sections that will keep you associated with the story.

2. Muna Madan

You must read this book if you wish to study Nepali literature. Laxmi Prasad Devkota, the finest author of Nepali literature, wrote the sequential love poetry known as Muna Madan. In 1936, it was published. The narrative of Muna Madan centres on Madan, a man from the Kathmandu Valley who, in defiance of Muna’s objections, abandons his newlywed wife for Lhasa in Tibet in order to make his fortune.

Any further information regarding the plot of this outstanding novel by Laxmi Prasad Devkota would ruin your reading experience. A film with the same name was also produced in 2002 and served as Nepal’s official submission for the 2004 Academy Awards. Muna Madan is one of the best selling Nepali novels in our country.

3. Palpasa Cafe

In and of itself, both the novel’s name and its plot are appealing and calming to the ear. Narayan Wagle wrote one of the most popular and well-received books in Nepali literature. This is one of the best-selling Nepali novels of all time.

best novel in nepal

Even though the Palpasa Cafe was Narayan Wagle’s debut book, the author did a remarkable job of captivating thousands of readers. The Maoist War is shown at this time period. The artist Drishya’s life story is told here, along with his romance with Palpasa, a young woman who has recently returned to Nepal from the United States.

The philosophy of Drishya regarding the ongoing conflict, the hardships experienced by ordinary people as a result of the war, and the ups and downs in his love life are all evident throughout the book. Due to its remarkable depiction of the events of the Maoist War and its attention to even the smallest details, this book is deserving of several honourable honours. Furthermore, it has been translated into several dialects.

Palpasa Cafe – Nepali Novel

2005 Madan Purashkar recipient

Author: Narayan Wagle

Background: A narrative based on the Maoists’ declaration of civil war

4. Shirishko Phool

Shirishko Phool was distributed in 1964 and was composed by Bishnu Kumari Waisa, most popular by her nom de plume, Parijat. It was her first and best book. This novel is about a moderately aged Gurkha veteran, Suyog Bir Singh, and a solid young lady, Sakambari. The story starts when Suyog meets Shakambari and her two sisters—Mujura and Sanu. Suyog is a forlorn, moderately aged man who sees the three sisters with eyes of desire. He sees Mujura as the quintessential lady with every one of the female ethics and the most coherent decision for a spouse.

For her very first novel, Parijat additionally won Madan Puraskar in 1965. The novel was subsequently converted into English by Sondra Zeidenstein with the assistance of Tankavilash Bharya in 1972. In 2012, A Nepali language highlight movie of a similar name by Japanese chief Toshiaki Ito was likewise made.

5. Seto Dharti

nepali novel

Seto Dharti is an excruciating tale about a widow. It is composed by Amar Neupane and is one of the smash hits of Nepali writing. Seto Dharti is one of the more uncommon novels composed by Amar Neupane. It got the Madan Puraskar, the greatest scholarly honour in 2012. The book depends on the existence of a young widow. It grandstands the existence of a wedded widow at an early age and her significant other passed on.

However, it is practised in a few exceptionally far-off regions of the country. The book has every one of the feelings, from youthful blamelessness and satisfaction to the forlornness of a widow. A widow’s whole time on earth is consumed by depression and pity.

The Story of Seto Dharti Tara

A little girl named Tara gets hitched to a kid at seven years old. Her guiltlessness couldn’t be separated from marriage and simply one more capability at home. Kid marriage was normal practice from 1850 to 1950, and the novel is about that time span. Her significant other bites the dust when he goes to Banaras for additional examinations. From that point forward, she consumes her whole time on earth in dejection. The story goes on with the battles she faces all her life. She has daily routines in her better half’s home and resides with her folks. Yet, her mom bites the dust, and she needs to confront many more hardships. She deals with the house.

Furthermore, later in her past, she moves to Devghat, a strict spot for Hindus. This is a straightforward story, yet how it is composed is exemplary. The novel opposes kid marriages, and every one of these makes it deserving of Madan Puraskar. This is a must-peruse for everybody. Make a point of getting this book and pursuing it in your spare time. You will love it.

6. Summer Love best novel in nepal

One of the greatest romance-themed Nepali books you should read in your leisure time is Summer Love. The long-distance romance between a Brahmin guy and a Newari girl is also depicted in the love story. Subin Bhattarai published the piece.

Major characters: Saya and Atit

Atit, an inquisitive student, notices the entry topper’s name on the notice board and becomes enthralled by it. The topper’s name is Saya. More than 20,000 copies of Nepal’s best-selling book have been sold.

Sequel: Saya

best novel in nepalA college student at Tribhuvan University’s Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES) falls in love, according to the book’s premise. Atit, our main character, finds the name of a topper Saya and becomes intrigued by her, which is what causes him to fall in love with her. Later, Saya continues her studies in Norway, while Atit goes back to his native Dhangadi. Their relationships begin to suffer at this point.

7. Radha

Top 10 Best Nepali NovelsRadha is his finest work, and Krishna Dharabasi is one among those who made significant contributions to Nepali literature. Radha is a novelization of the classic Hindu epic Mahabharat, which was released in 2005. Krishna Dharabasi altered Krishna and Radha’s personalities for this book, giving Radha more of a central role.

The personalities of Radha and Krishna have undergone a full transformation because of Dharabasi, who was influenced by Jacques Derrida’s Theory of Deconstruction. Radha is now fearless, assertive, aristocratic, and rebellious.

8. Pagal Basti

Top 10 Best Nepali NovelsAnother one of the finest books in Nepali literature is Pagal Basti. It was written by Saru Bhakta and released by Sajha Publication, the country’s first publishing business. This Madan Puraskar-winning book’s narrative opens with the narrator’s adventure to Ghandruk. The main character, Martha, works as a teacher at Prithivi Narayan Campus. She discusses the well-known engineering college Pashchimanchal Campus in her travelogue with a few other authors.

The style of writing in this book is really straightforward. The prose can be confusing at times, though. However, you should read this book if you want to learn more about Nepali writing. The two main characters constantly shifting mental states, feature love, romance, affection, and belief. One of the advantages of Nepali literature.

9. Jhola

Top 10 Best Nepali Novels

This book is based on the Sati culture of Nepali society in the 1920s. Krishna Dharabasi is credited with writing the book. The novel is based on the Sati Culture, in which a widow was required to commit suicide when her husband passed away, frequently on his death march. One of the finest Nepali books, Jhola, did an excellent job of portraying Sati Prathi in a way that captivated the reader’s hearts.

The Sati Pratha, which predominated in Nepalese society up until 1920 AD, is the subject of the book Jhola. In a book, a writer skillfully depicts how women were indoctrinated to attend Sati with their deceased husbands and were compelled to go Sati if they raised their voices in protest.

Additionally, it displays mother and son’s enduring love in a lovely way. We are grateful to Chandra Shumsher for ending this heinous Pratha. Based on the book, the actor Garima Panth played the lead role in the Nepali film “Jhola,” which earned the best actress prize at the SAARC film festival in Sri Lanka.

The protagonist of the narrative, Kanchi, was a young lady married to an elderly man who was 40 years her senior. Due to the disease, his husband passes away. She now had to go to Sati in accordance with social law and regulation.

You must watch or read the Jhola novels or movies if you have the time. One of Nepal’s most popular novels is this one.

10. Alikhit

Top 10 Best Nepali NovelsAlikhit, also known as Unwritten in English, is a 1983 A.D. Nepali novel by Dhrub Chandra Gautam that is regarded as an experimental work of writing. It was awarded the Madan Puraskar, Nepal’s top literary honour, in the same year of its release. Due to the established storyline and creative practicality, it attained a distinctive position after publishing. The story takes place in the southern region of Nepal in a made-up city called Birahimpur. No map shows the settlement as being marked. The settlement disappears overnight as some archaeologists arrive to dig for an older culture.

The work effectively examines the exploitation that takes place in Madhesh, as well as the lives of disadvantaged people, state indifference, terror, illiteracy, and the isolation of marginal existence. The work combines essential effects like irregularities, myths, consciousness, comedy, and satire while also having a regional tone of communication.

Conclusion for Novels in Nepali

With their exceptional narrative, plotline, and believable characters, Nepali books never fail to stir the readers’ emotions. The Best selling Nepali novels with compelling tales are those on the list above. If you want to experience the delicacy of Nepali writing, you should unquestionably delve in and investigate it on your own. It offers its reader a lot of benefits. You’ll adore it, I’m certain.

All of the books are excellent in their own right and convey a message that has an impact on your life. Some novels possess the ability to alter your everyday routine as well. Technology advances far too quickly in the twenty-first century, and reading habits have also altered with the advent of online book reading.

If you are interested in reading books but are not able to sit for long hours to read, you can consider reading our previous blog post namely, How to study continuously for long hours during your examinations? by informalguru.

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