Top 10 Best IT Companies in Nepal: IT Career

Top 10 Best IT Companies in Nepal: IT Career

If you’re in search of the top 10 best IT companies in Nepal, you are just at the right place. This article will list all the top-ranked IT companies in Nepal to provide you with insights into their services. The nation’s most inventive and rapidly expanding sector is technology. In general, various advancements assist people in their daily labor. Through Software as a Service, the Internet and other cloud technologies provide a variety of boundary possibilities (SAAS). People’s daily tasks are made incredibly simple and quick to access using SAAS. IT businesses employ a variety of business structures and technology to offer a wide range of client services.

The discipline of information technology (IT) is expanding quickly both globally and in Nepal. The Nepalese are also gradually becoming more tech-savvy. In Nepal, there are several businesses providing services in information technology. However, the majority of Nepal’s IT firms are developing their products elsewhere.

Top 10 Best IT Companies in Nepal

Here is a list of the top 10 Best IT Companies in Nepal.

1. Verisk Nepal

Verisk Nepal is the best IT company in Nepal situated in Hattisar, Kathmandu that has been providing assistance in risk analysis software, a subsidiary of IOS. Since 2009, the company has also been taking care of foreign clients in Nepal who concentrate on software projects and commercial operations. This business creates, develops, tests, and maintains apps for clients. There are more than 300 specialists employed at Verisk Nepal.

When it comes to handling and managing enormous amounts of data, Verisk Company is staffed with professionals. They employ both OLTP and OLAP as well as ORACLE and MSSQL. They also operate with other MPP database systems like Greenplum and Vertica as well as distributed processing architectures like Hadoop due to the growing demand for scalability. They also pursue technology for text mining and entity resolution. Verisk Information Technologies is Nepal’s best software company in Nepal.

In a secure area in Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal, there is a software research and development facility called Verisk Information Technologies. In Nepal’s software sector, Verisk Information Technology Company is a pioneer and trendsetter. It is a publicly traded corporation that is denoted by the symbol VRSK on the NASDAQ stock market. Customers who use Verisk Analytics’ risk assessment and decision analysis services are better able to comprehend and control their own risk.

Services offered by Verisk Nepal

  1. Web applications and Software development.
  2. Support for Business Operations
  3. Support for the virtual risk assessment
  4. Provides data processing, reporting, and analysis
  5. UI/ UX design and services
  6. Infrastructure and IT support
  7. Quality Assessment and Test automation

2. Deer walk

Deerwalk, an IT firm with headquarters in the US, was established in 2010. It centers on a range of software solutions, including population health management, data management, health analysis, etc. Additionally, it provides third-party administrators, brokers, consultants, employers, providers, health plans, responsible care organizations, and care and wellness management firms with Big Data and NoSQL products and services.

Deerwalk, an IT business based in Sifal, Kathmandu, has been a pioneer in population health management, data management, and healthcare since 2010. It deals with local and worldwide clients and is able to satisfy them with its talents and approaches to the work. With more than 100 team members and professionals working together, this organization is a leader. Deerwalk’s products are renowned for their high caliber.

Deerwalk is one of the best companies in Nepal, a privately held business with headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts. The senior management team of Deerwalk has more than a century of combined experience in IT and health analytics at the C-Suite level of healthcare organizations. They not only offer their customers top-notch goods and services, but also some of the most knowledgeable professionals in healthcare analytics which is why it comes under the best software company in Nepal.

Offering Big Data and NoSQL solutions and services to third-party administrators, brokers, and consultants, employers, and providers, health plans, responsible care organizations, and care and wellness management firms, Deerwalk has unrivalled expertise and experience in the field of health analytics.


To empower our clients with tools that enlighten healthcare decision-making through data interoperability.

Services offered by Deerwalk

  1. Plan Analytics and Reporting
  2. Predictive Modeling
  3. Prescriptive Analytics
  4. Data Warehousing
  5. Plan Design Modeling
  6. Care Management
  7. Quality Ratings
  8. 360 Degree View of Members
  9. Patient-Generated Health Data
  10. Incentive Management

3. F1-Soft International Pvt. Ltd

top 10 it companies in nepal
F1Soft Company

Over 90% of the banks and financial institutions in Nepal are served by F1Soft Nepal, the country’s top fintech company. This 2004-founded business has more than 200 employees. Since 2004, F1Soft has provided IT services and worked in the software development industry. This business primarily focuses on the creation of digital platforms for financial transactions, including mobile banking, Internet banking, tab banking, card management systems, and other technologies.

The subsidiary of F1Soft is Esewa, a digital wallet, and online payment system. The F1soft International group of firms also entered the remittance market last year when it unveiled its brand-new subsidiary, eSewa Money Transfer. New products like MeroBachat and FoneCredit also targeted banks and financial institutions. They are a holding company for the diverse field of digital financial services (DFS), and they have been in business for more than 16 years in various forms.

They are pleased to have created Nepal’s first online payment gateway and digital wallet after investing more than ten years in the advancement of DFS products and services. They established mobile banking, and they are more than 50 Nepalese banks and financial institutions’ go-to technology partners.

Services Offered by F1-soft International

  1. Web and Software Development
  2. Financial system management
  3. Digital Wallets

4. Leapfrog Technology

Leapfrog was established in 2010 and has corporate offices in the US in Massachusetts, Portland, and Seattle in addition to its headquarters in Kathmandu. Start-ups and business owners predominantly in the US make up their customers. More than 200 engineers work there at the moment. Leapfrog was first formed in collaboration with Kumari Bank with the primary objective of “bridging” the digital divide between the banked and unbanked masses. M-PESA, a Kenya-based mobile payments startup founded by telecom giant Vodafone, served as inspiration.

banked on mobile smartphones in Nepal. Leapfrog is a bank, hence the name. The company first focused on delivering mobile banking to remote areas of Nepal, but it has now expanded its offerings to include the healthcare, financial technology, and educational sectors.

Another notable Nepalese business involved in artificial intelligence and healthcare is Leapfrog Technology Inc. This business was established in 2010. With the aid of an AI solution, Leapfrog Technology Inc. assists in the expansion of your organization. Leapfrog might be your finest choice if you’re looking for a digital healthcare product. Its goal is to be the top-rated and most dependable provider of technological services for realizing your digital vision.

By continually validating our own abilities, programs, and procedures as determined by your level of happiness, they have built a culture of service, inclusiveness, and improvement of our employees. An established software development business, Leapfrog Technology, aspires to produce software of the highest caliber and position itself as a leader in Nepal.

Services Offered by Leapfrog Technology

  1. Digital Transformations
  2. Startup Boosting
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Health Care
  5. Ed Tech
  6. Design

5. Cotiviti Nepal

One of the top IT firms in Nepal is Cotiviti Nepal, also known as Verscend Technologies, an American software company. This business specializes in IT solutions for the healthcare industry. Leading US software business Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Nepal in 2004. We are a proud team of about 300 experts engaged in the conception, creation, testing, and upkeep of a remarkable array of cutting-edge healthcare informatics solutions.

They sort and examine a lot of data to help clients with decision-making. They are one of eight centers for Cotiviti Inc., which also has offices in seven other U.S. cities and consistently ranks among the top providers of healthcare informatics services. Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has a distinctive character in Nepal.

Services Offered By Cotiviti Nepal

  1. Web and Software Development
  2. Web and mobile application development
  3. Provides Sanitary solutions
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Collaboration and teamwork
  6. Offers the greatest tools and technologies for IT and development

6. Elscript Technology

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Elscript Technology is a company that provides IT support, develops software, and engages in data-driven digital marketing. El script provides a wide range of complete marketing services, from design to development, writing to implementation, to assist firms in thriving. It emphasizes social media management, SEO, the creation of software and mobile applications, as well as visual and web design and content creation.

Elscript has a strong background in brand analysis, and its expertly crafted digital marketing plans are tailored to each brand they deal with and its unique goals. Elscript typically takes the time to get to know its clients when it comes to software development or other digital services in order to provide unmatched creative solutions.

Elscript offers a variety of software solutions and services to large organizations and has specialized knowledge and experience in the field of data-driven marketing. The Elscript team is comprised of a hand-selected group of passionate growth marketers who are eager to offer clients a measurable ROI.

Services Offered by Elscript Technology

  1. Search Engine Optimization SEO
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Graphic Designing
  4. Conversion Optimization,
  5. Web and Mobile app Development

7. Logpoint Nepal

The ability of the customer to construct, operate, and transform their enterprises in a secure manner is being accelerated by LogPoint. The business offers services pertaining to information technology security challenges. The powerful analytics and AI-powered automation capabilities offered by the modern LogPoint SIEM with UEBA enable its customers to successfully create, manage, and transform their enterprises in a secure way.

Services Offered by Logpoint Nepal

  1. Event management and security data (SIEM)
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Software Development

8. Fusemachines Nepal

One of the top businesses in Nepal is Fusemachines Inc, which employs more than 240 people globally. This business provides corporations and students with on-site and online AI education programs. In order to create AI products and solutions, they also provide clients with AI talent and strategic consultancy. The Fuse AI center was initially established in Nepal by Fusemachines Nepal, a company that works in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through this program, the corporation is committed to utilizing the combined strengths of data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to produce a range of goods and services. The development of AI in Nepal is anticipated to move further with the establishment of the AI hub.

Services Offered byFusemachines Nepal

  1. Software and Web Development
  2. Artificial Intelligence Training
  3. Android and IOS app Development

9. CloudFactory TPS

Cloud Factory is another Nepalese IT firm that provides services for data processing and machine learning. For their data initiatives, more than 170 customers rely on Cloudfactory. Over 100 employees work for the international IT firm Cloud Factory in Nepal. This business specializes in software and AI project development.

There are Cloud Factory locations in the United States, Kenya, Nepal, and the United Kingdom. With a huge, knowledgeable crew, the cloud factory has been working in Nepal since 2010. The Ruby on Rails framework is the company’s main area of concentration. Bhaisepati in Lalitpur, Bhanimandala market in Patan, and Tripureshwor marg are three other sites where Cloud Factory has outposts in addition to Kathmandu.

For those with a basic understanding of computer use, Cloud Factory also offers a data entry job. The main branch of the cloud factory is located in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur, however, you can visit any of its other locations for further information.

Services Offered by CloudFactory TPS

  1. Machine learning and Data Labelling
  2. Processing Data and Conducting Business

10. Yomari

Yomari is also one of the top IT companies in Nepal. Privately owned since its founding in 1997, Yomari has been offering national and international organizations cutting-edge technology consulting services in information management systems. Through solutions built on portals and data warehouses, it focuses its services on assisting small and large businesses in managing the information and data that pertain to their organizations.

Yomari’s primary area of expertise is the design, development, and implementation of complex web-based information systems. At Yomari, we genuinely care about your success and put in extraordinary effort and ethical standards to help you realize it.

Services Offered by Yomari

  1. Design and creation of unique software.
  2. Creation of web-based applications.
  3. Reengineering of old software.
  4. Migration and conversion of applications.
  5. Program development for automating business processes.

11. Online Zeal

OnlineZeal is a cutting-edge IT company with great brains committed to achieving certain objectives. It was founded in 2017 in order to encourage youngsters to participate in contemporary digital Nepal and move towards digital business techniques. Team Online Zeal manifests creativity in everything they do, whether it be Digital Marketing in Nepal, Website Development, or Content Creation.

With a young and talented team for whom thinking differently than the rest is a way of life, striving to redefine how marketing is done in this digital age is what motivates them to work hard. With an impressive portfolio of reputed brands and our own good presence in Tik Tok, Online Zeal emphasizes quality and results over quantity.


This article was intended to provide our readers with a list of the top 10 best IT companies in Nepal. Information, Communication, and Technology degree holders can apply for the jobs of IT officers in these companies to grow themselves and live a stable life.

You can check the Best CSIT colleges in Nepal to pursue your career in the Information, Communication, and technology sectors. Also, if you’re struggling to find out the best nursing colleges or the top ten Schools in Nepal, go through our previous blogs and grab all the information that we’ve shared.

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