Top 10 Most useful websites you wish you Knew Earlier

Top 10 Most useful websites you wish you Knew Earlier

There are some really excellent and useful websites you wish you knew earlier that aren’t as popular as they need to be. To learn why these websites are worth bookmarking, we request you to go through this article thoroughly. There is a ton of information available regarding productivity, including hacks, shortcuts, tips, and tactics for doing more tasks in less time here in this blog.

Top 10 Most Useful Websites for You

1. Alternative To

Now that everything is digitalized, the need for software has skyrocketed. However, purchasing a subscription can be very expensive. This is where AlternativeTo comes in place, it’s a crowd-sourced website that provides you with the next best alternatives to paid software. The number of registered users who have hit the “Like” button for each of the alternatives on AlternativeTo is one of the factors used to rank the alternatives to web-based software, desktop software, and mobile apps.

Top 10 Most useful websites you wish you Knew Earlier
Alternative To

Users may search the website for better alternatives to applications they are using or have previously used, including free options like a free online application (cloud computing), which can be accessed from any browser and doesn’t require any installation. The software is not organized into categories like it is on some other software directory websites; instead, each piece of software includes a list of alternatives, allowing for a more specialized listing approach.

2. Virus Total

Worried about a file you downloaded? Run it through the website called Virus Total, it is a google owned service that allows you to scan any file you are worried about with over 60 different anti-virus software. The website VirusTotal was developed by the Spanish security firm Hispasec Sistemas and debuted in June 2004 in September 2012, Google purchased the service.

Top 10 Most useful websites you wish you Knew Earlier
Virus Total

Using antivirus engines and internet scanners, Virus Total is an online service that examines suspicious files and URLs to find various forms of malware and dangerous material. It offers an API via which consumers may access the data produced by Virus Total. The score here in Virus Total goes from 40 to 100, with 100 representing the highest level of confidence and 40 representing highly general and low certainty threat hunting guidelines.

3. 10-Minute Mail

Pretty much every website asks you for an email ID 2 access them entirely. However, if you give your real address to everyone who asks, you run the danger of receiving spam. This is where 10-minute mail comes into use, you can make a mail ID that is active for 10 minutes and lets you enter the required site without having to worry about spammy messages.

Top 10 Most useful websites you wish you Knew Earlier
10 Minutes Mail

A free instant email account called 10 Minute Mail self-destructed after ten minutes. Today, email is required to do numerous tasks on the Internet. Use an immediate 10-minute email address to prevent that. It is entirely private. Once your mailbox usage time is ended, all of your personal information, including address and IP address, is deleted. Instantaneous message delivery is available.

4. RemoveBg

No more begging your friend who knows photoshop removing background for pictures has never been easier since has been up and running. is a cloud-based application that removes backgrounds completely automatically with only one click. For new users using a PC or Mac, the fastest method is to go to in your browser, click on Upload Image, or just drag and drop the image onto the website. To uninstall, the browser will open a new window. It will just take a few seconds to remove the backdrop from your photo. You can also modify the background color or add another image from our presets.

5. Have I been pawned?

Is a website that allows Internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data breaches. One can never be too careful in the days of internet identity and data theft. ‘Have I been Pawned’ enables users of the Internet to determine whether their personal information has been stolen by data breaches?

6. Super Cook

Living the bachelor life can be tough, there’s a limit to how much ‘Wai-Wai’ or ‘Maggie’ one can eat for dinner. This is where super cook comes to play, it recommends recipes based on the available ingredients you have. So maybe you can try your hand at some biriyani tonight. It is one of the finest methods for minimizing food waste at home. Super Cook locates recipes that make the most of your ingredients, ensuring that nothing is wasted. You can simply visit the menu page of the app and select a dish to start preventing food waste. All home cooks or students living away from home should find life simpler, thanks to Supercook.

7. Tiny Wow

Need to change the format of your file from PDF to JPEG or more? Tiny wow is the place to be, with 100s of free tools available to help update your file. This is a tool for handling file-converting issues. You can resize photographs and videos, convert videos to MP4, convert images to GIFs, convert PDFs to Word and Images, and more. Tiny Wow may be used to edit pictures and videos before sharing them on social media. It offers free online PDF converting as well as other helpful resources to assist you in solving a variety of issues. After 15 minutes, all files—processed and unprocessed—are erased.

8. Gutenberg

You can download over 60,000 E-books entirely for free that too legally through this website. These are the books whose copyrights have expired hence why they are free. With a large user base and more than 50,000 free eBooks available for download, Project Gutenberg is a very reliable resource. The digitization, archiving, and distribution of literary works are voluntary projects. Project Gutenberg’s goal is to promote the production and sharing of eBooks. On every page of, there are author/title search boxes that you may use to locate and download books that catch your attention.

9. Keepa

We all use amazon for online shopping and sometimes our impulse gets the best of us and we end up making purchases while the product is expensive. To beat that sites like Keepa allow you to create watchlists of products you want at price points set by you.

Keepa is a research and pricing monitoring tool for Amazon that aids sellers in learning more about the products they want to offer on the marketplace. The program allows you to view a product’s essential information, including price, category, rank, and rating. It also reveals the price fluctuations of a product over time. One of the top two tools for tracking and watching prices on Amazon is Keepa while the other is the well-known CamelCamelCamel.

10. Picture in Picture

Do you like to watch videos on the side while working? If yes, multi-tasking can be made fun of with this extension. Picture in Picture allows you to minimize your video and watch while working on other tabs and applications. With picture-in-picture (PiP), a movie is condensed into a tiny player so you may continue watching while using other mobile apps. To keep track of what you’re watching while using other websites or programs, it enables you to watch videos in a floating window that constantly sits on top of other windows.

11. Reelgood

Reelgood is a 100% free streaming service search engine that offers a wide range of documentaries, movies, and TV shows. They also provide users with a personalized view where they can see all of the shows available to them from different streaming services in one place.


You just have to type in a movie, show, or person, and it’ll tell you everywhere you can stream it, watch it for free with ads, buy, or rent it. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you simply click and it’ll link you directly to that service.


We presented the list of the most useful websites you wish you knew earlier in this blog. Also, Click Here to discover the most visited websites in Nepal.

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