MDMS || How to Register your Phone in MDMS in Nepal

MDMS in Nepal | Mobile Device Management System Registration

If you are confused about the recently introduced MDMS in Nepal and are wondering how to register your newly bought phone under this system, you are just at the right place. We will be guiding you through the entire process.

The Mobile Device Management System, or MDMS, is a system that monitors all the devices operating in Nepal that are linked to the cellular network of Nepal’s mobile service providers. Both registered and unregistered devices in MDMS are included in this.

International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI for short, is a special number that is included with every mobile phone. The IMEI number is used by the MDMS to identify the device. The National Equipment Identity Register’s database receives updates to the device’s IMEI number whenever users insert a SIM card into a mobile device (EIR). To stop the import and sale of mobile phones that are not legal, NTA has put in place the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS System).

For the aim of online registration of the IMEI, ESN, and MEID numbers of mobile devices used in Nepal, the MDMS system has been introduced. When necessary, it is utilized to identify mobile devices and stop the service of unlicensed sets. After September 15, 2022, phones entering Nepal must be registered, according to the authority. You cannot call, pick up, or use mobile internet if you do not register.


Phones that are imported legally are done so through authorized means. Devices are imported through the customs office in an official route, and participants in the supply chain include nationally authorized dealers, regional distributors, local distributors, and retailers.

However, all of the routes are closed off and only one person or shop buys the phone on the black market for phones, which avoids paying taxes. According to Deepak Malhotra, head of the Mobile Phone Importers Association (MPIA), Nepal imported mobile phones worth over Rs. 55 billion in 2021. Out of that, only about Rs. 38 billion in smartphones were imported legally, while about Rs. 17 billion in smartphones were imported illegally, meaning that 70% of those imports are legal and the other 30% are illegal.

MDMS in Nepal

How to register an IMEI number in MDMS System in Nepal?

According to NTA, before September 15, 2022, personal phones imported from outside are automatically registered in MDMS. You do not need to register the phone if you purchased it through an authorized distributor because the importer would have already done so. allows you to determine whether a mobile phone is registered or not. The procedures listed below can be used to register a phone legally brought into Nepal that was purchased outside of the nation without having to pay customs tax. You must have scanned copies of your passport, arrival stamp from Nepal Immigration, and phone bill before continuing.

Step 1: Check the IMEI number of your mobile

Before completing the registration, you must be aware of the IMEI number of your mobile handset. An identification number known as the IMEI is located on the handset’s package.

To obtain the IMEI and a serial number of the mobile device, you may also dial *#06#.

Step 2: Visit the NTA platform

Once, you find out the IMEI number, go to the link NTA platform at:

Step 3: Validate IMEI

Fill up the mobile information under “नेपाली नागरिकहरूलाई निर्देशन,” which is the default selection. The information includes IMEI numbers (if more than one, separate them with a comma), mobile brand, mobile model, and whether or not the mobile phone is in use right now.

Step 4: Validate the email address

Enter your email address and use an OTP to confirm it.

Step 5: Fill out personal information

You must enter your personal information and a mobile number that will be used in Nepal after email verification.

You must also fill out the address listed on your passport, as well as the date and place of your arrival in Nepal.

Step 6: Fill in Mobile User Detail

If you intend to use the phone by yourself, select “Self” under Mobile User Detail. Give their information if someone else is going to use the phone.

Step 7: Upload documents

The applicant must provide scanned copies of pertinent documents at this phase, including their passport, the arrival stamp they received from Nepal Immigration, and their phone bill.

Step 8: Wait for the email

The applications will be examined by officials. Through his or her email, the applicant will be notified of the application’s acceptance or rejection.


In the telecommunications industry, MDMS is used to manage and maintain master data related to various aspects of the network and services, such as network elements, service offerings, customers, and billing information. This data is critical to the operation and management of the telecommunications network and the delivery of services to customers.

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