Marketing for Business Growth in Nepal

Marketing: Definition, Strategies and Significance

With rapid urbanization and digitalization, establishing and overseeing a business is quite a task. Ongoing urban sprawl has changed the prospect of business organizations. There certainly is an ocean of opportunities but the competition is not a child’s play. To establish, grow and stabilize one’s business, one has to play clever for the long run. The market totally rules over any business organization. This sets us on the big talk about entrepreneurship. Without entrepreneurs, the market economy is almost like a ship without a rudder.

Marketing Modes

They hold great importance in market economies since they bring new products and services, also stimulate employment opportunities, and enhance the overall economy. But for all that to happen, every individual from the business strata needs to acquire the skill in marketing. After all, it is pivotal for the progress fluency of any business organization.

Explicitly, we can refer the marketing as the skill to enhance the growth of a business through the creation, communication, delivery, and exchange of products or services that hold value for suppliers, clients, customers, partners, society, and the nation at large. It involves the activity done to promote and sell products or services with the proper advertisement and market research. It is solely the key to unlocking several golden doors in any firm. Marketing has to be performed by the manufacturer or producer, seller, and retailer to attract the targeted community of audience. It entails an extensive amount of exploration, creation, and delivery of the offerings such that the necessities of a targeted market are met legitimately.

Also, the selection of the crowd should be done carefully. The audience should be targeted on the basis of their requisites and basic needs. Introducing something to an audience where people are least interested in the product you are advertising, in such case your business would obviously drop down in loss. For an instance, selling summer clothes in the Himalayas wouldn’t be profitable. These are such simplest cues that are exclusively significant in marketing in Nepal.

What are the Means of Marketing?

Marketing for Business
7 Ps of Marketing

Similarly, there are varied means of marketing in accordance with the offering products or services of the company. To make it much simpler, we will understand this through the seven P’s of marketing. The 7 P’s include; product, place, people, price, process, physical evidence, and promotion. After breaking down these factors of marketing into 7 P’s, we can evaluate the significant roles that they play in marketing. As mentioned earlier, the selection of a targeted audience should be handled carefully. The place should also be chosen conscientiously. Well, it would be risky to sell your product or service in a place where there’s already an immense lot of similar products in the market.

Under the cost and separated profit value, the product or service has to be affordable in the market. Marketing in Nepal can be performed in several ways, any particular set of themes or attributes can be selected to accentuate the promotion of the offerings. Above and beyond all other considerations, for marketing, both your product and you should sound convincing to the audience. Persuasive nature is valued the most.

It’s crucial enough to understand the reasons why marketing is so talked about and highly considered for the ample success of the business. Marketing actually covers all the aspects of any business organization. The products, services, purchase and cost, market value, stakeholders, business personnel, retailer, suppliers, customers, and clients are all involved in the product selling. Perhaps many other aspects are missed to mention, but literally, they are all in one way or another associated with marketing. It is of utmost clear that marketing is intact in every branch of the company so it proves how significant is marketing for the company.

So, to speak, marketing is the root of success, such that the root or the marketing skill has to be well nourished for the body to be in fine fettle and growing. The effectiveness of public engagement is assured by marketing in Nepal. Marketing makes people informed about the benefits and importance of the product or service such that your products become commercially highlighted. If the products become adroitly reviewed and advertised, the company would be heavily appreciated. The reputation of the organization would be immensely enhanced in a moment of time. Herein, it would not take much time for the company to create an irreplaceable stand in the market. Most importantly, marketing tightens the relationship between customers and businesses.

Brand Equity

Components of Brand Equity

Marketing plays a profound role to improve the brand equity of the business. The served service or products of the company, if are marketed skillfully and the expectations are met, the whole perception of the crowd concerning the company would be delightful. This would enhance their engagement and harmonize a good relationship between business organizations and clients too. Relevancy comes along the marketing.

Business stays relevant if it becomes engaging and preferred in the market. For a country like Nepal, it is essential to value the consumer firsthand.

So to happen, marketing should be done by any means legitimately suitable for the company. For better sales, better marketing choices should be made. Brand marketing should be strategically planned and promotion should take place thoroughly. Altogether, marketing helps any organization to take informed decisions, with the knowledge of why, how, and what is to be done. Marketing in Nepal would ultimately result in the acceleration of economic development of the company, society, and nation.

Better Sales

It is very well known that marketing is executed in order to boost the sales of the organization. But there is a broad assortment of techniques for marketing. Besides this, operating advertising campaigns, trade shows, or public event appearances are the topmost ways of marketing. Also, a wide cram of audiences is attracted if the design of the product and packaging of the product is appealing. Marketing can also be strategically and skillfully carried out by bringing new bewitching schemes to the public such as sale discounts, warranties, and return policy.

This would make the consumer trust your product and company more and your business would be considered reliable to the public. Nonetheless, digitalization has made it convenient for all Nepalese business companies to reach easily of our customers. Now, the advertisement can be directly conducted through digital accord. The product placement in media can generate a great deal of profit. Furthermore, involving social media celebrities to be media partners or brand ambassadors could engage a variety of audiences.

In Nepal, TikTok and other social media handle influencers should be invited and involved more often in marketing purposes. The audience would be influenced and enchanted by your product. In such a way, social media marketing is massively instrumental in this era since people are believed to have an influence on the buying habits of others. It is undeniable that healthy relationships and agreements with retailers, wholesale distributors, or resellers act as a charm in marketing, especially in the context of Nepal.

It would assist in every attempt to create awareness and make people informed. This could also ensure loyalty and generate merely positive feelings about the business or brand. For smooth marketing, winning the trust of your consumers, audiences or customer is the lead. It is crucial for the company to know its

customers’ preferences to take a creative and informed decision.

Scope of Marketing in Nepal

Some other significant elements for intriguing and pleasing marketing are making sweet and subtle communication with your business officials, clients, and merchants. If you are dealing directly with the consumer, it’s important to take notes of their feedback. The cost should be non arguably affordable. Honestly, Nepali are ignorant about their Nepalese brands and products. So to get a good market value, the products should be both affordable and competitive in excellency. No matter how fancy schmancy the product is, if it is not economical to the customers, the investment will go in vain.

Marketing is all about assuring that the demands of customers are satisfied and pleased. The business should be within the reach of the audience. Marketing in Nepal would make it convenient for the consumer to attain the product. Thus assisting the public for more likely to do so.

Since the public is of the opinion of a trustworthy and reliable business organization, it must be your initial priority to stand steadily in their preconditions. Understanding advertisements and product selling and learning necessary strategies would assure balance in your upheaval economy strata of the Nepali business company. After all, merchandising in Nepal is already considered a wheel for the economic growth of the nation, so all of us should be aware and mobile in this fast-moving decade.

For advanced techniques and strategies in such sectors, refer to Digital Marketing Strategies that’ll Blow Your Mind by Informal Guru.

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