Effective Ways to Study Continuously For Long Hours

How to Study Continuously For Long Hours? 10 Effective Ways

If you are wondering about how to study continuously for long hours without getting bored, you have come to the right place. Before a month or so, most students suffer from a similar kind of exam fever.  When the remaining days to the exam could be counted on fingers and the entire syllabus is left over. As a consequence of such poor time management and procrastination, one will be left with mere anxieties and unpleasant grades. Focus and determination are immensely required for studying efficiently.

how to study continuously for long hours

Times when you have to cover the whole syllabus in a short period of time, you need to draw all your focus to study persistently. It is glaringly obvious to get bored and monotonous while studying for long hours. This article will provide you with the relevant methods to study for a prolonged time. It is not as onerous to study for long hours as people assume it to be.

Studying is actually exciting and so much fun when done in the right order.  In the subconscious of students, there is a negative impression of studies. They presume to study is a burden and a difficult job to do. When actually, exploring the world that we are living in and speculating everything from outside the box is not dull at all. Foremost, it’s the perception that we should begin changing.

How to study continuously for long hours?

During an almost 8+ hours long study marathon, it could be challenging yet not impossible. You should not be drifted easily by any sort of distractions. The basic tips that could be of great help to study for long hours without getting bored are listed and described below.

how to study

1. Set and Prioritize your Goals

Find a subject and topic of your high interest and the chapters that are high scoring. Make time to revise the long question answers and formulae. Your schedule should be set in the most practical way. Needless to say, you are supposed to separate comparatively more time for the subject that you find difficult. For such subjects, you should prepare a neat practice copy and go through it whenever you get some spare time. List down a set of activities and plans that are achievable. Prioritize the topic and subjects on the basis of importance in exams.

Study in-depth and understand all the concepts of the chapter. At times when you are knocked by boredom, find an interesting topic and conduct research on it. Also, you can make a unique subject combination. Then you can study by relating different theories. It could help in better concept clearance and improve learning ability.

2. Create a well-suited ambience for study

Clean your desk, and take out your notepads or sticky notes. Play tranquil music to study. You can play binaural beats, white noise, or also tune in to any ‘Study with me’ video.  Select a place where you will have minimum distractions. So that you wouldn’t be disturbed though how long you stay there and study.

3. Have fun while Learning

Playing some soft and calm music is always a great help. In an hour-long study marathon, make sure you take breaks frequently. During the breaks do some stretching, go for a long walk, or scroll any social media feed. But don’t be drifted away, set a timer and get back to studying after a little refreshment. Incorporating short breaks can also help you to revise.

Studying for long hours can be tedious but you could absolutely make it exciting. You can offer your friends to study and do a group study. In a group study, students tend to generate more ideas. If alone, a touch of music can be conducive to studying. You can watch concept videos online so that you can do away with boredom and don’t get carried away. You can use different learning apps to gather different references. Play a quiz or take a test to determine how well have you understood. Always try to make in-depth research on the subject matter that fascinates you.

It would be of great help if you make pretty-looking notes. Take some highlighters and ball pens and colour the important phrases. This can assist you to learn and remember quicker. Such clean and appealing notes can even grow your interest in studying. Paste a sticky note in the corner and note down the key points. Also, focus while preparing the notes. Refrain from copying notes or assignments. You need to learn to be self-dependent when it comes to studies. Learn but never copy!

4. Give Yourself a Break

You really need to stay focused and determined. Do not wonder about other issues beyond the subject matter while studying. These are extreme cliché suggestions yet they are hugely impactful. Being absent-minded can leave you at a great loss. Don’t engage yourself in anything unfruitful. Students ought to be resolute and unswerving. Lose all the probable distractions and centre your focus merely on your studies.

5. Take Naps in Between

At times, taking naps in between study sessions can help recharge your mind. Napping for less than 30 mins during breaks can enliven and energize you. When the study is prolonged, it becomes monotonous so short naps could be beneficial to stay focused afterwards. Give a try various methods of studying and see for yourself what works best for you. After all, these methods are to build up focus and get rid of distractions.

So, it’s essential that you test whether it helps you to stay focused or not. Perhaps for some taking naps in between could not be as beneficial. In such cases, one should evaluate the methods that work for them.

6. Create the Best Focused Environment to Study

While studying, try to find a peaceful place to focus on your study so that distractions and boredom can be minimized. So, it is essential for you to first look for a place where you won’t be disturbed for a long time and then turn off all the distractions. You can also put on some peaceful study music and then begin studying.

Tips & Tricks about How to Study and Stay Focussed

Probably, we all have wondered ‘What keeps the geniuses so focused?’ Some consider it a conspiracy theory that the toppers create, but little do we know that there are extremely effortless tricks and tips that help to keep us focused and studious. We neglect and behave indolently so that we were not able to figure out such elementary tricks. Well given are those essential tips and tricks that will help to study for long hours.

1. De-stress

Finish your study on time and always keep time for revision. 11th-hour preparation during examinations can cost you a huge loss. Avoid procrastination and surprise yourself by studying relevantly. This can save you from anxiety and stress beforehand. Never sit at your study table full of stress. Study without stressing!

2. Avoid junk food and eat Healthy

It is a fact that junk food can have side effects on students. They can cause impaired academic performance due to the high sugar levels present in fast food and junk foods. As a consequence, students could experience sugar crashes and have poor concentration over anything. At such an early age, they could lose the energy and focus that they need. Also, an empty growling stomach can abstain you from learning. Eat a balanced diet regularly and pump some energy for innovative thinking.

3. Physical activity or Exercise

Shake and stretch your body from time to time. If you do an early morning exercise regularly, you surely have better concentration power comparatively. Physical activities can boost both physical and mental well-being such that one would be positive under all circumstances. This can also relieve stress.

4. Stay hydrated

This can keep you fresh for a long time since staying hydrated helps in the delivery of nutrients to cells. The organs function really well and it will help one have a good mood, improved sleep quality, and cognition.


In summary, the rest of the other tricks are grasped here. Each day incorporate a meditation session of at least 20 mins. Make sure, you get rid of all your distractions, and begin by turning off all the social media handles. Focus is the key to training your mind to be conscious of the present. Last but not least, don’t compel yourself to indulge in many tasks at a time. That could leave you with poor time management and stress, give your hundred per cent to what you do.

Henceforth, ensure that you are steadfast in your ambitions and put in all your hard work. Every 3 months, track your progress. Check where you were before 3 months and where have you reached the present date. This can fill zeal and improve critical thinking. Take a book and begin creating your own memory palace! Unleash your potential and fascinate yourself!

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