10 ways to Earn Money as a College Student in Nepal

10 ways to Earn Money as a College Student in Nepal

Parents in today’s generation want the greatest education for their children. Additional fees are charged by colleges that grant degrees in addition to the monthly tuition. In certain respects, the cost of paying for a top-notch education is rather significant and exceeds the profit margin. Students who are struggling financially look for jobs that will pay well while not getting in the way of their academic experience.

The kids can help their parents by relieving some of the financial strain by working in pay-grade employment. One of the better options is working at online jobs with a strong online component. These jobs allow students to cover their everyday expenses. Today’s world is brimming with possibilities. These are some of the most sincere means of earning money, albeit they will require some of your time each day.

Top 10 ways to Earn Money as a College Student in Nepal

Among 100s of ways to make money, we have listed the top 10 ways to earn money as a college student in Nepal for you. If you’re a college student or even a graduate and planning to do something on your own, you can consider trying any of the following ideas to make a good earning in Nepal.

1. Share Market

Putting resources into the share market is the most ideal way of bringing in cash for understudies in Nepal. There is a mix-idea in Nepal that we want to have a lot of cash to put resources into the share market. However, it isn’t that way. The share market can give speedy and exceptional yields, making it simpler to bring in cash in Nepal. In any case, for that, we should become familiar with the offer market and how it functions. To make it more obvious, the share market can be partitioned into essential and optional.

How to Earn Money as a College Student in Nepal?The essential securities exchange is the market where offers are made, and the optional market is the market where those stocks are exchanged. Here, the gambling unrestricted economy is an essential market where you can purchase the offers for only a few thousand rupees and make up for the large numbers. I know understudying life is, in every case, shy of cash. Be that as it may, I don’t figure a solitary thousand rupees would be more noteworthy to contribute for a few days.

Here is the way you can do it. Simply start with Initial Public Offering IPOs. An initial public offering represents an initial public offering. It is an essential and unregulated economy. Various organizations offer IPOs to the public. You simply have to begin from there. Whenever you are designated with a specific measure of offers, you can sell them in the optional market and create an enormous gain. From that cash, you can enter the auxiliary market. What’s more, utilizing the hypothesis of compounding, you can make a lot of wealth.

2. Content Writing

Do you have a talent for playing with words?  Do you enjoy writing?

You may work as a freelance content writer if you are an excellent writer or if you have an exceptional understanding of a certain subject. You may earn money by writing articles about the subject. You may establish a blog and earn money from it if you desire. I’ve always liked writing essays and find them interesting. It enables one to increase both their vocabulary and their knowledge.

It’s important to conduct thorough research and analysis on the subject before writing any material. Make your article as user-friendly and straightforward as you can. If not, you might not be a good fit for content writing.

3. Art and Crafts

How to Earn Money as a College Student in Nepal?

Do you consider yourself an artist? Do you enjoy creating graphics or art? If so, you may be well-versed in the concept of graphic design. This refers to executing or producing visual-related actions. The practice of graphic design may entail producing digital artwork, logos, banners, and other materials. The world of graphic design is broad, and there are no limitations on what you may achieve. The market demand for graphic designers is pretty strong. There are several resources you may use to find out more about this.

Your career will benefit from having this talent as well. This is a consistent source of earnings and always has been. As far as I’m aware, learning graphic design takes a lot of time, and you get better with practice.

4. Ride Sharing [ Tootle | Pathao | in-Driver ]

In Nepal, Pathao/tootle is yet another profitable side business. You only need a bike and a current license to be on the road. Ridesharing is the concept underlying Pathao and Tootle. So the back seat of your bike is often empty when you are traveling alone. The concept is to pay for the transport while sharing it with other Pathao users. As a result of COVID and lockdowns, Pathao has become one of the most widely used ride-sharing applications. So, if you want to make some additional cash, consider joining Pathao or Tootle.

5. Freelancing

The finest side business in Nepal to earn money online. When you freelance, you may work from any location and at any time. In other words, you may work and make extra money without interfering with your 9 to 5 employment. You may find your freelancing assignment on any number of websites, including Upwork, Fiverr, and others. You may work as a freelance content writer, graphic artist, or software developer, for instance. The possibilities are endless. Numerous Nepalese businesses will also hire you on a freelance basis.

6. Tutoring [Home Tutions]

One of the best and simplest ways for students to make money is by giving home tuition. Students benefit when teachers make use of their knowledge and expertise. Teaching also aids in developing mental capacity. However, the issue here is that it might be difficult to locate a student for home tuition these days. Aside from that, it is hard to educate people physically because of the COVID-19 epidemic. We are able to accomplish some things here.

There are numerous websites where you can sign up as a tutor to find students to teach, and by paying a specific commission, you may find students to teach. By searching on Google, you may obtain a list of internet websites. Additionally, you may personally search for the nearest students or advertise on Facebook. If in-person instruction is not an option, you may mentor students online using tools like Zoom and Teams.

7. Event Photography

Do you have a camera, a phone, or even a photographer? Do you have a passion for photography and strong abilities in this area?

If so, you should consider event photography as a side business. There are a select few great moments in life that we want to save forever. A photographer is the only one who can execute this job well. At important events like birthdays, weddings, Bratha bandha, and other celebrations, people frequently engage photographers to document the memories. They receive enumeration in exchange for their labor. The amount that event photographers make is actually sufficient to support high school pupils. As you go, you will learn more as well.

8. Blogging

Another fantastic way to earn money online in Nepal is through blogging. You can begin blogging in your preferred industry. There are several options; pick one that interests you and pertains to your expertise. After that, you may begin creating blogs that provide a lot of traffic to your blog and eventually monetize it.

Although there are other ways to monetize blogs, Google Adsense is the most well-known. Depending on how many people watch and click on your ads, Google Adsense will pay you. Keep in mind that blogging requires patience, and you won’t make money right away. You must first develop content to drive traffic before you can start to make money.

9. TikTok

Famous TikTok users claimed to make one lakh rupees per live stream. Tiktok is a terrific place to get additional money, despite the fact that it may sound bogus. No, I’m not simply referring to live streaming here. Of course, live broadcasting is one way that Tik Tok users may make money, but in this case, we’re talking about product and affiliate sales.

Tiktok viral usage has soared at several eateries and retail establishments, demonstrating both the app’s potential and its high level of user involvement. So starting an affiliate marketing business on Tiktok might be a terrific side gig. This is the best method of making money. A TikTok user would frequently evaluate things from stores in her little haul and evaluate videos, to give you a small sample. With her purchases, she originally launched the Tiktok channel. She gradually grew a following, and today she assesses the best PR offers from companies and retailers. The same applies to you.

Utilizing Tiktok in whatever manner you can is the finest part about it. It may be used for affiliate marketing, product promotion, and amusement. With this software, the possibilities are endless.

10. Youtube

Accept the fact that many people now make their living from YouTube. However, for those who are just starting out, Youtube is a fantastic side business. You are one step closer to making that additional cash if you have a passion for anything, including cuisine, tech gadget reviews, makeup product evaluations, or even just response videos. You may pick from a wide variety of specialties, though. The most lucrative side business is making money on YouTube. But when working on YouTube, be sure to use patience, devotion, and effort.


We presented you some of the ways a student to earn money in Nepal, also check our previous articles if you want to know about how to earn money online in Nepal and also the sectors to invest in Nepal to get the best outcomes.

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