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How to apply for Online Driving License in Nepal?

How to fill Online Driving License form in Nepal?

If you’re in search of a proper guide for filling up your online driving license in Nepal you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you through the entire process from filling up the form for Online Driving License in Nepal to receiving your driving license. Also, this article will be teaching you the process of online driving license registration by filling up an online driving license form from online driving license.

Online Driving License Nepal

Step 1: Visit the site of the Department of Transport Management

Let’s get started with the first step to fill up the online driving license form. For this, choose your preferred browser from your computer and search for google, then you can type “online driving license” or ‘‘ into the search field that is seen in this image.

After clicking the link provided, you will be sent to the Transport Management Office’s official website, where you may fill out the application for a transportation license.

Step 2: Sign-Up Page

On the website of the Department of Transport Management, search for the online driving license system and click on it. This link will redirect you to a login page where you need to sign up if you’re on this site for the first time.

Click the link that says “Sign Up” at the bottom. You will be led to another page, which is once again displayed in the photo, after hitting the sign-up button.

If you’re able to see this kind of image on your computer or mobile device after clicking the Signup button displayed on the previous page. You must enter your first name, middle name (if applicable), and the last name exactly as they appear in the top image on this page. Then, you must provide a legitimate (your own) cell phone number and an exact date of birth.

You must then provide a password. I’ve provided a password (Ram@3210); you ought to be required to do the same. You must then re-enter your password. Give a security query like mine after that. then press the join button. You must enter the code number that will be sent to the cellphone number you provided above after choosing “Sign up.”

After some time, the OTP message will be accessible in your mobile messaging box.

Once you’ve entered the proper OTP number, just click to confirm. You will be sent to another page after confirming as shown in the picture given below.

Step 3: Filling up the Details

Your own subtleties will incorporate your:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Gender
  4. Blood type
  5. Schooling
  6. Occupation
  7. Gatekeeper’s name and relationship
  8. Closest transportation to the board office

In the wake of giving every one of the individual subtleties and presenting the structure, you can continue to the following stage.

Following that, click the submit button twice, then click the box that reads, “I thus affirm that my personal data, as stated by my citizenship and the information supplied regarding my guardians, are genuine and legitimate.” I accept the penalties under current Nepali law if fraud is shown to have occurred for any reason) and press Submit.

Step 4: Contact Page

After You will be routed to this page after clicking the submit button.

After entering your personal information (including citizenship information), select “Same as Permanent” after completing the form. then click the submit button one more. Click once more to submit. After then, you will once more be sent to a different page.

Step 5: Fill up your Citizenship Information

You must click “Submit Again” after providing all necessary information, including your citizenship, citizenship number, citizenship kind, issuance district, and issue date. You must then click “Submit” again. You will then be sent to another page one more time.

Additional Information about Citizenship

You must provide your grandfather’s name after providing other citizenship information. Click submit after completing all essential fields. Once more, click “Submit.” You will then be taken to the primary homepage.

Step 6: Select your Preferred Driving License Category

You may now submit an application for a license to drive your desired vehicle. You must select the option to apply for a driving license, which is also shown in the image above.

Step 1:

Check the box next to the conditions.

Step 2: Select your desired subcategory

Let’s say I need a bike license, I’ve chosen the bike category as a result.

Step 3:

Choose the local Transport Management Office (I am in Kathmandu so, I have chosen Bagmati-Thulo Bharyang)

You must choose the preferred province and office to get your license from after choosing the license category. You may also request urgent delivery, however, the option is only available to a small number of employees.

You must now choose the preferred day for your exam after choosing your preferred province and office. Nevertheless, you are limited to choosing the days on which the quota is still accessible. The occupied days are visible on the right side of your form. Click the apply button after choosing the date you want. You will receive an OTP code at the registered cellphone number.

Click confirm after filling out the opt number. You can see this sort of interface after clicking confirm to indicate that your driver’s license application has been properly completed.

Print Application did not Appear?

You must wait an hour to receive a “download form.” The “print application” option will be available instantly after a while.

After a little while, you must refresh your web browser to see the print application choice.

Download the Application

Now The next step is to select the Print Application selection, download the application by selecting the Print button, and then save it as a file.

In this way, you can fill up your online driving license form. You must now wait for the mentioned date. On the appointed date, visit the transport management office of your choice with the downloaded registration and proof of citizenship. You will then receive a date for your written test and trial after having a medical test.

For that, you’ll be charged Rs. 500 for the biomedical test and Rs. 1500 while receiving your Smart Card in Nepal.


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