Green Hydrogen | A Global Energy Transition

Green Hydrogen | A Step Towards Global Energy Transition

What is Green Hydrogen?

In today’s context, every headline reads the dreadful news of global warming and climate change throughout the globe. The clock is ticking as if it were a time bombshell. Each second humanity is faced with the challenge of preserving the planet in order to avert the horrible consequences of climate change. It’s a pity enough to witness the concurrent situation of the planet and jeopardized lives. Global carbon emission is accelerating and intensifying faster than anticipated, with pollution reaching high levels.

green hydrogen

Experts say that global carbon emission has to drop to zero by 2050 so that the rising global temperature would come to balance. But if this planet runs the same way as before, only the worst can be expected. It’s high time people seek for solutions to achieve the expert’s goal. Fossil fuel must be replaced by carbon-free solutions. We have a wide variety of solutions but one tool that is flawlessly accepted is ‘Green Hydrogen’.

Green Hydrogen is possibly the buzzing theme of the next few decades where almost all geopolitical, economists, industrialists, and elite members are showing higher enthusiasm. Well, some nations have already embarked on the journey of green hydrogen to become ostensible global energy leaders. Even the governments are incentivizing the businesses that promote the use of green hydrogen. It’s beyond belief that literally, green hydrogen has by far no cons and the investment in GH pans out as a multi-bagger thing. So, it is already so loud and clear that green hydrogen is the future, let’s delve deep into it.

How is Green Hydrogen Formed?

Green hydrogen is a hydrogen fuel that is generated by using renewable energy in the place of fossil fuels. Green hydrogen fuel is very much likely to provide clean power for transportation, manufacturing, and more where its only byproduct is water.  It is described as the hydrogen produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen (2H2O–> H2+O2) using renewable electricity. It is very important to get insights into the versatility of hydrogen energy, in both liquid and gas form, and also can be converted into fuel or electricity. Also, there are several ways of producing it.

Unlike grey or blue hydrogen, green hydrogen has no carbon emission and is produced through electrolysis. It is a big step toward substantially reducing the carbon footprint in the future.

In an energy ecosystem that will rely on hydrogen as a fuel for higher power generation, large volumes of hydrogen gas will have to be generated. The green hydrogen economy is generated by using a machine, quite a popular name in science, the Electrolyzer. Now is the moment for the electrolyzer. The momentous contender came finally down in the market, Green Hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen: Electrolyzer

Basically, what the electrolyzer does is that it uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Huge power plants, factories, and even jet aircraft can then run through that hydrogen without warming the earth. So, it can be considered that green hydrogen is the future since the generation of green hydrogen intends to remove greenhouse gas emissions from the production of hydrogen by manufacturing it using an electrolysis process, supported by renewable energy.

Yet in our point of view, the pace at which green hydrogen is growing is still in a nascent state. Green hydrogen has not gotten the market that it actually deserves. Evidently, there are several ways to produce hydrogen fuel from carbon sources like natural gas or even coal. However, if the idea is to be carbon-free, without dreadful emissions we must rely on the electrolyzer.

Is the Globe ready for this Energy Transition?

So, to speak, the world will be faced with a humongous transition the moment after the use of green hydrogen prevails. Once we go green, no way anybody would want to look back. After all, what is there to look for, the dusky sky foreboding smog, darkening clouds, dust, and smoke hanging all around? So as to stabilize the climate, the basic requirement is a strong, rapid, and sustained reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and reaching net zero CO2 emissions.

In order to eliminate all fossil fuels, we need to create a space for green hydrogen. It can be considered a potential clean alternative to fossil fuels and is even applicable for refining purposes. It is certain in the next decade, refining is expected to switch to green hydrogen. It’s worth fertilizer production as green ammonia is expected to be cost-effective by 2030.

From all these data, it is possible to gather information about the rapid production of green hydrogen as suggested by many as essential for leading economies to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 AD. Big industrial names like Adani and Ambani are heard to be investing a great amount in the production of green hydrogen. That also states how beneficial and dominant is green hydrogen over other carbon-emitting fuels. Also, being stated and confirmed by such proficient personalities, it surely has been more reliable to invest in green hydrogen now.

How practical is Green Hydrogen with respect to other Renewable Energy?

Contrary to renewable energy such as solar energy or wind energy which is hugely dependent on the source for their perpetuity, hydrogen provides everlasting energy. As soon as the sun sets or the wind slows, there’s no reliable guarantee of these sources. It’s off the table to compel the sun to shine at night or summon winds that propel the blades of windmills at our will in their absence.

Rather it is always better to apply our time and efforts to focus on searching for a favorable set of tools that allows the storage of excess energy generated by good weather conditions in order to use them when conditions are less favorable. That is where the real discussion about energy transition comes in. Green hydrogen gas entered ensuring a full-fledged global shift. In contrast to, wind turbines and solar cells, electrolyzers aren’t immediately smooth to understand.

Literally, clean hydrogen can be stored by compressing in specific tanks. And later, when required, the needed energy can be extracted when the stored element is channeled into a fuel cell, where such hydrogen is combined with oxygen to produce electricity and the only by-product produced will be water. The question is to you, are you willing to go eco-friendly? This is the footprint that you have to follow undoubtedly.

Major alternatives that we can switch to in order to go green is a Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). They provide sustainable mobility alternatives and indicate a revolution in the transport and energy sector on the way to using fuel with a carbon-neutral footprint. Hyundai initially took an insecure step in bringing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles into the market without knowing the public reaction to it. Also in Paris, there’s a fleet of taxis running with the help of green hydrogen fuel.

The petrochemical industry highly benefits from hydrogen fuel to produce petroleum products. Though it’s undeniably going to take time, surely will become a game changer one day.

Similarly, industries are reliant on extravagant non-renewable sources of energy that emit more carbon and give rise to more pollution. People are so ignorant of such an ultimate solution to this trouble, which is none other than hydrogen fuel. The chemical industry can conveniently use hydrogen fuel for manufacturing ammonia and fertilizers. Even the steel industry can make advantageous use of hydrogen gas. Hopefully, this will make industrial people less aggressive toward the environment.

Green Hydrogen: A Better Alternative?

It is overwhelming to hear that we can also make good use of green hydrogen for domestic purposes. We can easily begin from our own homes to replace the natural gas network with a green hydrogen network that provides electricity and heat to households without producing pollutant emissions. Nonetheless, this will make us more concerned and eco-friendly than ever.

Decarbonization is the major and mere solution to tough problems like the greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, and other untimely natural calamities. This can be a better replacement for every other renewable or nonrenewable energy source. Now, green hydrogen can only enable the energy transition without pretexts and uncertainties. As a climate-responsible global citizen, there’s the utmost need to contemplate over and take a leap of faith in green hydrogen. Absolutely worth a go!

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