Food Delivery Services in Nepal - The 6 Life Savers

Food Delivery Services in Nepal – The 6 Life Savers

Food Delivery – Food at your Fingertips

Food delivery services in Nepal have taken hype as most of the restaurants and food-selling companies deliver their food and snack to the customers at their homes itself via web or mobile applications. For the majority of business people looking to increase their earnings, the online food delivery system is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies. As is common knowledge, every human being struggles to meet his or her fundamental needs for sustenance.

However, if people still do not enjoy their food after all of their efforts, then the work put into providing it was for naught. The people’s hectic schedules may be the cause; they may not be able to cook at the appropriate time or may not have time to go and get takeout. Do you want to starve to death…? no Right? Then, here is how it works: Spicy and Delicious Restaurants and other food establishments have started to provide delivery of their cuisine via apps. Following this, people might stop staying hungry and rather begin eating healthier meals by simply tapping on the options provided by the applications on their phones.

food delivery services in Nepal

Today, there are many different culinary selections available right outside your home. The world is growing smaller, and as individuals have less time to spare, online meal delivery has increased. Similarly, we can see that individuals are using meal delivery apps significantly more frequently in Nepal. Given that Nepal is a multi-cuisine nation, food and food delivery applications are essential components for us.

Our taste senses have high standards since we live in a country with a variety of cuisines. We have intense cravings at all times due to our elevated taste bud demands. To satisfy these hankerings and demands, we want sources that can live up to our standards. In addition, due to the COVID-19 scenario, our primary modes of learning and meeting are now online. Therefore, one tap is the intentional response to each of these circumstances and queries. With the development of technology and the world, we now have access to our favorite foods with the simple tap of a finger.

Let’s explore the meal delivery app that is most often used in the Kathmandu Valley.

Food Delivery Services in Nepal

Among the various food delivery services in Nepal, here’s a list of a few popular webs and mobile applications that have been providing food delivery services mostly in Kathmandu:

1. FoodMandu: Food – ‘whenever and wherever you want it!’

Foodmandu, one of the largest meal delivery services and apps, was established in 2010 and offers coverage for hundreds of restaurants that provide a variety of foods. Through its 200-riders pool, Foodmandu distributes meals from more than 500 eateries around three cities in the Kathmandu Valley. Additionally, it provides its customers with fresh fruits, vegetables, drinks, and cakes from farmers’ markets, wholesalers, and hotels.

Speaking of analytics, Foodmandu has grown significantly over the last several years and has kept up with the growth of its services, UI, and app. The app’s home screen has been completely revamped, and it has seen a ton of upgrades since its launch. Additionally, it offers extremely good map identification services, allowing meals to be delivered right to your house. Regarding the play store, it has an excellent 3.9 rating and more than 100k downloads. Additionally, Foodmandu has been able to win over thousands of hearts thanks to its 1000 reviews and user-friendly software.

Additionally, Foodmandu accepts cash on delivery, FonePay, and Khalti payments. A program will inevitably have flaws, but the team constantly tries to update and address the issues as quickly as possible which is making this company a leading food delivery services in Nepal. Regarding its user interface, the Multi-cart support system makes it simple to order different types of food, and the ability to select from a huge selection of restaurants makes ordering even more pleasant and enticing.

Restaurants and Other Stores

The food value (before taxes and service fees) and the nearest driving distance between the chosen restaurant and the delivery destination are used to determine the delivery fee. Here’s a table that shows the general cost per distance and food value.

Food Value Up to 2Km 2 km to 6 km After 6 km
Up to Rs. 999 Rs. 50 Additional Rs.15/KM Additional Rs.20/KM
Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1499 Rs. 50 Additional Rs.10/KM Additional Rs.15/KM
Rs. 1500 and above Rs. 50 Rs. 50 Rs. 50

SERVICE HOURS:  8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (NST)

2. Bhoj Deals Nepal

BHOJ (formerly Bhojdeals) is a one-stop mobile app for all foodies in Nepal. It allows users to find their favourite restaurants, order food to be delivered to their homes or places of business, get great discounts when they eat out, read and post restaurant reviews, browse menus, earn credits for their BhojWallet, and do a lot more. You tell me! Its app is incredibly user-friendly and has an incredibly appealing user interface.

Bhoj Deals

More than 100,000 downloads and a 3.0/5 rating are now available. Additionally, it has 2,000 reviews, so we can always be cautious about the app we are using. Deliveries are made throughout the Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur regions with services extending to more than 150 eateries.

Additionally, they offer takeout services, allowing us to place a cooking order and pick up our prepared meals whenever it is convenient for us. Bhoj deals are known for their excellent marketing strategies and food offers, which is leaving others food delivery services in Nepal behind.

Fonepay, eSewa, credit/debit cards, IPS, Khalti, PayPal, and cash on delivery are all accepted forms of payment. The map identification services, however, are frequently less precise.

Deals on Bhoj Deal

Follow this link to know about different deals on Bhoj deal.

Delivery Services Maximum Price
Inside ring road and outside the ring road Maximum Rs 100.

You can check Bhoj Deal via this link:

3. Food Mario

FoodMario is the first and only platform in Nepal that links consumers in the Kathmandu Valley with home-cooked food. Cuisine Mario is a wonderful platform where we can order delectable home-cooked food even from mobile devices. Food Mario works on a plan for socializing with the aid of food and a chance for empowerment among friends. It is a true remark that does describe their services, to be honest. You must try this program if you want to sample various cuisines together with the scent of home-cooked meals. Additionally, chefs that utilize FoodMario’s services pay close attention to consistency, quality, flavor, and sanitation.

With 10k downloads and a 2.2/5 rating from the web, it now ranks among the top five programs for meal delivery. Additionally, it has 95 ratings, making it simpler for us to select your favorite cuisine. They offer cash on delivery, eSewa, and Fonepay as forms of electronic payment.

In terms of its user interface, it has a unique design when compared to other apps. In certain instances, we may select the chefs and the cuisines they make, while in others, we must select the hotels and restaurants. However, it has recently encountered several issues with its software, which has decreased consumers.

You can also order food and snacks anytime from FoodMario via:

4. Bhok Lagyo

The first authorized multi-cuisine manufacturing and food delivery organization, Bhok Lagyo, has been providing us with the great pleasure of satiating our midnight hunger. You don’t have to worry about running out of food at a party anymore; just place an order for food from Bhok Lagyo. Even though this business doesn’t have an app, it nonetheless offers service to you from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m and is reckoned as one of the leading food delivery services in Nepal.

This production house and delivery business also makes unique meals, such as burgers blended with a fusion of three hot sauces, and accepts custom orders in addition to its delusional night services. Bhok Lagyo is now one of the most user-friendly app developers and development companies because of this functionality. They take cash on delivery and FonePay digital payments.

Delivery Charge: Rs. 100

You can always order food and snacks from Bhok Lagyo anytime via:

5. Pathao Food

The ride-sharing app Pathao has now introduced Pathao food as its food delivery service in Nepal, mostly in Kathmandu and Pokhara. They provide you with a range of cuisines from its associated eateries, which number in the thousands. They also provide a variety of discounts and meal combos. There is no minimum order requirement, either. In the Kathmandu valley, they offer a home delivery service from 9 am to 9 pm.

Food Delivery
Pathao Food Delivery

You can always go for Pathao foods and snacks from:

6. Tato Mitho

Food Delivery
Tato Mitho Foods Delivery

With a free home delivery service, the Tatomitho web app offers a wide range of alternatives which has placed this particular company on the list of best food delivery services in Nepal. There is no minimum order requirement and you may order from the top restaurants of your choosing. Similar to cash on delivery, purchasing meals online is incredibly dependable and simple. It now has over 10,000 downloads and 4.5 stars on the Google Play store.

The app asks for your location when you first open it, which is wonderful, and when you select your specialization, you can start taking advantage of the daily offers that change. My favorite burgers and sandwiches were flat 20% off on Mondays when I placed my first purchase from Tato Mitho. Additionally, the shipping and cash-on-delivery systems were convenient and incredibly dependable.

Follow this link, to order food and snacks from Tato Mitho.

Tato Mitho Menu

Tato Mitho offers a variety of dishes as shown in the Tato Mitho Menu in the picture below.

Tato Mitho Menu

Food Delivery Services in Nepal: Key Takeaway

The Kathmandu valley, which has established high standards for Nepal’s delivery services, has a list of the best food delivery services in Nepal. However, such services are not available outside the Kathmandu valley. One of the most well-known services in the area, they supply fruits, veggies, and many other items in addition to having a number of add-on options. Additionally, they adhere to tight safety protocols throughout the crisis for the food delivery services in Nepal. This makes it simpler for us to put our faith in them in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.


When it comes to night delivery, Bhok Lagyo has shown their excellent services, they’re always on time and showcased their sincere service. Contrarily, KhaanPin Night Cuisine Delivery is designed specifically to bring food at night. We wish all these food delivery businesses great luck and hope to experience their services throughout the country.

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