Data Science in Nepal- Courses and Career Opportunities

Data Science in Nepal- Courses and Career Opportunities

What is Data Science in Nepal?

Data Science is the process of extracting knowledge and insights from data. Data scientists are the people who work with data in order to make sense of it. It combines a number of fields, including statistics, mathematics, software programming, data engineering, data preparation, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, and data visualization.

Data Science is a relatively new discipline that has been evolving for more than a decade now. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses and organizations to understand their data in order to take actionable decisions and make better business decisions. Additionally, a growing number of firms now rely in part on citizen data scientists, a group that can include business intelligence (BI) specialists, business analysts, data-savvy business users, data engineers, and other employees without a formal experience in data science.

Data science has become a hot topic because it can help companies predict and avoid economic, social, environmental or health risks. Almost all facets of corporate operations and strategies benefit from data science. For instance, it gives businesses knowledge about their clients so they can develop more effective marketing strategies and more focused advertising to boost product sales. In factories and other industrial settings, it helps with risk management of money, fraud detection, and equipment breakdown avoidance. It aids in reducing online threats and strengthening IT systems’ security.

Data science initiatives can improve supply chains, product inventories, distribution networks, and customer service from an operational perspective. Fundamentally, they provide the route to greater effectiveness and lower expenses. Companies may now develop business plans and strategies based on thorough analyses of consumer behaviour, industry trends, and rivalry thanks to data science. Without it, companies risk missing out on opportunities and making bad choices.

Top 3 Skills for Your Next Job and How to Prepare Them?

There are many skills that you should learn before applying for a job. The 3 most important skills for your next job are communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

1. Communication: Communication is key in all jobs. It helps you understand others and establish a rapport with them, which is why it is such an important skill to have in any job.

2. Problem-solving: Problem-solving is the ability to find solutions to problems that arise in your work and also the ability to see different perspectives on a given issue.

3. Teamwork: Teamwork is an important skill to have in any job because it helps you collaborate with others towards a common goal and build relationships with people across departments or teams.

What does a Data Science Degree Provide?

 You will learn how to appropriately gather, organize, and use data as a data science major, ultimately using it to make wise judgments. This degree program combines the fields of business, social sciences, statistics, mathematics, computer science, and statistics. You might work alone or in groups to examine data and resolve challenging issues during your studies.

data science in nepalTo thrive in your job as a data science major, you’ll need to put a range of talents into practice. A fantastic place to start your studies in the area is data analysis. More potential program abilities that you could learn and use in your future profession in data are included in the list below:

  1. Technical expertise in DevOps, big data, data visualization, data manipulation, and artificial intelligence
  2. Critical thinking, data interpretation, research, communication, teamwork, collaboration, presentation, and project management are all necessary for the workplace.
  3. Algorithms, machine learning models, and statistics are all aspects of math.
  4. Programming abilities: SaaS, C++, Python, Java, Perl, and other programming languages

Why Study Data Science in Nepal?

The ability to empower and assist in better decision-making is one of data science’s biggest advantages. When making business judgments, organizations that invest in it can use measurable, data-based proof. Such data-driven decisions should result in improved business performance, cost savings, and workflow efficiency.

Data science is important in fields other than everyday business operations. Its applications in healthcare include disease diagnosis, picture analysis, therapy planning, and scientific study. Academic institutions employ data science to track student progress and enhance their recruitment efforts. Data science is used by sports teams to monitor player performance and formulate game plans. Other significant users include public policy organizations and governmental bodies.

Depending on the organization and industry, data science has different distinct business advantages. Data science, for instance, aids in determining and honing target audiences in customer-facing enterprises. In order to increase conversion rates and develop individualized marketing campaigns and promotional offers that boost sales, marketing, and sales teams might mine customer data.

Status of Data Science in Nepal?

Data science is the study of how data can be used to make decisions and predictions. In Nepal, data analytics is becoming a popular field in the business world. With data analytics, companies can use machine learning to make better decisions.

Reduced fraud, improved risk management, successful financial trading, higher production uptime, improved supply chain efficiency, improved patient outcomes, and stronger cybersecurity defenses are just a few of the advantages. Reading about the advantages of real-time analytics, such as quicker decision-making and better business agility, can help you understand how data science also enables the analysis of data in real time as it is generated.

Data Science Course in Nepal

Here is the list of 6 different data science courses in Nepal that you can choose to take in your journey of being a data scientist.

  1. The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python
  2. Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch
  3. Data Science Professional Certificate: Harvard’s
  4. Data Science: Machine Learning
  5. Machine Learning Courses
  6. Artificial Intelligence MicroMasters Program: Columbia’s

Advantages of Data Science Major

  • Employment prospects: Through 2030, there will be a 31.4 percent increase in job opportunities in data science, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Professional worth: Business owners and executives will probably highly value your data science competence in order to utilize big data within their firms.
  • The flexibility and portability of a data scientist’s job make it possible to work remotely, which may provide you more freedom to choose where you want to work.
  • Online and on-campus learning opportunities are available for many of the subjects included in the data science major.

Data Scientists and Data Science Institutes in Nepal

Finding good data scientists and data science institutes & offices to apply for is not an easy task. You need to know what to look for in order to find the best candidate for your company. Different companies have different needs when it comes to data science professionals. Some companies need someone who has a deep understanding of statistics and machine learning, while others need someone who can work with big data and solve complex problems. There are also other requirements that you should be looking for when finding a good data scientist – experience, personality, location, etc.

Where to Study Data Science in Nepal?

Here are the best three institutes that offer courses related to data science in Nepal.

1. Broadway Infosys

One of the top computer training facilities in Nepal is Broadway Infosys. Programming, networking, accountancy, digital marketing, web design, and development are just a few of the many training courses they provide. Data science is likewise one of them.

data science in nepal

This 2.5-month course also provides instruction in Python for data science. Additionally, they have connections with a lot of IT businesses and will help you even more with internships and job placements. The course is basically separated into two sections: a data science course and a python programming course. If you are interested in Python programming and wish to work in data analysis and data science, you can enroll in this course.

2. IT Education Nepal

Another computer training facility that has been around since 2010 with courses related to data science in Nepal is IT Training Nepal. It offers more than 70 IT courses that are focused on a professional career. Digital marketing, Android programming, graphic design, networking, and many more are a few of them. Data science is one of them as well.

Python for data science is the name of a data science course offered by IT Training. It takes about two months. They start by teaching the basics of programming, and then they move on to teaching data science.

3. Deerwalk Training Center

A well-known computer training facility in Nepal is called Deerwalk Training Center. It offers training programs in data science, Java, Android, Red Hat, GIS, and other fields. The Deerwalk Training Center’s data science course is offered in conjunction with a machine learning using Python course. Level 1 and Level 2 make up their two levels. Students who are brand-new to programming should take Level 1, whereas students with previous programming knowledge should take Level 2.

With 80 hours of learning time, this course lasts for two months. The Deerwalk Training Center is a wonderful place to learn data science since it has skilled instructors and a well-designed facility.

How to Become a Data Scientist in Nepal

In conclusion, the future of data science is bright and there are many opportunities for those who are willing to learn the skills needed to become data scientists. The demand for data scientists is high and the industry will continue to grow in the coming years.

The demand for data scientists is high, but there aren’t enough qualified people who can fill these positions. This means that it’s still possible to get into this career even if you don’t have experience in this field. Data science is beneficial to build a foundation in machine learning, delve into the history of big data, and learn a new programming language.


If you are uncertain about your suitability for data science? You can do research online, look for information on college websites, or just consult experts. That’s all about Data Science in Nepal, also refer to our previous article about Geomatics Engineering in Nepal and Computer Engineering in Nepal to know about other Bachelor’s Programmes in Nepal with various job prospects.

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