Computer Engineering in Nepal

Computer Engineering in Nepal: Scope, Fee, Eligibility and Salary

The undergraduate program in computer engineering in Nepal lasts for four years. The course is split up into 8 semesters, each lasting six months. Combining computer science and electronic engineering is generally termed computer engineering.

The goal of the computer engineering curriculum is to generate highly trained workers who are up to date on the newest computer and information technology capabilities in order to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. Computer engineering programs are offered at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Computer engineers create computer systems and their applications. Most computers are utilized as parts of various systems, including verbal players, engine management systems, aviation navigation systems, and automatic control systems. This program aims to provide competent human resources with the necessary skills to work in network design and implementation, hardware and software troubleshooting, software and hardware research, network security protocols, etc.

Eligibility for Computer Engineering in Nepal

The admission requirement that most of the colleges and universities in Nepal seek from students are listed below:

  • Intermediate Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) or 10+2 with a minimum grade of C in each subject
  • An entrance exam will be used to choose the students.
  • Personal Consultation

Best College for Computer Engineering in Nepal 

In the present context, a number of Engineering and Technical colleges in Nepal offer Bachelor of Engineering degrees. The best college for computer engineering in Nepal where you may start your engineering journey are listed below.

Government Computer Engineering Colleges in Nepal

  • IOE, Pulchowk Campus (Constituent campus of TU)
  • IOE, Thapathali Campus (Constituent Campus of TU)
  • IOE, Purwanchal Campus (ERC) -Constituent Campus of TU
  • IOE, Paschimanchal Campus (WRC) -Constituent Campus of TU

Top 10 Best Private Computer Engineering Colleges in Nepal

  1. Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre- School of Science
  2. Kathmandu Engineering College- Private Computer Engineering College affiliated with Tribhuwan University
  3. Everest Engineering and Management College (Affiliated with Pokhara University)
  4. Nepal College of Information Technology- Affiliated with Pokhara University
  5. Advanced College of Engineering and Management (Private Computer Engineering College affiliated to TU)
  6. Himalaya College of Engineering (Private Computer Engineering College affiliated to TU)
  7. Nepal Engineering College- affiliated to Pokhara University
  8. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management- Affiliated to TU
  9. Kantipur Engineering College- Affiliated to TU
  10. Khwopa Engineering College- Affiliated to TU
  11. Acme Engineering College- Affiliated with Purbanchal University

Fee structure of Computer Engineering in Nepal

There’s no hard and fast rule for the institutes to take the same amount of fee for Computer Engineering courses in Nepal. However, the typical semester tuition for the computer engineering program might range anywhere from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1.20 lakh differing from college to college.

Syllabus of Computer Engineering in Nepal

The subjects that a student needs to study while studying computer engineering in Nepal may differ based on the university or college he/she is studying. However, the basic computer engineering syllabus includes the following subjects:

  • First Semester
    • Engineering Mathematics I
    • Computer Programming
    • Engineering Drawing I
    • Engineering Physics
    • Applied Mechanics
    • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Second Semester
    • Engineering Mathematics II
    • Engineering Drawing II
    • Basic Electronics Engineering
    • Engineering Chemistry
    • Fundamentals of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
    • Workshop Technology
  • Third Semester
    • Engineering Mathematics III
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Electric Circuit Theory
    • Theory of Computation
    • Electronic Devices & Circuits
    • Digital Logic
    • Electromagnetic
  • Fourth Semester
    • Electrical Machine
    • Numerical Methods
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Instrumentation I
    • Data Structure & Algorithm
    • Microprocessor
    • Discrete Structure
  • Fifth Semester
    • ​​​​​​​Communication English
    • Software Engineering
    • Probability & Statistics
    • Instrumentation II
    • Computer Graphics
    • Data Communication
    • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Sixth Semester
    • ​​​​​​​Engineering Economics
    • Embedded System
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Database Management System
    • Object-oriented Analysis & Design
    • Operating System
    • Minor Project
  • Seventh Semester
    • ​​​​​​​Project Management
    • Computer Network
    • Distributed System
    • Digital Signal Analysis & Processing
    • Project I
    • Energy, Environment & Society
    • Organization & Management
    • Elective I
  • Eighth Semester
    • ​​​​​​​Engineering Professional Practice
    • Information Systems
    • Simulation & Modeling
    • Internet & Intranet
    • Project II
    • Elective II

Scope of Computer Engineering in Nepal

Computer engineering has a huge future in Nepal thanks to the booming fields of computer science and information technology. One of the top-paying occupations in Nepal is computer engineering. Graduates in computer engineering may expect to make between NPR 20,000 and NPR 2 Lakhs per month. Although this is a typical range, there are computer engineering specialists in Nepal that make approximately 3 lakhs per month and have roughly 5 years of expertise.

Students of computer engineering can work in IT firms, data firms, the health and education sectors, etc. In Nepal, you can work for both government and non-government organizations. The Nepal government offers graduates in computer engineering employment openings at the officer level each year. There are several private enterprises that hire computer engineers in addition to public institutions.

Top 9 Tech Companies in Nepal: Dream Places for Computer Engineers

These are the 9 most liked software and information technology companies by computer engineering enthusiasts in Nepal:

  1. Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd.
  2. CloudFactory Limited
  3. Javra Software
  4. ebPearls Pvt. Ltd
  5. LogPoint
  6. Leapfrog Technology
  7. Doc Sumo
  8. LIS Nepal
  9. Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

PC innovations assume a significant part in present-day life, so your abilities are probably going to be popular across a large number of ventures. These incorporate monetary associations, executive counseling firms, programming houses, correspondence organizations, information stockrooms, worldwide organizations, legislative offices, colleges, and clinics. Software engineering is one of the most developing fields, and managers in Nepal are searching for candidates who show serious areas of strength in any of the subjects.

You could get a kick out of the chance to think about taking on some deliberate work for a good cause or organizations that emphasize involving PC innovation in a creative manner. The more information you have of arising patterns, advances, and applications, the more qualified you will be with regard to going after jobs inside the business.

As per Payscale, a typical compensation for understudies who have finished Bsc. Visit in Nepal is around Npr 5,00,000.

Having finished applicable work experience is generally helpful. Other than your certification, you ought to likewise consider assembling your very own arrangement of free tasks, which could include coding, directing on the web, or in any event, fostering an application. This will show to bosses your advantage in the subject as well as your critical thinking abilities, imagination, and drive.

Computer Engineering Jobs and Career Choices in Nepal

Software engineering graduates commonly have the accompanying position jobs both in Nepal and abroad:

1. IT Consultant

IT advisors exhort their clients on the preparation, plan, establishment, and utilization of data innovation frameworks to meet their business goals or conquer issues. Their job is wide, with an emphasis on business methodology. IT experts fill in as a component of a group – including division heads and other staff – to meet business objectives and prerequisites.

As an IT expert, your work will be like that of frameworks examiners, frameworks fashioners, and applications software engineers, whose jobs are more specific however in any case work on a consultancy premise. Your work will rely upon the size of your organization and the extent of its re-appropriated IT administrations.

With an IT advisor vocation, you’ll utilize your insight into IT to offer guidance and tackle individuals’ concerns. You ought to be cordial and obviously impart complex issues such that others can comprehend. It will help you in the event that you have systems administration and correspondence abilities as well as experience chipping away at PCs or IT frameworks.

 An individual filling in as an Information Technology Consultant in Nepal ordinarily procures around 21,000 NPR – 82,003 NPR each month.

2. Network Protection Consultant

Contingent upon what software engineering specializations you examined during your certification, you might decide to practice as a data security advisor. Keeping up with digital protection has become progressively significant, so this job centres around figuring out the dangers to the security of data or information.

As a network safety specialist, you’ll utilize your mastery to find security breaks and recommend answers for executing more grounded insurance. You could likewise proactively test how well existing guards could endure vindictive assaults from untouchables, and try and help protect against hazardous insiders with data on the most proficient method to recognize breaks.

An individual functioning as a Cyber Security Consultant in Nepal commonly procures around 25,867 NPR – 86,263 NPR each month.

3. Data Systems Manager

The data frameworks director is regularly a full-time representative, liable for the compelling activity of PC frameworks inside their organization. Their errands and obligations will differ contingent upon the size of the organization and its specific necessities, yet most associations expect that their ISM has a decent handle of equipment, programming and investigating abilities. A data frameworks administrator ought to have the option to work intimately with different offices to guarantee PC networks are appropriately incorporated with business cycles and staff prerequisites.

You’ll be responsible for the whole upkeep of your association’s ICT framework (perhaps with the assistance of a group of IT staff), with regular undertakings including framework establishment, guaranteeing frameworks are supported and that reinforcement frameworks are working appropriately, buying equipment and programming, setting up secure access for all clients, and guaranteeing information security.

You should guarantee that the ICT offices address your organization’s issues and are current while remaining inside a set spending plan, and inside all material programming permitting regulations. To add to a hierarchical arrangement with respect to quality guidelines and key preparation according to IT, you might have to grasp business and the board standards.

An individual filling in as an Information Systems Manager in Nepal normally procures around 18,592 NPR – 57,374 NPR each month.

4. Information Base Administrator

A data set overseer (DBA) is a place of key liability inside the data innovation industry. Many organizations are quick to vigorously advance the significance of their data set heads (DBAs) and the job they play.

A Database Administrator is a particular form of Systems Administrator, who has taken on a more noteworthy job in PC framework upkeep as well as improvement. DBAs regulate electronic information stockpiling and recovery frameworks like social data sets and content administration frameworks.

The job of a data set manager is to keep up with the honesty and nature of a data frame through characterizing, reporting and observing clients and their entrance privileges on the data set being referred to. They are additionally answerable for guaranteeing that the general PC framework stays on the web, is secure, and performs at ideal levels with the least free time.

Naturally, this job guarantees information stays reliable, is plainly characterized, effectively open, secure, and can be recuperated in a crisis. You’ll likewise have to investigate any issues that emerge; liaise with software engineers, functional staff, IT project directors and specialized staff; give client preparation, backing, and input; and compose reports, documentation, and working manuals.

Data set overseers (DBAs) are liable for the support and security of the data set. As a matter of fact, on the off chance that you’re functioning as a DBA and taking into account a move up to your ongoing vocation way, there are a few choices. For instance, you could think about turning into an information modeler or moving into a programming job as a server executive or specialized expert.

An individual filling in as a Database Administrator in Nepal normally procures around 19,394 NPR – 73,381 NPR each month.

5. Frameworks Analyst

A framework examiner is a person with both business and mechanical skills. Framework experts use PCs and related frameworks to plan new IT arrangements, as well as adjust and update existing frameworks to consolidate new highlights or upgrades, all to further develop business proficiency and efficiency. Although various ventures can require explicit examination abilities, a central component of this job is critical thinking.

Frameworks examiners might be expected to have amazing business insight and relational abilities, as they ordinarily report straightforwardly to top administration and perform work from idea definition to execution. They may likewise go about as a specialist or expansion of IT administrations to outside divisions.

An elevated degree of specialized capability and information on current strategic policies are expected for this job. Your clients might be interior, for example, Contingent upon your manager, you might work in inside or outer offices.

An individual filling in as a Systems Analyst in Nepal ordinarily procures around 19,825 NPR – 75,786 NPR each month.

6. Games Developer computer engineering in nepal

Games are made for PCs, game control centers, social/web-based games, arcade games, tablets, cell phones, and other handheld gadgets. This job is partitioned into two sections. The first is the inventive part of planning a game, which incorporates managing workmanship, movement, and storyboarding. Second, there is the programming perspective, which includes the utilization of programming dialects like C++.

To turn into a games engineer, you’ll require decent specialized information on programming and PC innovation. You’ll commonly concentrate on software engineering or one more applicable degree at college, where you’ll normally take modules like programming for games, computerized reasoning, and designs. Having a comprehension of arithmetic and physical science at this level, notwithstanding workmanship or movement skills is additionally useful.

To get into games advancement, you want to have the experience and related study. A decent work environment on your portfolio is the Bestowed stage, which will assist you to feature your work in with fronting of thousands of managers and enrollment specialists in the business.

Whether you are needing to seek after a vocation composing computer game code or making PC craftsmanship for games, you should show bosses that you have the right abilities and experience for the gig. This is the kind of thing that you can undoubtedly do with training and assurance during your certification, and afterward by making major areas of strength for a demo reel.

An individual functioning as a Games Developer in Nepal regularly procures around 25,000 NPR – 86,942 NPR each month.

7. Specialized Writer

A specialized essayist is liable for creating manuals and guidelines to assist individuals with understanding how to utilize an item or administration. This implies a comprehension of the item is indispensable. The solid specialized information that you’ve acquired during your software engineering certificate will be extremely helpful in this job, especially your insight into programming bundles, as you could be composing manuals for super advanced items.

Specialized scholars work in-house for a wide range of organizations – from banks and monetary establishments to government workplaces and atomic offices. Their bosses range in size from one individual sole dealer to global organizations, and they need great specialized abilities as well as areas of strength for capacity. They can compose web journals, articles, and books for their boss or clients.

An individual filling in as a Technical Writer in Nepal commonly procures around 17,921 NPR – 53,536 NPR each month.

8. Interactive Media Programmer

An interactive media software engineer is liable for planning and making media items that utilize sound, illustrations, computerized photography, and video. You’ll move past specialized programming ideas and foster imagination to further develop the way that individuals collaborate with a PC. Due to the computerized idea of what a mixed media developer does, you should be open to working in a virtual climate with idea pictures, portrays, and models.

A sight and sound developer is a person who has information related to programming and with utilizing various types of famous media to make sight and sound projects and PC games. These people utilize their gifts to develop definite models that can be shown on a PC screen or that others can cooperate with.

Working with the architect, you should figure out the plan idea, examine how it may very well be actually carried out, recognize the functional prerequisites, and compose effective PC code that executes the elements, and that’s what runs tests. You’ll be in charge of offering technical assistance for the product after it’s finished. To make and execute improvements, you’ll also need to stay current on news and advancements in the business.

Multimedia programmers in Nepal generally make between 18,828 NPR and 70,735 NPR per month.


That’s all about Computer Engineering in Nepal, also refer to our previous article about Geomatics Engineering and Bsc CSIT Colleges in Nepal to know about other Bachelor’s Programmes in Nepal.

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