Civil Engineering in Nepal || Colleges, Fees Structure & Scope

Civil Engineering in Nepal || Colleges, Fees Structure & Scope

Civil Engineering in Nepal is one of the most rewarding professions among other engineering sectors. Eight semesters make up the four years of the civil engineering degree. Under the auspices of Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and others, 100 institutions provide civil engineering programs in Nepal.

Civil engineering is a subfield of engineering that deals with green infrastructure, resource extraction, building design, transportation infrastructure, and other structures necessary for human health, welfare, security, employment, and pleasure.

Students must complete the +2 with science (physics, chemistry, and arithmetic) or meet any other university criteria, such as taking an admission test, in order to pursue a degree in civil engineering. The Nepali civil engineering bachelor’s degree is recognized globally. Because of this, after earning your bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in Nepal, you can apply for additional study or employment overseas.

Admission Requirements for BE in Civil Engineering  in Nepal

The universities that offer the degree have varied entry requirements for BEng in Civil Engineering.

These are the general prerequisites for entrance that you must fulfil.

  • Students must get a minimum grade of 45% in mathematics at Intermediate Level/Plus 2.
  • Students must take the IOE Entrance Examination and receive a minimum score of 40% in order to enrol at TU institutions (which is a passing score).
  • To enrol in any engineering course at TU-run engineering colleges, students must have a minimum GPA of 40%. You must take and pass the KU entrance exam in order to enrol in the civil engineering program at KU.

Students must fulfil the criteria for associated colleges with Pokhara University or Purbanchal University as well.

The IOE Entrance Exam

More than 10,000 students take the renowned IOE admission test each year. The test consists of five sections: engineering aptitude, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Originally, the test was administered on paper; today, it is administered electronically. Because the entrance exam is physically and psychologically demanding, students should prepare for it.

Engineering preparatory courses are offered by many institutions, including PEA, Ocean, SEA, etc. These programs go from three months to a year. Depending on the school you pick and the length of the engineering preparatory course, these courses range in price from NPR 20,000 to NPR 40,000. Highly qualified and experienced teachers share their knowledge, tips and tricks to students to crack tone of the toughest exams in Nepal i.e. the IOE entrance exam.

Fee Structure of Civil Engineering in Nepal

 Depending on the university, offered the curriculum, different universities in Nepal charge different fees for civil engineering. If you don’t have a subsidy, the full cost of tuition is as shown.

Civil Engineering Colleges Approximate Total course fees (NPR)
TU Constituent Campus 2, 80,000/-
TU-affiliated Private colleges 10 Lakhs- 15 Lakhs
KU School of Engineering 8 Lakhs
Pokhara University-affiliated Colleges 4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs
Purbanchal University-affiliated Colleges 4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs
School of Engineering, MidWest University 4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs


Universities for Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Nepal

Here is the list of the most popular Universities and colleges under them that provide the Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Nepal.

1. Tribhuwan University (TU)

Government colleges affiliated with TU that provide a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in Nepal. The following are the TU campuses in Nepal that provide bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering.

Colleges under the Institute of Engineering IOE TU

civil engineering in nepal

There are four institutes under Tribhuwan University Institute of Engineering TUIOE in Nepal.

  1. Pulchowk Campus- Pulchowk, Lalitpur
  2. Thapathali Campus- Thapathali, Kathmandu
  3. ERC, Eastern Regional Campus, Dharan
  4. WRC, Western Regional Campus Kaski, Pokhara

Private Colleges offering Bachelor of Civil Engineering

  1. Advanced College of Engineering and Management
  2. Himalayan College of Engineering- Chyasal, Lalitpur
  3. Kantipur Engineering College- Dhapakhel, Lalitpur
  4. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
  5. Nepal Engineering College- Changunarayan, Bhaktapur
  6. Kathmandu Engineering College- Kalimati, Kathmandu
  7. Lalitpur Engineering College- Chakupat, Lalitpur
  8. Sagarmatha Engineering College
  9. Janakpur Engineering College
  10. Khwopa College of Engineering
  11. National College of Engineering

2. BE Civil under Kathmandu University (KU)

  1. School of Engineering (KUSOE)
civil engineering in nepal
Kathmandu University SOE

3. BE Civil: Pokhara University Affiliated Colleges in Nepal

  1. Pokhara University

    School of Engineering | Pokhara University

  2. Nepal College of Information Technology
  3. Cosmos College of Management and Technology
  4. Everest Engineering College
  5. Nepal Engineering College (NEC)
  6. Universal Engineering and Science College
  7. Ritz College of Engineering and Management
  8. Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy
  9. Oxford College of Engineering and Management
  10. Rapti Engineering College
  11. United Technical College
  12. Pokhara Engineering College
  13. National Academy of Science and Technology (Dhangadhi Engineering College)
  14. Lumbini Engineering, Management and Science College

5. Purbanchal University (PU) Affiliated Engineering Colleges in Nepal

engineering in nepal
Purbanchal University
  1. Kantipur City College
  2. Himalayan WhiteHouse International College
  3. Kantipur International College
  4. Aryan School of Engineering and Management
  5. Hillside College of Engineering
  6. Khwopa Engineering College
  7. School of Engineering and Technology | Purbanchal University
  8. Central Engineering College
  9. Nepal Polytechnic Institute
  10. Himalayan Institute of Science and Technology
  11. Morgan Engineering and Management College
  12. Acme Engineering College
  13. Eastern College of Engineering

5. BE Civil Engineering under Mid-Western University

  1. School of Engineering, MidWest University

5. BE Civil Engineering under Far-Western University

  1. School of Engineering, Far-Western University

Civil Engineering Syllabus and Subjects

Here are the subjects, taught in the different semesters of Civil Engineering:

Year First Semester Second Semester
1st Year 1.   Engineering Mathematics I

2.   Computer Programming

3.   Engineering Drawing I

4.   Engineering Chemistry

5. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer

6.   Workshop Technology


         i.   Applied Mechanics

ii.   Engineering Drawing II

iii.   Basic Electronics

iv.   Engineering Physics

v.   Engineering Mathematics II

vi.   Basic Electrical Engineering


2nd Year 1.   Engineering Mathematics III

2.   Civil Engineering Materials

3.   Applied Mechanics (Dynamics)

4.   Engineering Geology I

5.   Strength of Materials

6.   Surveying I

7.   Fluid Mechanics


         i.   Hydraulics

ii.   Surveying II

iii.   Theory of Structure

iv.   Probability and Statistics

v.   Engineering Geology

vi.   Building Drawing

vii.   Soil Mechanics


3rd Year 1.   Theory of Structures II

2.   Water Supply Engineering

3.   Engineering Hydrology

4.   Concrete Technology and Masonry Structure

5.   Numerical Methods

6.   Foundation Engineering


         i.   Design Of Steel and Timber Structure

ii.   Communication English

iii.   Engineering Economics

iv.   Building Technology

v.   Sanitary Engineering

vi.   Transportation Engineering

vii.   Irrigation and Drainage

viii.   Survey Camp


4th Year 1.   Hydropower Engineering

2.   Project Engineering

3.   Transportation Engineering II

4.   Estimating and Costing

5.   Elective I

6.   Design of RCC Structure


         i.   Computational Techniques in Civil Engineering

ii.   Engineering Professional Practice

iii.   Technology Environment and Society

iv.   Construction Management

v.   Project (Part II)

vi.   Elective II

vii.   Elective III


Scope of Civil Engineering In Nepal

Nepal is a nation where it appears to be that “structural designing” is the main designing branch that appears to have a great scope and extension. Still, individuals in Nepal envision a structural specialist when they hear “engineer”. There has forever been a decent interest in qualified structural specialists in Nepal. The ongoing circumstance, in any case, has prompted a rut. The employees of the various schools we visited as well as working experts predict a resurgence sooner rather than later.

As a structural designer, your field of work should the regions referenced beneath:

  1. In Private Practice: You should design, plan, develop and work on actual works and offices utilized by general society.
  2. In Academia: You will show understudies the basics of structural designing. You could likewise be associated with research to propel the cutting edge.
  3. In Public Practice: You could be engaged with city or potentially local preparation, format and development of thruways and pipelines.
  4. In combination with different Disciplines: A Civil Engineering certification joined with another degree, for example, Engineering Geologist, Engineering Economist, or Engineer/Attorney.

Civil Engineering Jobs in Nepal: Career Choices

Here is a point-to-point portrayal of the various branches of Civil Engineering where you could apply for Civil Engineering jobs in Nepal:

1. Development MANAGEMENT

  1. Project Manager
  2. Assessor
  3. Scheduler
  4. Project Engineer

2. Geotechnical Engineering

  1. Establishment Designer
  2. Landfill Manager
  3. Designing Geologist
  4. Perilous Waste Manager

3. Public Works Engineering

  1. City Manager
  2. City Engineer
  3. Government Employee

4. Designing Research

  1. Government Researcher
  2. Corporate Researcher
  3. Instructive Researcher

5. Underlying Engineering

  1. Architect
  2. Lift/Analyst

6. Transport Engineering

  1. Organizer
  2. Advisor
  3. Activities Manager
  4. Savvy Transportation Systems
  5. Roadway Geometric Design

7. Water Resources Engineering

  1. Water-driven Engineer/Hydrologist
  2. Sterile Engineer
  3. Water-Related Structural Engineer

8. Computer-aided Design (CAD) Engineer

  1. Plan of building utilizing CAD-programming
  2. Examination of the building structure

That’s all about Civil Engineering in Nepal, also refer to our recently published article about Geomatics Engineering in Nepal and Computer Engineering in Nepal to know about other Bachelor’s Programmes in Nepal.

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