Blogging in Nepal | Can you Make a Living Out of it? 7 Ways

Blogging in Nepal | 10 Ways to make a Living Out of it?

If you are planning to earn money from Blogging in Nepal, you’re just at the right place. We’ll guide you through all the realities of the blogging field in a country like Nepal.

What actually is Blogging then?

You might have wondered about what really blogs and blogging are about. Let’s start with the word ‘Blog’ itself, it is nothing but a truncation of ‘weblog’ simply means a discussion or an informational website published on the web/internet consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text called posts. Random articles/posts, frequent updates, and informal language are the signs of a blogging site or page. It is a regularly updated website or a web page, typically one run by an individual or group, often written in an informal or conversational tone.

Initially, this platform started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries which included writings, photography, art, poems, etc. but these days, blogging has been included on websites by many businesses to better grow their reach and increase sales.

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Why is Blogging getting more Popular each passing day?

There are a lot of reasons for the blogging culture getting popular with the growing number of internet or web users in the world. The first and foremost reason behind its popularity is its simplicity, anyone can start a blog, anywhere at any time regardless of the background or profession of the writer.

Blogging started gaining admiration as people got a platform to not just jot down their feelings, views, or ideas but also make living out of it. If you haven’t already, you should consider the many reasons why starting and maintaining a blog could be a great option for you. The contents of blogs or blogging sites may vary from person to person, place to place, and situation to situation.

Let us take an example, food blogs will feature a list of recipes and the procedure to cook whereas lifestyle blogs show how people and societies are changing with time. Here’re the various reasons that you might consider making blogging a side career to enjoy writing and earn passive income.

  • Creators with any sort of skills or knowledge can write a blog.
  • Blogging gets you a platform to showcase your creativity and skills.
  • You can express your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and voices through blogs.
  • Blogging gets you the lifestyle that many well-paid jobs might never give.
  • Blogging helps to sell your products through strong marketing strategies.

The culture of blogs and the digital market was not at the hype a few years back but due to huge marketing potential held by this domain changed the whole blogging perspective. This is where businesses, organizations, and brands encountered how blogging is standing out among other marketing strategies to increase their reach and popularity using fewer resources and time. Blogging sites are not just meant to be used for marketing or for business purposes, instead, they can really be helpful in upgrading the writing skills and creativity of the writer.

Is Blogging any different from Traditional Websites?

A blog is typically a simple website where a writer uploads his content in order to provide the information or data the world is eager to know about. In 1999, ‘Blogger’ the first real blogging platform was launched. However, the game changer ‘WordPress’ was then launched in 2002 since then the blogging culture got a whole new dimension.

Similarly, a website is nothing but a collection of web pages and multimedia content that are linked together under a single domain. Websites are hosted over web hosting services offered by various platforms such as Amazon Web Server (AWS),,, etc. which allow these pages to be accessed over the internet. A few differences between a blog and a website are listed below:



Blogs keep updating their contents and interface which is why they’re dynamic in nature. A normal website does not go through sudden changes for which it is static in nature
A blog is an informal website where people express their ideas, views, pictures, etc. Websites are professional and much more organized than blogs.
Blogs often allow their users to comment or provide feedback. A website just offers content that the visitors can do nothing but read and get insights into.
Blogs often have massive search engine optimizations implemented on them. SEO is scarcely implemented on websites.
Blogs require strong CMS and are thus built from WordPress, Magneto, etc. It is developed by professional developers using HTML, CSS, JS, Python, etc. and are examples of blogs. and are examples of websites.

Why Choose to Blog as a Career?

There may be hundreds of reasons for a person to get associated with blogging in his/her career, here are some of the major attractions for which many people get started with their blogging journey.

1. Easy to Set-up

A blogging career is really easy to start with. It requires a person who can write good content and a publishing platform such as a website. People start with great motivation in the field of writing and exploration. No expensive gadgets, no high-end electronics but determination and courage are required to excel in blogging. All you need to grow in this industry is research, quality content, and consistency.

2. To Share Passion among readers

It is very common for people to share stuff with the world when one’s passionate about them. Whether it’s a passion for games, cooking, art, or photography, blogging is an excellent way to share that passion. Similar is the case here, people who prefer writing would want to publish their writing skills to get better exposure and make a career out of it. When people write blogs about something they love and are passionate about, it opens the channels to connect with those around the world who share the same passions.

3. To Enhance Communication and Technical Writing skills

It is a very well-known fact that the more a person tries to do something, the better he/she will become at that particular skill or field. Writing is no exception, it doesn’t matter if you were fluent in writing at school or not, getting indulged in this domain will certainly enhance both communication and writing skills. However, for fast and great content delivery, one can also invest in grammar checker tools, like Grammarly, to increase the work volume. It also helps to amplify basic writing skills, general punctuation, spelling checking and many more while writing content.

4. To Educate and Enlighten Others

There are people who love sharing their knowledge with the world. Blogging can turn this particular dream into reality for them. One can easily create content and then deliver it to the world for those whose who intend to learn. Blogging has always been a platform that teaches and guides people who share a similar area of interest and expertise. Content writers have this opportunity to not only teach others but also teach themselves about topics that they’ve never heard before.

5. Direct Traffic to the Website:

We’ve already discussed search engine optimization (SEO) in our previous blog called ‘What is Digital Marketing.’ It is a well-known fact that most search engines encourage and support new content, and blogging itself is a great SEO tool. Blog posts provide search engines with content based on which they index our websites on a regular basis. It is always a wise idea to use specific keywords to boost SEO performance, which then attracts the target audience to the website by searching those keywords.

6. Builds Better Connections

In a world full of businesses and marketing, one thing that never gets out of trend is the seller-buyer relationship. Blog posts on a website are also meant to keep customers updated on what is going on actually, it also lets them learn about new deals and offers. The deeper the trust and relationship between a buyer and seller, the greater the probability for both to grow. This is why the content should be updated frequently as the blogs help to drive more customers to the website.

7. Source of Passive Income

Blogging, being very portable and flexible, it makes a great option for people who want to be lifestyle entrepreneurs and earn their living by indulging themselves in blogging. It is possible to make a great earning as a blogger, the amateur blog owner or content creator with page views from 5,000 to 50,000 a month can typically earn between 1.5 cents and 7 cents per page view from advertising, which translates to $70 to $7500 per month. Similarly, it is also possible to generate income from alternate sources such as advertising and affiliate products depending upon the product or service of the blog site.

How to Start Blogging in Nepal?

If you’re from Nepal and the one who loves to write stories, diaries, traveling itineraries, food, and culture then blogging is for you. It is as simple as writing with a pen on paper, all you need is to create a website where people around the world can read your creations. Since blogging is new in Nepal, there’s a great possibility for you to become one of the top bloggers in the country. The A.S. Empire is an information & technology and media company that can build a blogging website, buy a domain and host it for a year for you by themselves in Nepal.

It is not necessary that the posts on a blog are created by a single author, people can form teams and collaborate to make the blog site even more informative. In the present context, people or organizations hire an experienced team of content writers with handsome salaries to write posts for their websites.

Requirements for a Blog

One of the best things about blogs is that getting started with a blog or adding a blog to an already existing site is quite simple and affordable. Follow the following 4 steps and you’re good to go to earn a living out of blogging in Nepal.

1. Setting up the Blog

WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular free blog options available right now, but in order to retain control and a professional image, it is always better to invest in a domain name and a hosting service. As a beginner, you don’t need great specifications on the hosting services, so going with a normal in-budget package is recommended. Also, if you don’t want to create the whole site from scratch, you can install WordPress or another content management system and then get hosted on your desired server.

2. Adding Content

Once you see your blog is live and working smoothly, you want yourself or someone to write content on your behalf. Try to keep it active with new and creative content to not just grow your site but also expand your business. It is wise to maintain a schedule for creating and posting the articles on the blog site so that you consistently keep creating posts. Many creators build a content calendar to know what, how, and when to post.

3. Proper Marketing

Product marketing is the key to growing your business, none knows your business until you make them hear about it. Likewise, to expand your audience you need to focus on marketing and deliver your message in front of your target market. In the present context, social media applications, email lists, and reaching out to other popular bloggers and media outlets for publicity are great ways to reach out to the targeted audience.

4. Include Income Streams

As soon as the blog site becomes able to complement an existing business, now is the time to add other additional income streams to your site to not only increase traffic but also earn more. You can always promote other companies’ products and services in affiliate marketing. Also, can go for the other popular Ad streaming networks like Google AdSense, on your blog. Once you’re verified, you’ll receive your income from such Ad streaming platforms.

Can you make an Earning from Blogging in Nepal?

Earning money from blogging is not a very easy task to do, but however, the answer to this question is YES you can definitely choose blogging as your career field in Nepal. It’ll be really hard in the initial phase of writing, but eventually, you’ll get through it. You can start writing if you’re passionate about it. Bloggers in Nepal can earn about NRs. 3-5 Lakhs per month by joining Affiliate marketing. 


This was all about blogging in Nepal. We provided information about how you can make a living out of blogging in Nepal. Also, if you’re planning to start blogging, or a website you may definitely want to check the Best websites for SEO and Digital Marketing Aspirants in Nepal to learn more about the terms and ideas related to such a field. All the very best for your blogging journey, Thank you for investing your time on our site!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q. What is a Blog?

Answer: A blog simply is a discussion or an informational website published on the web/internet consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text called posts. Random articles/posts, frequent updates, and informal language are the signs of a blogging site or page. It is a regularly updated website or a web page, typically one run by an individual or group, often written in an informal or conversational tone.

Q. How much can you earn as a Blogger in Nepal?

Answer: Bloggers in Nepal can earn about NRs. 3-5 Lakhs per month easily by joining Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. It’ll be really hard in the initial phase of writing, but eventually, you’ll get through it. You can start writing if you’re passionate about it. 

Q. What are the Basic Requirements for a Blog?

Answer: Here’re the four basic requirements to start blogging and earn money it.

  1. Setting up the Blog
  2. Adding Quality Content
  3. Proper Marketing and Boosting
  4. Including Income Streams
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