15 Best Restaurants in Thamel Kathmandu | Food Hunting

20 Best Restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu | Food Hunting

Here is a list of the best restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu to quench your hunger. One of the things you really must sample while visiting Nepal is the food. When you first begin to tour Nepal, the variety of native and international cuisines will have you “mouth-watering.” Technically speaking, Thamel is the center of the city’s nightlife and the most popular tourist attraction in Nepal, making it a tourism hub. A tourist visiting a country will find all they need in Thamel, a little district in the capital, from accommodations to cuisine to samples. You can find the elegance you desire at Thamel. Here is a list of some of the well-known eateries and coffee shops that cater to your palate.

Top 20 Best Restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu

1. French Creperie

Most individuals have no idea that French Creperie, an ideal French cuisine, which is among the greatest and most well-known restaurants in Pokhara, also has a location there. French Creperie is a must-visit if you’re looking for a new restaurant in Thamel. It is situated off the main road on a minor street that rounds the corner. Despite the little space, it will satisfy you just as much as the Pokhara.

2. OR2K

One of the most well-liked restaurants for tourists in Thamel is perhaps the Mediterranean eatery OR2K. It is right in the middle of the action, has a great atmosphere, and offers vegetarian cuisine with several vegan alternatives. Most importantly, it offers the best Mediterranean food in the region. This restaurant serves delicious, fresh food, including hummus and falafels. The main drawback is that restaurants become very busy during peak hours, however, the vegan crème Brulee is a dish you simply must taste. You should go there at dinner so that you may take advantage of the nice ambiance and lighting.

3. Hankook Sarang

20 Best Restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu | Food Hunting

If you are new to eating Korean food or want to try something new, Hankook Sarang is undoubtedly the best place to do so. Hankook Sarang’s restaurant environment has been updated, and it now offers both indoor and outdoor dining, as well as the choice of adhering to the Korean national tradition of taking photos as souvenirs to take home. You can order the bibimbap (a rice bowl with a variety of toppings) and a slice of highly famous pork paired with a range of side dishes, including the famous kimchi and the rice bowl served with it, as well as the Kimbab (Korean-style sushi roll).

4. BK’s Place

Speaking of fries in a must-visit Thamel restaurant may sound a little odd, but BK’s serves the best French fries in Thamel if not all of Nepal. Traveling might make you long for home if you’re an American, and even something as simple as mouthwatering fries can brighten up a long day of travel. Belgian-style fries from BK’s are renowned for being perfectly salted and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The flavor of its secret sauce is unparalleled.

5. Rosemary Kitchen

Entering Rosemary’s kitchen to eat is another fantastic thing to do in Thamel. It’s a beautiful high-end restaurant featuring candlelit dining tables and relaxing classical music being played in the background to go with the delicious food. The rosemary kitchen is one of Thamel’s top eateries for western cuisine. Not to add that it is more costly than most others, but the flawlessly prepared and tasted food will make up for the price.

6. Fire and Ice

It is easy to understand why Fire and Ice is renowned for offering the best pizza in Nepal. They have been doing it for more than 20 years. They offer pizza with an excellent balance of sauce and cheese baked in a brick oven with an authentic Italian flavor and a light, crunchy crust. It is well recognized among Nepalese people as well as tourists. If you’re in the mood for some excellent Italian food, this is without a doubt the place to go. It also offers some scrumptious Italian cuisine. In addition to pizza, they also provide pasta, several kinds of salads, and desserts.

7. Himalayan Java

Himalayan Java is Kathmandu’s first coffee-serving establishment and Nepal’s equivalent of Starbucks. Its portable outlets are accessible almost everywhere in Nepal. They import their coffee beans from Nepal’s alpine regions, and you can find their locations in some of the most well-known cities there, like Manang, Mustang, and Namche Bazaar, which is just beyond the Everest gate. If you’re in the mood for something sweet like honey lattes or need a secure wireless connection, it’s one of Nepal’s most frequently recommended locations.

8. Momotarau Japanese Restaurant

Momotarou might provide some of the best Japanese food you’ve ever had. The best meal you’ll ever eat in Nepal is served at one of its many locations, among which is located right here in Thamel. Every item on the menu is prepared upon request. They provide a range of foods, all of which are great, such as sweet tofu, udon noodles and vegetables, and prawns over egg with rice. One of the most filling and nutritious dinners you’ll ever eat is served with Japanese tea, miso soup, and pickled beets, yet it costs a reasonably affordable $5 per person.

9. Gaia

Your journey is hardly worthwhile if you haven’t sampled the national cuisine of the region. To understand what you’ve been missing out on in life in your chase of protein in the meals you eat, you must taste Dal-Bhat when visiting Nepal. Gaia is one of the greatest restaurants in Thamel and offers you the best Dal-Bhat to win your heart. They are renowned for serving top-notch chicken curries from Thamel. In addition, they have a wonderful outside seating area and a welcoming staff. Overall, this is a lovely area to hang out and eat in.

10. Gilingche Tibetan Restaurant

Of all the places in Thamel, The Gilingche Tibetan Restaurant is unquestionably one of the most affordable. Furthermore, it is a great place to try genuine Tibetan food. Thenthuk soup, which includes thick noodles, vegetables, and the protein of your choice, is the most delectable soup you’ll ever have. I must also mention how amazing their Tibetan spices are. As a popular hangout for both locals and visitors, the location gets quite crowded during supper, but there is plenty of room in the afternoon.

11. Kaiser Cafe

If you want a view and a laid-back atmosphere while enjoying delectable meals and refreshments, head to the Kaiser Cafe. You can have mouthwatering meals while taking in views of Thamel or even the city’s most well-known attraction, The Garden of Dreams, which is surrounded by pavilions, fountains, and urns. It’s a great place to unwind while reading a book and enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of pie.

12. Path Kath

Looking for the calmest areas in Thamel Path Kath has received appreciation from the majority of tourists exploring Thamel’s alleyways. You’ll think you’re in the coziest area away from the bustle of the city thanks to the narrow corridor, upstairs atmosphere, and branches hanging over the outdoor space. In addition, it’s the ideal place to unwind thanks to the calming music, comfortable seating places, and tranquil paintings, as well as the delicious food, hookah, and board games. If you love burgers, Pathkath is the place to go. It is well known for its burgers and fries.


You may explore a lot more in Nepal besides these eateries and cafes in Thamel. The nation is a top destination for foodies, where you can sample delectable Newari cuisine, Nepali Dal Bhat set, Sherpa cuisine, flavors from the Terai region, and much more. When you move from one city or town to another in Nepal, you’ll experience a variety of flavors. Click Here to explore Nepalese architecture in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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