Top 10 Best Party Palaces & Wedding Venues in Kathmandu

Top 10 Best Party Palaces & Wedding Venues in Kathmandu

November-December, in the months of love and wedding, if you are planning to get married and in search of party palaces or wedding venues in Kathmandu, you are just at the right place. In this article, we have covered all the best party palaces & wedding venues in Kathmandu, Nepal for you.

Business meetings, celebrations, and parties frequently take place in Kathmandu, the capital and largest city of Nepal. In Kathmandu, there are many hotels, banquets, and event spaces of the highest caliber that are both reasonably priced and suited for your occasions.

In Kathmandu, there are several banquet halls that provide excellent food and drinks, comprehensive event management, world-class services, and superb hospitality, whether you’re searching for a wedding venue, business event site, or party palace for a family celebration.

Top 10 Best Party Palaces & Wedding Venues in Kathmandu

Here is a list of some of Kathmandu’s top-notch banquet venues that provide excellent services at reasonable prices and whom you may get in touch with for weddings, parties, business gatherings, conferences, and other occasions.

1. Amrapali Banquet Catering and Event

Top 10 Best Party Palaces & Wedding Venues in Kathmandu
Amrapali Banquet Catering and Event Party Place

The wedding and the reception are regarded as the most important moments in a couple’s lives. The memory that is created is permanent. Amrapali Banquet Catering and Event Party Place offers you the greatest and dream wedding party and helps you make the most priceless wedding memories. This party location is in Naxal, next to the Bhatbhateni retail mall in Kathmandu. The banquet and party location are completely stuffed with competent team members that will take care of all of your needs. Marble and tiles cover the floor of the hall and the entire party location.

The kitchen in the hall is spotless and outfitted with contemporary hardware. The setting has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The team members use their creativity to plan the celebrations you both deserve and want. Additionally, conference rooms and a DJ are available to make your party even more fun. They provide guests and clients with first-rate restrooms that are equipped with essential necessities. A thousand to one thousand and two hundred guests can be accommodated at the party location at once, and there is exclusive parking available for up to 75 automobiles and 150 bikes. You can choose between vegetarian and nonvegetarian party fare in the banquet hall.

2. The Alfa House Restro Bar and Banquet

The Alfa House Restro Bar and Banquet is the ideal location if you want your son, daughter, or any other close relative’s wedding party to be elegant and charming. The party palace can be found in the Baneshwor Alfa Beta Complex in Kathmandu. The Alfa House offers catering, opulent wedding ceremonies, meetings, seminars, conferences, and wedding receptions. The Alfa Party Palace boasts a five-star appearance and is furnished with luxurious interior decor.

The hall is roomy and can hold ten guests at the very least, or five hundred at the most. Because of the hall’s convenient location in the city’s center, planning your significant wedding celebration can be made easier. The Alfa home not only enables you to host a large event with a regal flair, but it also offers you the discretion and seclusion that you prefer. The crew consists of the most effective, professional, and pleasant butlers, chefs, party planners, event organizers, and waiting staff who will go above and beyond to help you in any manner and keep you free from stress.

They have the most cutting-edge and efficient appliances in their kitchen. You have the choice of dining with cuisines including Indian, Chinese, continental, Thai, and Nepalese, among others. All of these services have been made very affordable so that newlyweds and their families can create a memory that will be cherished for a very long time. Your celebration will be positively charged thanks to the service they offer, which is rich and magnificent.

City Banquet

Since a few years ago, the City Banquet hall has organized weddings, and numerous other festivities, and provided food services. The dinner hall’s reputation for providing its customers with the most hygienic service and food has grown with each passing year. The banquet hall is situated close to the police headquarters in Naxal Kathmandu. A thousand to a thousand and a half people (1000-1500) can be served at once. More than 200 automobiles and bicycles can be parked in the available parking spaces. The banquet hall’s major mission is to provide its customers with the cleanest, tastiest meals possible.

Namaste Kitchen and Banquet

This banquet hall offers you a traditional and cultural wedding party with a dash of modern style and atmosphere, as suggested by the name alone. In Gairidhara, Kathmandu, you can find the Namaste kitchen and banquet hall. It is also included in the list of well-established and well-known party palaces in Kathmandu, which are renowned for their hospitality and services to visitors. It not only plans wedding celebrations but also birthday parties, rice-feeding rituals, and other smaller ceremonies. The namaste kitchen and banquet hall adheres to all regulations governing the provision of hygienic food and prepares each item on their menus using local ingredients.

Crystal Banquet

One of the best banquet halls and catering services in Kathmandu is Crystal Banquet Hall, located in Manbhawan. The banquet hall has a well-trained, knowledgeable, and inventive staff that takes on all of your responsibilities. They pay attention to your requirements and requests; the kind of party you want to throw; the food you choose; the time, date, and duration of the party; as well as the anticipated attendance at your party. Your job is then over. The Crystal Banquet team will then create a menu and give it to you along with a price estimate.

Tripureshwor Party Palace

One of the most opulent, fashionable, and classic party palaces is Tripureshwor, which has expertise working in five-star hotels and multinational hotels both domestically and abroad. At the United World Trade Center, the party palace is situated in Tripureshwor across from the entrance to the Rangashala. One event at the party palace may accommodate a thousand attendees. The party palace is decorated with a blend of classic and contemporary art and design. The administrative, managerial, and technical staff are all highly qualified and experienced. The team members of this party palace take over planning, organizing, and carrying out after you arrive at the location with your desires.

Star Banquet

Not just in the Kathmandu valley but also in Chitwan and Bharatpur, The Star Banquet is considered to be the most reputable and well-established dinner. The banquet has a lengthy history as a business. In RatnaNagar, Chitwan, it debuted as Hotel Star Banquet in the year 2000. After offering top-notch services to a large number of clients in Chitwan, it built a branch under the name Swayambhu Party Palace in Kathmandu in 2007. In the year 2012 A.D., it changed its name to Star Banquet. Since that time, it has been running in Swayambhu under the same name.

Since its founding, it has offered its catering services for national and worldwide programs. The UNMIN, UNDP, UNICEF, Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, Second National Scout Jamboree, and US Air Force have all given the Star Banquet appreciation certificates. Power backup is provided at the banquet so that the festivities can go on uninterrupted for the attendees. Additionally, it has a large, comfortable meeting room and free parking for visitors’ cars.

Additionally, it offers a free WiFi connection that is available around the clock so that visitors can use the internet while on the property. Additionally, there are doctors on call at the banquet in case of any medical emergency. The slogan for the banquet hall is “All Nepal Rental Catering Service.”

9. Durbar Banquet

The Durbar banquet is located in Soaltee Mode, Kathmandu. Despite being in the middle of the valley, the feast is far removed from the bustle of the city. The banquet’s atmosphere is warm, energetic, and comfortable. The banquet hall is tastefully decorated with contemporary furnishings. More than four ropani of land are used for the banquet. In order to accommodate more guests at once, The venue for the event is a typical Newari home with a 5,500-square-foot art auditorium.

The dinner is located in a lovely garden, and there is a large parking area where visitors are allowed to park their cars. The effective and knowledgeable staff members give their guests excellent service so they can fully enjoy the events they have requested. The banquet’s expert team members extend a cordial welcome to the visitors and do their all to cater to all of their needs. The banquet offers its own sound system that melds with the atmosphere of the hall, and the opulent lighting, furnishings, and decor merge with the design of the hall.

10. Heritage Garden Banquet

The Heritage Garden Banquet was established in 2017 AD. Despite being a new company, it has already made a reputation for itself in the catering industry. The banquet’s event production, food management, and execution are all handled by a young, creative expert. It has established itself as Sanepa Lalitpur, Kathmandu’s top conventional hall. It boasts a unique yet tasteful decor, a lobby hall, a cozy eating area, an open bar, and parking for more than a hundred automobiles at once.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q. Which is the best Party Palace in Kathmandu?

Answer: The Amrapali Banquet is the ideal location if you want your son, daughter, or any other close relative’s wedding party to be elegant and charming. The party palace is located near the Bhatbhateni shopping complex, Naxal Kathmandu. Amrapali Banquet offers catering, opulent wedding ceremonies, meetings, seminars, conferences, and wedding receptions. The Amrapali Banquet boasts a five-star appearance and is furnished with luxurious interior decor for which it is the best party palace in Kathmandu as per Informalguru.

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