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Top 10 Best ISPs in Nepal | Internet Service Providers in Nepal

Finding out the best ISPs in Nepal has always been so difficult as prices and services keep on fluctuating week by week. In this article, we will be discussing Internet Service Providers ISPs in Nepal, their services, internet packages, and prices. Those companies that provide internet services to both consumers and corporations are known as internet service providers (ISPs). ISPs may also offer services like website hosting, development, and domain name registration in addition to an internet connection.

Over 20 registered ISPs are operating in Nepal, according to Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the country’s telecommunications authority. Only a few ISPs, nevertheless, have a larger network footprint and are more used to the locals.

In Nepal, price increases have impacted the rise of internet usage. Despite the fact that internet usage has increased over time in Nepal as well, its cost continues to be a significant problem. The government chose to impose a 13 Percent Telecommunications Service Charge (TSC) in addition to the 13 Percent VAT and 4 Percent royalty fees in a nation like ours where the GDP per capita is just a little over a thousand USD.

Speed Battle between ISPs in Nepal

Everything started when CG Net launched its 120Mbps home internet service. This forced other ISPs to provide more affordable options. A year ago, Nepali ISPs would not have routinely promised bandwidth of more than 100Mbps. Residential customers may also get 1Gbps internet services from ISPs like ClassicTech and Worldlink.

Instead, a brand-new ISP called WiFi Nepal has appeared with low-bandwidth options at a reasonable price. We have yet to put it to the test, though. ISPs in Nepal frequently develop tantalizing programs but ignore other important factors like speed consistency, service level, support, and customer happiness. Most of them don’t even have transparency.

Best ISPs in Nepal

Here’s a list of the top 10 ISPs in Nepal that are comparatively more popular that the other ISP in Nepal.

1. Worldlink Communications

According to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority’s (NTA) recent Management Information System (MIS) report, Worldlink has 542,758 total customers, accounting for 30.27% of the country’s total ISP subscribers. This makes it Nepal’s largest Internet service provider and third-largest telecommunications company. In October 2019, Worldlink inked a $12 million deal with the CDC Group of the United Kingdom to expand the company’s infrastructure and operations in rural Nepal.

popular isp in nepal

Furthermore, Worldlink offers free Wi-Fi and “my Worldlink” Wi-Fi (unique to Worldlink customers) in over 10,000 sites across Nepal, thanks to a partnership with Facebook. Furthermore, the company plans to expand its operation to 30,000 locations. It presently has network coverage in 73 districts, including some of Karnali’s most rural places.

myWorldlink Mobile Application

The “myWorldlink” app is also helpful for monitoring internet consumption, reporting issues, changing Wi-Fi passwords, and other tasks. The app now contains a troubleshooting tool thanks to the most recent update.

Worldlink Residential Broadband: Plans & Pricing

Each plan includes the following features:

  • Worldlink guarantees that your internet-related problem will be resolved in two hours. If not, customers will receive two days of free internet.
  • SafeNet: To keep an eye on users and filter out any harmful online content
  • Time Back: Reimbursement for service interruptions brought on by a failure of the internet or other factors
  • WiFi Mobility: As previously indicated, more than 14,000 hotspots are now available throughout Nepal thanks to a collaboration with Facebook Connectivity and its Express Wi-Fi.
Package Name NetTV  Duration
3 Months 12 Months
200Mbps Photon (Without TV) 0 Rs. 3,300 N/A
200Mbps Photon Lite 1 Rs. 4,050 Rs. 14,400
250Mbps Photon Lite 2 Rs. 4,350 Rs. 15,600
300Mbps Photon Lite 3 Rs. 4,950 Rs. 18,000
600Mbps Photon 3  N/A Rs. 30,000
1GBps Photon 3 Rs. 39,999

There are other additional charges for new customers which include:

3 Months 12 Months
Drop Wire Rs. 500 Free
Dual-Band ONU Charge Rs. 2,000 Free
Dual-Band ONU Deposit Charge Rs. 500 Rs. 500
NetTV Activation
Primary STB Rs. 1,500 Free
Refundable Deposit Rs. 5,00
Secondary STB Rs. 2,000
Refundable Deposit Rs. 500

You can also check out other plans and packages of Worldlink Communications via:

3. Vianet Communications best isps in nepal

Vianet is now the fourth largest Internet service provider in Nepal. In terms of subscribers, both Subisu and Classic Tech have outperformed the company. Its FTTH service has a substantial presence, particularly in the Kathmandu valley, with a large number of pleased household and business users. As a result, you may have noticed numerous polls on the internet proclaiming Vianet to be one of Nepal’s top internet service providers.

Despite this, the company hasn’t been able to expand as quickly as the competition in other parts of the country. Despite being one of Nepal’s largest ISPs, Vianet has been unable to expand its operations in various areas. The company presently operates in 22 districts, with Darchula, Khalanga, being the most remote.

 Vianet now provides its own ViaTV & VoD (Video on Demand) services.

Vianet Ultra-Fi: Plans & Pricing

Package Name Max ViaTV Price
1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps 0 N/A Rs. 3,300 Rs. 11,988
Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps TV+ 1 Rs. 1,400 Rs. 4,050 Rs. 13,200
Ultra-Fi 250Mbps TV+ 2 Rs. 1,550 Rs. 4,500 Rs. 15,000
Ultra-Fi 300Mbps TV+ 3 Rs. 1,900 Rs. 5,550 Rs. 18,000

Vianet Mini Internet Pack

Package Name Data Pack Speed 12 Months
75Mbps 75Mbps (up to 450GB) Rs. 9,600
45Mbps (450 – 550GB)
23Mbps (550 – 600GB)
5Mbps (above 600GB)

There are also other additional charges for new customers which include:

1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
Installation Charge Rs. 1,000 FREE
Dual Band Router Installation Rs. 1,000 Rs. 5,00
Fiber Wi-Fi Device Deposit Rs. 500
ViaTV STB Activation Rs. 3,000 Rs. 2,500 FREE
STB Deposit Rs. 500
ViaTV STB Activation (Secondary) Rs. 2,000
STB Deposit (Secondary) Rs. 500

You can also check out other plans and packages of Vianet Communications via:

3. Classic Tech Communications

Classic Tech, on the other hand, arrived late to the race, but with a bang. With a potential bandwidth of up to 1Gbps, it unveiled Tachyon plans to compete with Worldlink Photon plans. Under the Platinum Tachyon plans, the corporation even delivers Huawei Wi-Fi 6 routers in partnership with Huawei.

isp in nepal

Classic Tech Home: Plans & Pricing

Package Name TV Price
3 Months 12 Months
Bronze Tachyon (225Mbps) 2 Rs. 4,050 Rs. 14,388
Silver Tachyon (275Mbps) 2 Rs. 4,350 Rs. 15,588
Gold Tachyon (325Mbps) 2 Rs. 4,950 Rs. 17,988
Diamond Tachyon (625Mbps) 3  N/A Rs. 29,988
Platinum Tachyon (1000Mbps) 3 Rs. 39,996

Provided below are the one-time charges for first-time users:

3 Months 12 Months
FTTH Cable Rs. 500 FREE
Dual Band 5G ONU Rs. 2,000 FREE
Dual Band 5G ONU Deposit Rs. 500
STB Activation (Primary) Rs. 2,000 FREE
STB Deposit Rs. 500
STB Activation (Secondary) Rs. 2,000
STB Deposit Rs. 5,00

The new Tachyon packages even support the Mesh Wi-Fi system. Following is the charge associated with each additional Mesh router in each package.

Rental Charge Security Smart Installation
Bronze / Silver / Gold
1st Mesh 1.0 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 2,500 Rs. 3,000
2nd Mesh 1.0 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 2,500 Rs. 2,000
Diamond / Platinum
Mesh 2.0 (up to 4) Rs. 8,000 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 2,000

You can also check out other plans and packages of Classic Tech via:

4. Subisu Cable Net

When it comes to digital TV and internet services in Nepal, Subisu is another familiar name. Subisu is Nepal’s only ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified cable operator, having been founded in 2001. That should be enough to speak for itself and indicate its popularity. A year ago, however, this was not the case.

Subisu FTTH Home Internet: Plans & Pricing

Package Name 3months 6 months 9 months
150Mbps Rs. 5,309 Rs. 8,583 Rs. 12,832
300Mbps N/A Rs. 17,256
Package Name Clear TV Price
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
200Mbps 2 Rs. 7,889 Rs. 11,735 Rs. 15,827
350Mbps 3 N/A Rs. 22,464
650Mbps 4 N/A Rs. 21,239 (3 months FREE)

Now let’s look at the total charge for first-time installation for annual subscribers:

  Internet Only Internet + TV
Wire Charge FREE (for an annual subscription)
ONU Activation Charge FREE (for an annual subscription)
Installation Charge FREE (for an annual subscription)
STB Activation (Primary) N/A FREE (for an annual subscription)

You can also check out other plans and packages of Subisu Net via:

5. NTFTH by Nepal Telecom

The government-owned telecom operator Nepal Telecom also offers a variety of internet service plans. The FTTH, or Fiber to the house, has been among the most alluring. It is a new generation of access technology that delivers dependable high-speed internet to fixed sites like homes and workplaces. This service was introduced back in 2015 and is now accessible in 39 Nepalese districts. The current range of internet speeds offered by the firm is 10 to 60 Mbps. A 100-meter cable and CPE charge are included in the user’s free annual subscription, but they must be paid separately if they subscribe to the internet on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Old-School Method

Although it appears to be a good option, its laborious, antiquated signup process is as follows:

  • Fill up the FTTH registration form after downloading it, and deliver it to the nearby Nepal Telecom (NT) service counter.
  • The site study and estimation for potential installation designs will then be completed by NT.
  • When everything is in order, NT will finish the procedure and then give you a username and password to log in with.

Yes, the younger generation of potential buyers finds it incredibly unattractive. Therefore, it is unlikely to be listed as one of the top internet service providers in Nepal by the majority of people. Additionally, it has a very restrictive FUP policy that might not be acceptable to many individuals.


FTTH Package Daily Volume Speed after FUP Volume
25Mbps 30GB 5Mbps
40Mbps 40GB
80Mbps 60GB

Nepal Telecom’s FTTH is only okay for those who use the internet on a need-to basis; someone who doesn’t require excessive bandwidth.

Nepal Telecom FTTH Individual (Internet + TV + telephone): Plan and Pricing

Package Name Price
1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
25Mbps Rs. 1,400 Rs. 4,100 Rs. 14,025
40Mbps Rs. 1,850 Rs. 5,500 Rs. 18,025
80Mbps Rs. 2,450 Rs. 7,200 Rs. 23,525

Nepal Telecom FTTH Individual (No TV): Plan and Pricing

Package Name Price
1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
25Mbps Rs. 1,000 Rs. 2,850 Rs. 10,500
40Mbps Rs. 1,500 Rs. 4,200 Rs. 15,300
80Mbps Rs. 2,000 Rs. 5,500 Rs. 20,500

You can also check out other plans and packages of NTFTTH via:

6. Dish Home

Leading digital TV service provider Dish Home introduced DishHome Fiber Net on February 20, 2020, to meet the needs of its DTH subscribers. The business presently provides many internet packages at reasonable costs. To provide its clients with better and quicker internet services, the business employs the FTTH internet service. The firm offers six fibre internet packages with speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps, and it serves approximately 90% of the Kathmandu valley. The user has the option of subscribing to the internet on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis. However, if the consumer chooses a yearly membership, they will gain.

best isps in nepal

You can also check out other plans and packages of Dish Home via:

7. CG Net by Chaudhary Group

We all know that during the past few years, the Nepalese ISP market has become stagnant. Because of this, CG Net’s introduction of its 120Mbps residential package was like a breath of fresh air. Other ISPs in Nepal virtually ever offered bandwidth of more than 80Mbps at that time. Thus, the latest bandwidth conflict between ISPs in Nepal can also be attributed to CG Communications.

cheapest isp in nepal

Regardless of its availability throughout the country, CG Net is one of the best ISPs in Nepal. Being a new entrant, It has experienced difficulties with customer service and coverage extension. Additionally, CG Net does not currently have any IPTV capabilities. It is unclear when the business would launch its own OTT and IPTV platform, which is powered by Airtel IQ Video.

CG Net: Plans & Pricing

Package Name Price
1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
75Mbps Rs. 730 Rs. 2,160 Rs. 8,160
150Mbps Rs. 1,050 Rs. 3,045 Rs. 11,100
300Mbps  Rs. 1,399  Rs. 4,062  Rs. 14,928

Free 30-Day Trial

Seeing people’s reluctance to switch to a relatively new ISP, CG Net made the decision to provide prospective customers with a month-long free trial that was relevant to both of their subscriptions. You only need to submit paperwork and a Rs. 1,500 security deposit to sign up for the free sample. After the trial time expires, the money will be returned after you return the equipment.

You can also check out other plans and packages of CG Net via:


If we look at every Internet connection plan available in Nepal, the majority of the providers fall within the same range. Their programs and prices are fairly similar. They almost all provide a bundle that includes TV service as well. There are FUP limitations on each of them for residential users. The client comments and the service quality make a difference despite the small difference. We have made an effort to present the finest ISP in Nepal in a fair manner, which entails that we have considered a variety of aspects.

The cheapest ISP with the most affordable plans could be the best ISP for some individuals, while for others, the greatest ISP might be the provider with the fastest internet in Nepal for online gaming. While a reliable connection could be the optimal connection for certain folks. In one social media conversation, a large number of users expressed their preference for a four-person family’s FUP-free 50 Mbps unlimited connection with zero downtime above any other high-speed package. This demonstrates that stability and fewer limitations are needed.

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