Top 20 Best Engineering Colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal

Top 20 Best Engineering Colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal

Scope of Engineering in Nepal

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Engineers have a sound extension and regard for calling in Nepal. Thus, numerous understudies need to join this course after fulfilment of the transitional level which is (+2). Nepal is a non-industrial nation and loads of improvement exercises must be finished. In any case, “scope” is something that you ought to make yourself assume you are truly enthusiastic about the thing you are doing. Generally, regarding Name, Fame, and Earning, Engineering will be the best professional decision for anybody.

Designing contains an enormous number of open positions and fortes. We’ve recorded a rundown of strengths underneath. With every strength, we take a gander at the definition and nature of the work, the claims to fame, business patterns, and conceivably professional success open doors and trust that it is useful for you in deciding if the vocation is ideal for you. Picking the best design school is one of the cerebral pain choices for understudies in Nepal. Remembering those issues, we have arranged the rundown of the best designing universities in Kathmandu valley. The accompanying universities are famous schools.

Admission Criteria for Engineering Programs

  • 10+2 or Intermediate Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with at least half imprint in individual subjects.
  • Understudies will be chosen on the legitimacy premise of the selection test.
  • Individual Interview

Fee Structure of Engineering Colleges in Kathmandu

For the Bachelor of Engineering [BE] program, the typical course cost is between NR 10,00,000 and NR 15,00,000. This sum fluctuates according to the college’s reputation, professors, facilities, placement record, and quotas set by the government and management.

Programmes offered by the Engineering Colleges in Nepal

The courses offered by the Engineering Colleges in Nepal are:

S.N. Programs S.N. Programs
1 Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering [ME] 9 Bachelor in Computer Engineering [CE]
2 Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering [GE] 10 Bachelor in Chemical Engineering [CHE]
3 Bachelor in Electrical Engineering [EE] 11 Bachelor in Civil Engineering [CIE]
4 Bachelor in Agriculture Engineering 12 Bachelor of Hydropower Engineering
5 Bachelor in Automobile Engineering 13 Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering
6 Bachelor in Industrial Engineering [BIE] 14 Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE.IT)
7 Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering [BAE] 15 Bachelor of Software Engineering [BSE]
8 Bachelor of Environmental Engineering [ENE] 16 Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering

Note: The College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences (CBEAS) is the only Biomedical Engineering college in Nepal.

Top 20 Best Engineering Colleges in Nepal

According to Nepal Engineering Council (NEC),  A total of 51 Engineering colleges have been approved by the Council to run various faculties of engineering with different intake capacities. This particular article covers the list of the top 20 engineering colleges in Nepal so as to ease the students and aware them of which colleges must be kept on the priority list for their bright future.

Here is the list of the top 20 Engineering Colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal.

1. Institute of Engineering-Pulchowk Campus – Pulchwok, Lalitpur

The Tribhuvan University (TU)-affiliated Institute of Engineering’s (IOE) main site, Pulchowk Campus, was founded in 1972. (2029 BS). It is situated in Lalitpur, Nepal, in Pulchowk. Since 1984, the Pulchowk campus has provided bachelor’s degree programs in a variety of engineering fields (2041 BS).

Additionally, it provides Ph. D. and Master’s degree programs in many engineering fields. The corresponding department oversees and manages each engineering program. The Pulchowk Campus, which strives to develop the people required in Nepal’s engineering sector, is well-equipped with essential facilities and has a large staff and faculty.

Undergraduate Programs in the Best Engineering College in Nepal

IOE Pulchwok campus is the best engineering college in Nepal. It offers the following departments on campus:

  1. BE in Mechanical Engineering
  2. BE in Civil Engineering
  3. BE in Electrical Engineering
  4. BE in Computer Engineering
  5. BE in Electronic, Communications, and Information Engineering
  6. BE in Aerospace Engineering
  7. B. Arc Architecture

 Graduate Level Programs 

  1. M.Sc. in Structural Engineering [Department of Civil Engineering]
  2. M.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering in the [Department of Civil Engineering]
  3. M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering in the [Department of Civil Engineering]
  4. M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering in [Department of Civil Engineering]
  5. M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering [Department of Civil Engineering]
  6. M.Sc. Construction Management Program in the [Department of Civil Engineering]
  7. M.Sc. Program in Disaster Risk Management in [Department of Civil Engineering] and supported by CDR.
  8. M.Sc. in Renewable Engineering [Department of Mechanical Engineering]
  9. M.Sc. in Planning and Management of Energy Systems [Department of Mechanical Engineering]
  10. M.Sc. in Planning and Management of Energy Systems [Department of Mechanical Engineering]
  11. M. Sc. In Management of Technology and Innovation [Department of Mechanical Engineering], supported by CARD.
  12. M.Sc. in Power Systems Engineering [Department of Electrical Engineering]
  13. M.Sc. in Information and Communications Engineering [Department of Electronic Engineering]
  14. M.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering [Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering]
  15. M.Sc. in Urbanism [Department of Architecture]
  16. M.Sc. Materials Science Program [Department of Sciences and Humanities]
  17. M.Sc. Applied Mathematics Program [Department of Sciences and Humanities]
  18. M.Sc. Climate Change Program Dependent [Department of Sciences and Humanities]

2. Kathmandu University- School of Engineering KUSoE– Dhulikhel, Kavre

Kathmandu University is among the best universities in not just in Nepal but in the whole world. It is located 30 kilometers away from the capital, in an environmentally sound and peaceful place at Dhulikhel, Kavre.  The engineering degree offered by the University of Kathmandu is another of the best engineering degrees in Nepal that is recognized worldwide. Kathmandu Univerity is known for its high level of academic excellence for a long time. It is basically an autonomous, non-governmental institution established with the aim to maintain high academic standards for its national and international students. The University is located in a quiet environment 30 kilometers from the capital city.

Kathmandu University is always on the priority list of students to obtain an engineering degree after IOE Pulchowk, as TU is the oldest university in Nepal.   This university offers various undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in engineering and sciences. It has been offering electrical, chemical, geomatics, computer, electronic, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. The complete list of best engineering colleges in Nepal is never incomplete without Kathmandu University.

Here is a list of all the undergraduate and graduate-level courses offered by Kathmandu University. It also offers Ph.D. Programmes in some sectors.

Undergraduate Programs at Kathmandu University

  1. BE (Civil Engineering with a specialization in Hydropower)
  2. BE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  3. BE (Computer Engineering)
  4. BE (Geomatics Engineering)
  5. BSc (Computer Science)
  6. BE (Mechanical Engineering)
  7. BE (Chemical Engineering)
  8. BTech (Environmental Engineering)
  9. BArch (Architecture)
  10. BSc (Computational Mathematics)
  11. BPharm (Pharmacy)
  12. BTech (Biotechnology)
  13. BSc (Environmental Sciences)

Graduate Level Programs at Kathmandu University

  1. Master of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering
  2. Master of Engineering in Communications Engineering
  3. Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  4. Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering
  5. Master of Science / Engineering in Sanitation Technology
  6. Master of Science / Engineering in Geoinformatics
  7. Master of Land Administration
  8. Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
  9. Master of Technology in Information Technology

3. Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC)– Kalimati, Kathmandu

The first college in Nepal to be accredited with ISO 9001:2008 is Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC). A group of outstanding board members oversees the general operation of the college. It combines academic knowledge with equal amounts of freedom and labour. Along with their fine curriculum, students also learn numerous tiny elements of life. Instead of only teaching and studying, the college places a strong emphasis on fostering an environment of understanding.

The college wants to teach its pupils the value of expressing, listening, and observing others. With a focus on both practical and theoretical engineering studies, Kathmandu Engineering College provides a solid selection of Bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, and communication engineering.

Additionally, Wakhok University in Japan, Griffith University in Queensland, Yunnan Radio and Television University in China, Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, and Digitronix Nepal have all inked MOUs with Kathmandu Engineering College for the mutual benefit of the universities. The MOU encourages academic collaboration in the form of cooperative research, cultural exchange, and scholarly contact. Kathmandu Engineering Institution is the top college for the engineering curriculum for people who wish to pursue jobs in the field.

Undergraduate Level Programs at KEC

  1. Bachelor of Architecture
  2. Degree in Civil Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering

4. IOE: Thapathali Campus– Thapathali, Kathmandu

The Thapathali campus is one of the four constituent engineering colleges of Tribhuvan University’s IOE Institute of Engineering. The college is located in Thapathali, Kathmandu. Thapathali Campus is also the very first campus to offer engineering degrees and technology training in Nepal since 1930 AD.

During its initial phases, this college provided an engineering diploma course in association with the help of German Tutors namely the Technical Training Institute. But this institute was formally constituted under the Tribhuwan University’s IOE in the year 2029 BS. In this current context, the university is recognized for its undergraduate and bachelor’s degrees in engineering. The two ways to join the Thapathali campus are that students must complete +2 Science and enrol in the engineering bachelor level course or they can directly join the diploma level course after SLC.

The Thapathali campus offers a wide range of colleges for graduates such as electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, civil engineering, and automotive engineering. Similarly, for the undergraduate level of engineering courses, the student can enrol in Industrial Engineering or Electronic Engineering. Diploma-level courses last for 3 years, which is +2 equivalent engineering degrees, honored as a sub-engineer or supervisor.

Thapathali Campus offers a wide range of training and various technical skills. also offers hostel service for students from remote areas. On the basis of the entrance examination taken by the IOE, it also offers a wide range of scholarships and thus is one of the best engineering colleges in Kathmandu.

Undergraduate Level Engineering Programs at Thapathali Campus

  1. Bachelor in Civil engineering
  2. Bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunications
  3. Bachelor in Automobile engineering
  4. Bachelor in Industrial engineering
  5. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  6. Bachelor in Architectural Engineering

Graduate Programs at Thapathali Campus

  1.  MSc. in Earthquake engineering
  2. MSc. Engineering in mechanical design and manufacturing

5. IOE: Paschimanchal Campus (WRC)– Pokhara, Kaski

The Western Regional Campus (WRC) or Paschimanchal Campus, which is a part of Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Engineering (IOE) and is situated in Pokhara, 200 kilometers to the west of Kathmandu, covers 312 Ropanis in the western development region of Nepal. The World Bank, UNDP, and ILO provided assistance and support for the college’s establishment beginning in 1987.

In the first several days, various courses for technicians and specialists and courses for diplomas were given (supervisors). Since being designated as the first set of civil engineering students in 1999/2000, the students have demonstrated amazing progress. The university is a member of the IOE-TU.

IOE has established a reputation as one of Asia’s top institutions of technical education. courses for bachelor’s degrees in mechanical, electrical, electronic, and civil engineering, electronics and communication engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer technology engineering, and geomatics engineering are currently offered. They have excelled academically and demonstrated their skills in many extracurricular activities.

The IOE-TU, whose products have demonstrated leadership in their studies at many educational institutions, includes the Paschimanchal Campus. Previously known as the Western Region Campus (WRC), the scenic Paschimanchal Campus is situated in the northern region of the incredibly picturesque city of Pokhara. NCE provides bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering (48 seats), electronics, communication, and information (48 seats), construction (96 seats), and computer technology (48 seats).

It takes pleasure in the constant singing of the neighboring Seti River as well as the breathtaking views of Machhapuchchhre and many other Annapurna range mountains. The school is bordered by numerous beautiful hills, and the university’s greenery is to everyone’s envy.

6. IOE: Purbanchal Campus (ERC)– Dharan, Sunsari

The Eastern Region Campus (ERC), also known as the Purwanchal campus, is a part of Tribhuvan University (TU) and a partner engineering campus of the Institute of Engineering (IOE), a comprehensive, non-profit, autonomous institution that was the first university in Nepal and is supported by the Nepalese government. It is situated in Nepal’s Eastern Region’s Gangalal Marg, Tinkune, Dharan-8, Sunsari District.

It takes up 34-13-11.75 bighas, or roughly 234,870.53 square feet, of space. This college was established on Poush 2034 BS (1976) with financing from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). According to the agreement with the United Kingdom Government held in BS 2035, the United Kingdom Government (UK) offered technical assistance. The Institute of Engineering (IOE) at Tribhuvan University officially organized the ERC (TU) after all the construction was finished in 2034 BS. According to the financing and project agreements, the campus first began offering mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering courses at the trading level.

Since the year 2043 BS (1984),three-year diploma programs in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering have been offered. In the years 2052 BS and 2059BS, the programs for refrigeration and air conditioning technology and computers were also launched. The IOE / Purwanchal Campus introduced bachelor’s programs to speed up graduation.

The first and ground-breaking Bachelor of Engineering in Agriculture program in Nepal was launched in 2057 BS (2000). Another BE program in civil engineering was created in the year 2061 BS (2004). After the BE programs in agricultural and civil engineering were completed successfully, a new program in electronics and communications engineering, mechanical engineering, computer technology, and electrical engineering was launched in 2069 (BS), 2071 (BS), and 2072 (BS), respectively.

Seven BE engineering programs and all courses at the commercial level are currently offered on campus. More than 1200 students are enrolled in various programs at the moment. On campus, there are more than 60 administrative and support staff members and over 100 faculty members.

Undergraduate Level Programs at ERC

  1. B.E. (Agricultural engineering)
  2. B.E. (Civil engineering)
  3. B.E. (Mechanical engineering)
  4. B.E. (Electrical engineering)
  5. B.E. (Electrical engineering)
  6. B.E. in (Computer engineering)
  7. B.Arch. (Architecture)

The campus has also planned to run graduate programs in different engineering streams in the days to come.

7. Nepal Engineering College (NEC)– Changunarayan, Bhaktapur

Nepal Engineering College is one of the oldest private engineering schools in Nepal, founded in 1994 as part of private sector initiatives and is affiliated with Pokhara University. It is popularly known as the NEC. Engineering degrees were offered in five fields including architecture, civil engineering, computers, electronics and communications, electronics, and electrics. Since its inception, it has provided high-quality training in the technical field that has helped with national construction projects. It is located in Changunarayan, Bhaktapur.

It also offers training and development programs to help teenagers improve their inner skills. The foundation stone for the college was laid by a group of academics and Nepalese professionals who recognized the need for a college dedicated to high-quality technical education in engineering and technology. In the later years, the pioneering example of the Nepal Engineering College led to the start of many engineering schools in Nepal in the private sector.

The Nepal Engineering College has grown into a prestigious and large institution as it was initiated with limited physical and structural resources. The infrastructure of the college was built in the land of 210 companies on the lap of the Changunarayan cultural heritage and offers the ambiance of nature and an ideal learning environment.

8. Advanced College of Engineering and Management,

The Advanced College Of Engineering And Management, situated in Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal, was founded in 2000. It is one of the private engineering institutions associated with Tribhuvan University (TU). Since its founding, ACEM has provided B.E. degrees in civil engineering, computer engineering, electronics engineering, and electrical engineering. The mission of ACEM is to enhance and advance Nepal’s high-quality engineering education.

With top-notch facilities, the college provides the best atmosphere for encouraging whole growth. It produces future leaders by providing undergraduate and graduate engineering courses.

9. Khwopa Engineering College– Bhaktapur

The Bhaktapur Municipality established Khwopa Engineering Institution (KHEC), the nation’s first community-based engineering college. It sits in the heart of Bhaktapur, a vibrant cultural center. The University of Purbanchal is connected to it. Tribhuvan University is linked to its sister organization, Khwopa College of Engineering (KHCE).

Khwopa is in every way the ideal location for people who want to pursue careers as professional engineers and architects at a reasonable cost. With the long-term goal of preserving Bhaktapur’s hard-won splendor, these universities want to create highly qualified engineers and architects who will be able to combine both traditional and contemporary technology.

Undergraduate Level Engineering Programs at KEC

  1. B.E. Electronics, Communication, and Information Engineering
  2. B.E. in Computer Engineering
  3. B.E. in Civil Engineering

10. Kantipur Engineering College (KEC)– Dhapakhel, Lalitpur

To enhance engineering education in Nepal, Kantipur Engineering College, or KEC for short, was founded in 1998 in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur. A private engineering college affiliated with Tribhuvan University. It provides BE programs in the civil, computer, and electronics sciences.

It shares a connection with the University of Belarus and provides a BE program for civil and industrial uses through this institution. Since its founding, the business has generated experienced and knowledgeable engineers who have supported major national building projects. The second-oldest engineering college in Nepal is Kantipur College of Engineering. The college’s BE in Civil Engineering program was launched in a rented building in Kathmandu’s Sitapaila Chowk.

In 1999, the BE Civil and Industrial Engineering program at Polotsk State University in Belarus was introduced by the Kantipur College of Engineering in collaboration with the University of Belarus. The institution was moved to its own campus in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur, in 1999 with the goal of delivering superior education. This location is ideal for a tranquil and environmentally friendly environment. The College offered a BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering beginning in 2000 and a BE in Computer Engineering commencing in 2002.

The college provides competent engineers with a high-quality education at a fair price. It is planned to offer a BE in electrical engineering and a bachelor’s in architecture. The Kantipur Engineering College is one of Nepal’s highest-quality engineering institutions in the contemporary environment.

As of right now, Kantipur Engineering College is one of the best engineering colleges in Nepal for engineering education due to its high standard of instruction, tranquil environment, in-house physical infrastructure, and global connectivity.

August is often when applications for undergraduate engineering programs open. IOE administers a computer-based entrance exam for engineering, physics, chemistry, math, and English. The test lasts two hours with one seat, and all questions are objective. After clearing the entrance exam, the student can submit an application for admission. The application forms are accessible at the KEC admissions office and online. Based on the results of the entrance exam administered by IOE, the Kantipur College of Engineering chooses its students. International students are chosen for admission by a special admissions committee; they are exempt from taking the entrance exam.

11. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management

Based on the idea that education goes beyond the classroom, Kathford pledges to be a hub of learning where students can go to study, perfect their abilities, and express their creativity. Kathford, which was founded in 2003 and is situated in the center of Kathmandu, provides superb academic members and top-notch educational tools. More than 1000 students call it home, and it has a significant alumni community.

Tribhuvan University is associated with every program we provide for our students, making this the most reliable affiliation available to them. Tribhuvan University, which was founded in 1959, is the country’s first national institution of higher learning. Tribhuvan University’s Central Campus and Central Administrative Office are situated in Kirtipur, which is 3 kilometers to the southwest of Kathmandu. 39 major departments and 4 research centers make up the institution.

According to enrolment, Tribhuvan Institution is the eleventh-largest university in the world. According to the 2019 Times Higher Education rating, Tribhuvan University is one of the 800-1000 finest universities in the world. It is listed among Asia’s top 251-300 universities.

It’s a place where you can fit in, with lots of clubs to join, activities to lead, and individuals you can easily connect with and become lifelong friends. It is merely the setting in which you forge your proud identity.

Undergraduate Level Engineering Programs at KICEM

  1. B.E. Electronics, Communication, and Information Engineering
  2. B.E. in Computer Engineering
  3. B.E. in Civil Engineering

12. Himalaya College of Engineering– Chyasal, Lalitpur

Tribhuvan University (TU), a university in Nepal, is associated with the Himalaya College of Engineering (HCOE). Established in June 2000 A.D., it is turning out skilled engineers are the foundation of the country’s progress. The College’s mission is to deliver high-quality engineering education and generate qualified engineering graduates.

The Institute of Engineering (IOE), TU’s bachelor of engineering Computer, Electronics and Communication, Civil, Bachelor of Architecture, and B Sc in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT) Institute of Science and Technology are among the programs being implemented in the College. The institution has been run by a solid group of academics and professionals with extensive experience in educational networks. The College and KMC Educational Network have a relationship.

In Lalitpur’s Chyasal district, the college is conveniently accessible from all directions. The college has five other lab facilities in addition to a seven-story building that extends across 19 and a half Ropani. In this infrastructure, all academic and administrative programs have been kept up to the standards established by IOE. Seminars, workshops, and training are commonly held throughout the semesters as a part of teaching-learning processes involving field trips, project work, and fieldwork.

As a result, the institution guarantees the high level of education that is necessary for the students in the current environment and helps them pursue both their professional and academic objectives. The BE graduates have demonstrated professional competence in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, electronics and communication, and computers.

Undergraduate Engineering Programs at the Eastern Region Campus (ERC)

  1. B.E. in Civil engineering
  2. B.E. in Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering
  3. B.E. in Computer Engineering
  4. BSc. in Computer Application
  5. B.Arch. in Architecture

13. Sagarmatha Engineering College

In 2010, Sagarmatha Engineering College was founded with Tribhuvan University’s support.  It became one of the top options for aspiring engineers less than ten years after its founding and makes it possible to rank 13th in the list of best engineering colleges in Kathmandu.

Students at Sagarmatha are inspired to reach their full potential by leveraging their advantages and conquering challenges. The committed and creative professors assist students in making their dreams come true. In addition to producing skilled engineers for governmental and non-governmental organizations, the college fosters entrepreneurial abilities so that graduates can launch new businesses to improve society.

New pedagogy has helped the college adapt to the changing needs. At Sagarmatha, reality pedagogy is encouraged. An instructor uses lectures to inspire pupils to stay on task after assessing their level of knowledge. Sagarmatha is eager to contribute to society through superior engineering and the training of future qualified engineers.

Undergraduate Level Programs at Sagarmatha Engineering College (SEC)

  1. B.E. Civil Engineering
  2. B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  3. B.E. Computer Engineering
  4. B.E. in Electrical Engineering(Proposed)

14. ACME Engineering College

Since its founding, Acme Engineering College has developed a reputation for academic excellence in both teaching and research on a national and worldwide scale. It’s nationally renowned B.E./B. Arch and M.Sc. programs, which are associated with Purbanchal University, are designed to promote intellectual ability, critical thinking, and professional achievement in all areas of endeavor.

The college’s objective is to offer academic programs that are creative and sensitive, with a focus on science and engineering education, to serve society by educating technical and management leaders who will advance the nation’s growth and be capable of working on international fronts as well.

It has signed MOUs with several institutions and universities throughout the world, improving chances for cross-cultural and intellectual engagement between these nations and enabling students to flourish academically thus is considered a great choice for students as an engineering college in Nepal.

15. Everest Engineering College (EEC)

Everest Engineering College, formerly known as Everest Engineering and Management College, was founded in 2001 and is one of Pokhara University’s oldest and most prestigious institutions. Currently, it is situated in Sanepa, Lalitpur (Shuvatara School, Old Premises), a lovely area with a peaceful setting ideal for learning.

By providing Nepal’s young with degrees that are internationally competitive, Pokhara University, which was founded in 1997 thanks to the Pokhara University Act of 1997, has established itself as a leader in the educational field.

Undergraduate Level Programs at Everest Engineering College (EEC)

  1. BE in Computer Engineering
  2. BE in Civil Engineering
  3. BE in Electronic and Communication Engineering
  4. BE in Information Technology Bachelor’s degree (BE.IT)

16. Kantipur City College (KCC)

Kantipur City College is one of the best academic institutions under the affiliation of Purbanchal University for instruction in IT, engineering, management, and mass communication. Kantipur City College (KCC) is situated in Putalisadak, Kathmandu. Purbanchal University is linked with the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the college. Since 2001, Kantipur City College has offered high-quality instruction. Kantipur City College. It is developing as a premier location for top-notch instruction and training and is considered a great engineering college in Nepal.

The multidisciplinary courses it offers are designed to increase students’ potential while also strengthening their problem-solving skills. Numerous KCC graduates are employed by renowned domestic and worldwide businesses. KCC maintains a focus on creative, student-centric education, training, and career development, which has been crucial in enabling its graduates to successfully compete in the market.

17. Kantipur International College (KIC)– Lubhu, Lalitpur

Kantipur International College KIC is also on the list of one of the best engineering colleges in Nepal under Purbanchal University. top engineering schools in Kathmandu in the first ranking. Purbanchal University is connected with Kantipur International College. KIC is now operating its programs in the Kathmandu valley at two separate sites. The College of Management, College of Science & Technology, and College of Liberal Arts are all located in Lubhu, Lalitpur, while the College of Management is based in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

To meet the needs of modern society and the nation, Kantipur International College has been offering a variety of courses, including BHM (2000), BID (2003), BHCM (2006), MHM & BBA (2009), and B.E. in Civil Engineering & B. Arch. (2010). KIC takes pride in the fact that its students are hired as interns and employees in regional and international markets.

The college’s goal is to produce creative, internationally competitive specialists in management, humanities, and science and technology who can thrive in a competitive environment.

Undergraduate Level Courses at KIC

  1. BE in Civil Engineering
  2. B. Arc. Architecture
  3. Business Administration Bachelor’s (BBA)
  4. Bachelor of Hotel Administration (BHM)
  5. Interior design bachelor’s degree (BID)
  6. Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Management (BHCM)

Graduate Level Programs at KIC

  1. Master of Hospitality and Hotel Management (MHHM)
  2. Master’s in business administration (MBA)

That’s all about Engineering in Nepal and the Top 20 Best Engineering Colleges in Nepal, also refer to our recently published article about Civil engineering in Nepal – Most Popular Engineering Field and  Chemical Engineering to know about attractive and futuristic Bachelor’s Programmes to flourish Engineering in Nepal.

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