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What really is Informalguru?

Informalguru is an idea that got the form of a website which mainly focuses to develop a culture of learning through conversations,  the explorations and enlargement of experiences. It is derived from ‘Informal’ which means Casual and ‘Guru’ means the Teacher, is the wise, respectful and spontaneous process of cultivating learning in limitless environment. Informalguru gets people the ideas and procedures to accomplish tasks that were never enlightened in their entire lifetime in any structured curriculum. 

To make sure the world gets right tools and techniques for solving complex problems, which are barely taught in schools. 

How did Informalguru come to be?

As the name itself ‘informalguru’ suggests that it is a website that gets people the ideas and procedures to accomplish tasks that were never taught in their schools or colleges. It can refer to various forms of alternative education, such as unschooling or homeschooling, autodidacticism (self-teaching), and youth work.  

It is a fact that an information interpretation varies for varying nature and ability of people around the globe, and therefore a curriculum developed in schools and academic institutions may not help students grab the information. Informalguru, based on the principle of informal education is less controlled than the average classroom setting, which is why informal education can be so powerful and thus helps individuals learn to react to and control different situations and settings. So to create an extensive manual with accurate, up-to-date instructions on every imaginable topics, ‘Informalguru’ was founded by The A .S. Empire on July 14th, 2022.

Meet our Team

Whatever your aim for you future, we have the perfect program to get you there. For this we have our highly experienced content writers to write about their experiences which would help needy people in this digital world.

Sagar Dhami


Developer & Editor

Anil Thapa

Content Creator


Abhishek Joshi

Content Creator


Suman Tamang


SEO Expert

What make us the best site?

With almost 5.1 billion people connected to the internet, there has never been a better time for people and businesses to include blogging in their marketing strategy.

Informalguru helps people to get answers to almost all their queries online. Our team constantly keeps trying to generate fresh and trending content and offers a catalyst for social media promotion.

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