15 Most Popular Newari Food Items in Kathmandu

15 Most Popular Newari Food Items in Kathmandu

This article presents to you the list of Newari food items served in Nepal, especially in the Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur) region. Here is a list of the 15 most popular Newari food items in Kathmandu that you might want to try once in your life to discover the authentic Newari taste and enjoy Newa culture.

Newari cuisine, which developed from Nepalese cooking, has made a name for itself as one of the most well-known and significant dishes on the national menu. The Newar people of Nepal have been creating their unique cuisine for many years. The importance of food in Newar culture cannot be overstated.

15 Most Popular Newari Food Items in Kathmandu
Newari Food Items

Traditional Newari cuisine has long been admired for its distinct flavor and variety. The Newars are one of several distinctive indigenous ethnic groups that call Nepal home. The Newars have a very vibrant culture, and food plays a big part in how they live. More varieties exist in Newari cuisine than in any other Nepali cuisine.

The diversity of Newari cuisines also depends on the exact places where the Newari community resides. The best farmland is in Kathmandu, where they have lived for a long time. They had access to a wide variety of crops as a result, which led to a varied diet. Due to their own manner of existence, the Newars, like other ancient peoples, have a rich culture. The customs and several holidays that the Newari people observe bind them together, fostering a sense of brotherhood and cooperation. The closeness of the Newari people is also influenced by their rich dietary traditions. Almost every Newari celebration involves cooking traditional Newari food and serving it to family, friends, and strangers.

15 Most Popular Newari Food Items in Nepal

Here is a list of the 15 most popular Newari food items in Kathmandu that you might want to check out and explore the Newa culture more than ever.

1. Chhoila

A common Newari dish called Chhoila, often spelled ‘Chhwela’ or ‘Chhoyela’, is made with spiced grilled buffalo meat. Chhoyela is frequently consumed with rice flakes or beaten rice (chiura). It has a scorching, mouth-watering flavor and is a little spiciness in the taste. The Newar community uses it frequently during festivals, and on special occasions, meals must include it. This is also one of the main components required to make Samay Baji. This dish has salt, cumin, red pepper flakes, and turmeric, but where you eat it also matters. The flavor differs from place to place since every family makes their own tweaks.

2. Yomari

15 Most Popular Newari Food Items in Kathmandu

In Nepalese Newar culture, Yomari, sometimes called Yamari, is a sweet dessert made with rice flour and sweetener ingredients like Chaku (molasses) or Khuwa. The treat is a crucial aspect of Newa culture and a staple of the Yomari Punhi celebration. Yomari is regarded as a locally produced food that is both delicious and advantageous.

The Newa communities come together to celebrate Yomari Punhi on the full moon of Thinlaa (the second month of Nepal Sambat) or Marga Shukla Paksha when they make Yomari in all different shapes and sizes. Everyone adores and enjoys it because it is a delicious dish to eat.

3. Chatamari

It is a pizza-like dish with a variety of toppings, and it is also known as “Newari Pizza.” It is a typical and traditional Newar dish that the whole family can enjoy exclusively on rare occasions. Chatamari, now a popular snack, may be found on the menus of numerous restaurants. People like to customize their Chatamari dishes by including eggs, meat, maize, mushrooms, onions, and other things.

4. Bara


Black lentils are the main ingredient in the well-liked, sanitized, and traditional Newari cuisine known as bara. It’s one of Nepal’s most cherished dishes, and it’s also filling and delicious. The beans are soaked in water overnight before being thoroughly rinsed the next day to remove the bean peel.

After that, it is processed into a thick paste and flavor-adjusted amounts of salt, ginger, and spices are added. Customers can choose the bara’s top, an egg, some meat, or some veggies. The celebration of their culture is centered on a variety of ceremonies that the Newar people conduct.

5. Lakhamari

Lakhamari is a sweet made by the Newari people that has two varieties. When you consume this firm, crispy treat, it melts on your tongue like pure heaven. It’s one of Nepal’s most well-known desserts, and since Newar people make up the bulk of the valley’s population, it can also be found in market stalls all around Kathmandu. Butter, sugar, and wheat make up the bulk of the mixture. A stunning and sizable Lakhamari is used in Newari wedding customs. It is tasty, crunchy, and rather sweet. It’s consumed every day as a snack.

6. Sapu Mhicha

A traditional Nepalese dish called Sapu Mhicha is buffalo leaf tripe that has been stuffed with bone marrow. Like other foods, it is fried and cooked. A distinctive flavor of Kathmandu Valley Newari food is called Sapu Mhicha.

After being fried, the marrow gels and the skin turns crunchy. The interior flavors emulsify when you bite through the skin. With just enough spice flavor to keep it interesting, it is moderate and smooth on the tongue.

7. Sel-Roti

15 Most Popular Newari Food Items in Kathmandu
Sel-Roti with Aaloo Achar

Several ethnic groups in Nepal revere the meal called Selroti. This dish is prepared often during the Dashain, Tihar, and many other Hindu festival celebrations primarily by Nepalese. Selroti is thought to have Newari ancestry as it is also very popular in this ethnic group. The traditional Newari meal known as Sel roti has a sweet flavor.

It has a doughnut-like structure with rings around it with rice flour as its major component. It is soft and chewy despite having been deep-fried in hot oil. The ideal accompaniment for this dish is ‘Aalu Achaar.’ For your tastebuds, the mix of hot aalu achar and sweet selroti will be like a carnival. Although Sel roti can be eaten whenever and wherever you wish, most people enjoy it with tea in the morning.

8. Chhyang (Thon)

Chhyang/ Thon

In Nepali, the rice beer of the Newari people is referred to as Chyang. With its distinctive yet magnified alcohol essence and powerful and recognizable scent, Chhyang is one such beverage that has completely dominated the world of alcoholic beverages.

Families in Kathmandu are renowned for brewing modest amounts of Chhyang at home whenever necessary since it is equally vital for religious purposes and as a refreshment for guests at ceremonial gatherings. When compared to other local beverages, it is not nearly as difficult to manufacture as we may imagine. It is made after the rice has been soaked and allowed to ferment for a few days. It tastes sweet and somewhat sour.

9. Gwaramari

A well-known Nepalese Newari cuisine is Gwaramari. In the Newari language, Gwaramari is the word for “round bread.” It is a typical Newari breakfast item that is frequently served with chutney or milk tea. The ideal serving temperature is warm. Gwaramari is a Newari breakfast that is served hot with tea or coffee. It is crunchy outside but puffy and soft inside.

10. Kachila

Kachila is a traditional Newar dish made with raw, minced buffalo meat that has been marinated. The phrases “Kachyu,” which indicates raw, and “La,” which denotes meat, are the origins of the name “Kachila.” It is a favorite among fans of Newari cuisine and is one of the well-known Newari specialties.

11. Newari Bhutan

It is one of the most well-liked fast dishes in the Newari Community. Simply cooking and serving the digestive organs of a buffalo called ‘Bhutan.’ It is frequently consumed during Dashain and throughout the monsoon, generally with soft drinks or alcohol. The dish is now a mainstay on restaurant menus and one of Nepal’s most well-liked fast snacks.

12. Samay Baji

Samay Baji

A classic and traditional dish called Samay Baji is frequently offered as an appetizer or as the first course of a meal. For Newars, it is a symbol of beginnings and festivities. The dish is symbolic of longevity, joy, good fortune, and happiness. Samay Baji has numerous ingredients on a single plate. These are a few examples: Chiura (beaten rice), Samay (puffed rice in Newari), Bhatmas (black soybeans), Palu (finely chopped ginger), Bara, Chatamari, Choila, fried and boiled eggs, etc. are a few examples.

To round off the dinner, there are side dishes such as hot potatoes, spinach, and boiled beans. (an indigenous white wine made by Newars). Achar, a pickle composed of radish, cucumber, carrot, and tart berries, completes the meal (Lapsi). A full dinner is served on a plate.

13. Juju Dhau


The most well-known yogurt brand in Nepal is Juju Dhau, which is produced exclusively in Kathmandu’s Bhaktapur Valley. “Dhau,” a delicious yogurt made by the Newars, is produced. The name Juju Dhau means “The King Yogurt” in Newari. It is a delicious dish with a wonderful aroma that your taste buds will certainly appreciate.

Dhau is not only a crucial component of Newar cuisine, but it also has ritual importance. Dhau, which symbolizes purity, is a required item for auspicious ceremonies, regional festivals, marriage rites, religious events, and family get-togethers. It is presented to the family members who take a dab and apply it to the temple during the auspicious Sagan ritual.

14. Aila

Aila is a strong-tasting alcoholic beverage. It tastes completely different from Chhang and is far more flavorful than Chhang. Additionally, Newar people prepare it at home. Aila is served in a glass from “Anti” in a true Newari restaurant. A traditional Aila pouring kettle-like structural container is called “Anti.” It has a lovely pattern and appears vintage. When there is a feast for the Newari people, aila is also served. Aila has a special flavor that is excellent. Because of this, CNN included Aila on its list of the “50 most delectable drinks in the world.”

15. Momo

Chicken Momo

Momo is a little dumpling stuffed with buffalo and chicken meat as well as veggies. The dumplings are presented in a variety of shapes and styles, such as C Momo, Jhol Momo, Sandheko Momo, open momo, Kothe momo, etc., after being steamed. The Momo achar complements the Momo the best.

Momo achaar is a spice concoction that differs in flavor from Momo outlet to Momo outlet. Some of the city’s well-known momo hubs are Bota Momo, Narayan Dai ko, Masangalli ko, Sinka Nepal, Everest Momo Center, and many others.


Today’s Newari cuisine resembles fast food, yet it is actually wholesome and hygienic. They are available for consumption at any time with loved ones. You can even eat them every day because they are not too hard on the stomach. The Newari cuisine has the potential to be a global dish because it uses only natural, regional components. There are many budget restaurants in Nepal that serve Newari food, but choosing a place to eat thoughtfully is necessary to experience the food’s true flavor. The most popular place to enjoy Newari cuisine in Kathmandu is Newa Lahana.

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