Best Productivity Apps for Students in Nepal

Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students in Nepal

We have tried to cover the Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students in Nepal. With this article, students in Nepal can get be benefited from the help of those applications.  It’s not always easy to stay on goal when it comes to leading your best work-life, especially when there are so many distractions everywhere around you every day. To help you become organized and remain focused so you can accomplish your objectives and live a productive life, we’ve compiled a list of the top productivity apps.

Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students in Nepal

Here is the list of the 10 best productivity apps for students in Nepal.

1. Forest

The goal of the software, Forest, is to help users focus by removing outside distractions. The app has 10 million downloads on the play store, making it one of the finest productivity applications out there. It’s time to regain control and unleash your productivity, claims the app’s description: “Forest is a revolutionary timer that removes distraction and quickly rebuilds your attention span.”

Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students in Nepal

The software works by letting you plant a tree whenever you need to concentrate. Your tree will grow if you stick with it and don’t get sidetracked. And if you give in to the desire to use your phone, it will eventually stop working.

Key Elements

  • Straightforward set-up. Simply plant a tree to impede applications and sites
  • Pick which applications and sites are impeded
  • Associate with companions to quit dawdling together
  • View your woodland’s development by day/week/month/year
  • Set suggestions to concentrate
  • Pure and simple

2. Todoist

Assuming you’ve at any point shown up working and understood that you left your lunch at home in the refrigerator (or more regrettable, you neglected to really make that lunch), then Todoist is for you. Something other than a plan for the day application, Todoist is one of the most outstanding time-using applications for iPhone and Android.

Todoist allows you to make undertakings with due dates, then, at that point, distribute them to a venture board, set forth a boundary, and even designate an errand to a relative, colleague, or cohort. You can see your errands by any of these classifications and effectively move them around to task the executives and oblige the unforeseen. Todoist even allows you to design your whole day with the Pomodoro method.

Key Highlights

  • Day-to-day, week by week, or month-to-month perspective on forthcoming errands
  • Put forth the same level of effort on each errand.
  • View errands in your favored schedule application.
  • Add errands by sending an email
  • Team up with others and take on representative assignments.

3. Neema Academy

The greatest school for pupils who are studying for examinations is Neemacademy. The Nepali educational system can benefit greatly from this technology. There is a free version of this program on the Google Play Store. Everyone can easily use Neemacademy because of its user-friendly interface. Science, social studies, English, Nepali, and other crucial disciplines are included.

Key Features

  • It provides specialized research and expert curation for you.
  • Study guides that help students succeed academically.
  • You can use AI content resources to make it simple for you to understand the concepts.
  • They also offer educational standards to assist teachers in the teaching process.

4. Headspace

With the use of relaxing audio, this app attempts to help you meditate. It also promotes improved sleep, relaxation, and a sense of serenity and happiness. This app is beneficial for focus, relaxation, and meditation. The care of the mind and body comes first in this app. The app features a lot of audio, including melodies from nature and relaxation exercises, and was inspired by travel, the outdoors, and contemplation.

5. Google Docs

Whether taking notes or collaborating on a collaborative project, several users may work on the same document simultaneously for the first time thanks to Google Docs. Even though other applications now provide a comparable level of functionality, Google Docs remains the greatest team collaboration program for its dependability and user-friendliness.

Documents are automatically stored, and you can go back in time and restore that perfectly constructed paragraph that one of your team members cruelly removed, thanks to the revision history feature. For even more collaborative magic, check out the other cross-platform Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.

Key Attributes

  • Real-time collaboration on a single document
  • It automatically saves documents.
  • back up earlier iterations using revision history
  • launching, editing, and saving Microsoft Word files.

6. Brihat Shabdkosh

Brihat Shabdkosh in Nepal (Dictionary): The official dictionary for the Nepali language, Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, is the source of this dictionary. In written papers in Nepal, this dictionary is frequently used. However, we can now carry it in our pockets and utilize it wherever. The application’s minimal design evokes the sensation of a book in the user.

Key Features

  • There are 60,000 words in this dictionary.
  • Entirely Offline.
  • It is incredibly cost-free and simple to use.
  • No ads, no location required

7. Slides Go

Slides Go is more of a library of PowerPoint templates than it is an actual program. Slides Go provides you with access to a variety of infographics in addition to templates so that your presentations will stand out even more.

Key Features

  • monthly free template downloads of ten
  • Edit and modify each template’s features.
  • access to a collection of infographics
  • Make a collection of your preferred templates.
  • SlidesGo School can help you improve your presentation skills.


KULLABS SmartSchool V2 is Nepal’s best e-learning stage for both instructors and understudies. They are a group of creators, specialists, and visionaries committed to taking a step in the right direction to modernize the approach to educating and advancing in Nepal. They guarantee that this application can be utilized to educate and learn in Nepal as well as around the globe.

Key Highlights

  • Settled practice in every subject.
  • Practice test meetings for each point.
  • There are notes and applicable recordings from YouTube for every one of the points.

For Educators

  • Make your own inquiry papers with responses.
  • Share your enlightening notes and inquiries with the group.
  • Track down free references for understudies.
  • Create your own training meetings for your understudies.

For Students

  • You can see the addressed practices for each point. You needn’t bother with a manual any longer.
  • Practice tests for better learning.
  • Free notes and video instructional exercise subjects.
  • Share notes and inquiries with companions at gatherings.

9. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most popular program among students and employees. Google Calendar is timeless, straightforward, and useful. It enables you to plan out all of your classes, activities, extracurriculars, and due dates on both your laptop and phone. You can quickly view obligations throughout your day, week, and month thanks to its simple design.

To ensure that you never forget anything, set up reminders before events or for to-do lists. Say kudos to forgotten appointments and production delays and welcome to a busy, structured existence.

10. Cold Turkey

 To the extent that applications that assist with lingering go, Cold Turkey is somewhat less outwardly engaging than Forest. It is, however, an extraordinary apparatus for impeding admittance to diverting sites on your PC.

You can block explicit sites or the whole web. What’s more, in the event that you find you can’t hold out any longer, you can make a gift to the World Wildlife Fund to briefly peruse your extremely upset substance.

Key Elements

  • Block normal hesitation sites with a default interruption list.
  • Make tweaked records to hinder explicit sites, pages, or search terms.
  • Block the whole web.
  • Give to the World Wildlife Fund briefly
  • Plan block times for when you truly need to center.


This is all about the Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students in Nepal. Also, if you want to learn about the language tuting applications to learn different languages, read our previous blogs at Informalguru.

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